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Near-death OBE experience and tunnel of light

Near-death OBE experience and tunnel of light testimonials contact with light witness Near-death experience

Near-death OBE experience and tunnel of light : hello, my name is Valeria and I live near the town of Pisa; my adventure began on 29th February of many years ago, I was 27 then; I was in a hospital for a bone transplant in my right hand, I was terrified and the anesthesia was not working, I could feel everything and I was screaming, so the doctors decided to do a full anesthesia and send me to sleep, it must have kicked in all of a sudden because I fell asleep immediately, however as I was sleeping I could hear voices scream “we are losing her, we are losing her", there was so much confusion around a body, I got up, the body was mine, but I was standing up, I could see everybody, doctors, nurses, the stretchers, the surgical tools, the huge overhead lamp, and there was a door with a round handle, I opened it, I went through it and I closed it behind me.

There was a dark corridor, I confess that I am easily scared, but in that moment I was not feeling fear, I could see in the distance a small luminous spot, after a few steps, my arms raised horizontally and I started to fly forward, like in a vortex, but I was going fast, with the wind in my hair, it was beautiful, no pain, I was neither cold nor hot, just complete bliss.

I don’t know how long my trip lasted, I don’t believe it was very long, the luminous spot had disappeared in the meantime, it was one entire light, BEAUTIFUL, WHITE, WARM; the journey had ended, I was inside some kind of tube, I was hanging with my hands to the top end of the tube, I was climbing over it to go where the light was more intense, I did not see any more colors, but I could smell a very intense scent of flowers, not necessarily a specific flower, like an enormous bouquet of mixed flowers.

Sara, I was feeling so comfortable in that place, at home I had two children and a husband I adored, I was content, I no longer had any pain, even if I did not see anyone I knew I was not alone, then someone pulled me by the feet, I believe I might have kicked my legs, but someone was stronger than me, I found myself in a hospital bed and I can’t tell you how angry I was.

I tried to talk about it, but everyone thought I was mad, when I was in the Light I did not see or hear anyone, but I knew I was not alone, after I returned home, after a little time had passed, perhaps because I had not really grasped what had happened to me, while talking to experts in the field, and especially with the help of a special person who happens to be in Paradise right now, I finally managed to really see my truth, slowly I began to feel that next to me there is someone, you may call it an Angel, or a Spirit Guide, he talks to me, and sometimes he lets me see things that other people do not see, the first times I was shocked, but then I accepted this mission and I am extremely happy to be able to help people understand the invisible world.

This experience changed me, it changed the way I look at things, how I understand them, I get behind the reasons why certain things happen, and I HELP other people; you see, I was religious only on the surface, I would think about my life, my family, my work and that’s it; the voice that accompanies me since that episode talked to me abut helping, and I did not know how, then it talked to me about using my hands, and since them, without me saying anything to anybody, people started knocking on my door with health problems, I remember my first case, it was a case of shingles, I had never seen one before, I don’t know how but my hands started moving close to the affected area, I heard the voice telling me to keep going, and then it told me to stop, in the meantime I mentally recited a prayer, the inflammation slowly disappeared and so did the pain, and this is how my calling started.

My story is a simple story but it’s beautiful for me, and those who see the LIGHT truly know the meaning of Good and love for everything and everyone.

Endless good wises for your lives,

Near-death OBE experience and tunnel testimonials contact with light witness Near-death experience was told by Valeria

Near-death OBE experience and tunnel testimonials

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