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Before-death Near death experiences NDE

Before-death Near death experiences NDE Alessio Tavecchio’s witness Before-death NDE story Part One

This witness you’re going to start to read today and that’s going to continue when I up-date the Site, is Alessio Travecchio’s NDE. He’s the president of the Foundation non-profit organization of Monza. www.alessio.org.

Alessio doesn’t remember the time he had his accident, getting out of his physical body, he simply ended up living this extraordinary adventure, he lived it but only slowly, as you’ll see he puts the pieces together and understands: he’s lived things as a Soul. He has had an accident on a motorbike, he was living, he was himself beyond that physical body he knows.

That’s how he commented later in the spiritual growth that this experience has tuned up in him what was before in the NDE, let’s listen to it.

“I practically didn’t have a relationship with God before my accident. My principal aim was to get the full of life, trying to enjoy as much as possible, with the obsessive desire to always get “new emotions.” The continuous “exterior” searching was part of me. But many times I wondered if what I knew, what I was doing, what I was learning, what was happening was simply a coincidence or if everything had a meaning, a deeper meaning.

Sometimes I wished with all my might to find at least one meaning and to give a more important value to my life, but often it was easier and convenient to escape from the voice of consciousness to dive at a very fast speed into the chaos of everyday life.

The uneasiness I felt and that made me feel perpetually unhappy, although I had everything to be happy for, depended on the fact that Alessio’s ego wasn’t in touch with its core, it’s Soul. So every searching was in vain about every why of my existence. I didn’t know that first of all I had to analyze my inner uneasiness to be able to get hold of the solution of my problems in the external world. Owing to the fact that I continuously ran away from my intimate spiritual potential, outside I couldn’t find but occasions of escape …

By dint of fleeing and escaping that day arrived suddenly. It seemed to be one of those many boring Sundays looking for something to do, but instead it turned out to be a date I’ll always remember: Sunday Dec 5th 1993, the utmost important date of my life: the motorbike accident.”

Alessio allows us to full enter into his feelings so he says:

“ The Occurrence.

It all begin on Dec 5th 1993 on a very boring Sunday afternoon like all the other Sundays. I went around so not to keep still, but I went around randomly, always on the same tracks of the material life that doesn’t offer me attractive targets, nor simple satisfaction. Yes, because I can’t enjoy myself anymore. I don’t take pleasure in even doing exaggerated things, not because I can’t take pleasure, but because these amusements don’t reflect my real need: the inner one. I’m acting and living mostly on the need of external ones, doing things that only satisfy my little EGO, creating myself or even letting others create me, ephemeral needs that take me to dangerous and unknown places.

I’m well assure that this is absurd because in the end what I do doesn’t match with my real need, so it‘ll never gratify me. At the utmost it’ll give me momentary illusions to which I’m used to since a long time, and I know they are the ones that leave deep wounds.

I can’t nourish my life in a decent way regarding quality, the quality I know and I know what it’s like, but it can only arise in my moist remote thoughts, and can’t reach me here, I can’t put it into practise. It’s this contrast between inside and outside that is slowly driving me mad.

Anyway, you can’t see all that from outside, but it weigh on me so much. A prompt decision, good looking, witty, nice, eager, very hard family relationships, a bit nervous, in a hurry do to anything, and great desire to travel. A common feature to many people on Earth. To “normal” people, who try to live their lives well, doing what’s necessary. What’s necessary … but what is necessary? Is it doing our duty and enjoying ourselves? That’s very easy! That’s what our society proposes and offers on a large scale. Mostly of all work and pleasure.

I try to identify myself in this reality, moving accordingly. But the more I take these paths and try to be like others, the more that great desire of quality and of chastity, that immediately keeps me away from many useless things, comes out in that space away from my mind, and it makes me feel good.

I do my best to live on my outside, as I please; I’m strong on the outside, but weak and fragile on the inside. At the end I always fall back where I feel more assure. Although I know that’s wrong. You can’t feel sure on the top of a building that hasn’t solid foundations.

If I had to give an account of my life at this point, I’d consider it very confusing and insufficient. Not owing to what I have had from life, but to what I can’t say yet of my own life. In two days time it’ll be different. I’ll be different, my twenty-third birthday. I’m not twenty, twenty-one or twenty-two. I’ll be twenty-three, 2+3=5 and 5 is exactly the half of all the numbers that exist (from 0 to 9).

I’m crossing he threshold, although I don’t know what threshold. The only thing I know is that you can’t go on that way, and I feel since months that this step’s the right one. The number one.

The weather’s great and my motorbike‘s waiting for me in the garage. I’ll see to these psychological matters another time, now it’s time to enjoy myself.

Suddenly I feel like going to Germany. I’m going to Germany to see a Formula 1 Gran Prix.

I’m with other people, it’s night, we’re in front of the entrance of the circuit, made of a great wooden arch, with flowers and leaves with a yellow, semicircle, lighted sign, with Salzburgring on it.

Great, you can get in by night without paying the ticket, just like at Monza. An adventure in the park getting off with the police control.

All together we start to go in a bit adventurously, because we don’t know the place. And after having walked for a while along a grassy path in the forest where the circuit is, opposite us we see a big lorry coming towards us. It’s coming out from the mist full of dampness coming from all the trees around us. While it moves forward in the fog and becomes increasingly visible, I notice that on the coffer of the lorry there are some soldiers shooting at people trying to go in clandestinely, and who running away.

“Are you joking?! They are shooting seriously.”

It’s better to give up and run away because these Germans are really mad. I thought that they were implementing a nazi attack, as if we were back in the WW2.

I wanted to get away from there as soon as possible.

Suddenly a voice, a female presence:

“Alessio, come on, let’s go. Maybe you could try a racing car, would you like to?”

I say I do immediately. As long as I get away from that situation in fact I don’t even pay much attention to this girl nor to the way she introduces herself.

I find myself on a blue racing car, behind some others all ready to get out of the boxes, as soon as the green light appears. The girl, who I know is called Mara, like she knows I’m Alessio, tells me to hold a tube in my mouth to breathe, she puts a helmet on my head, and says I’m ready, telling me I’d have seen her later.

Everything happens so fast that it seems that from the time of running away everything happened in an instant. Anyway, here I am on that racing car, being a bit puzzled.

After some time I start to feel very cold. In fact I’m wearing a T-shirt, by night, on this car that, has a cold seat too. I take a look around me and, I notice that the cars aren’t of our days. They seem the Formula 1 cars at he time of great Ascari.

“Why must I hold this tube in my mouth? It gives me a great hassle!” Then I feel cold, very cold, and the lights are still red.”

I keep on wanting to give up this trial, until I decide to get out of the car. Although I can’t because I’ve got the safety belts on; I feel tied down. So I think of a way to get out and immediately I know I have to overturn the car on its side with an overturn shot of my pelvis. I was frightened to do that. I was afraid that doing so I’d have risked to ruin the car, and they could have severally scolded me, even because they are little old cars, so I waited a bit …

When I almost come to exasperation, I start to hope that someone would help me, that someone would save me in need of help, and almost immediately Mara reappears at my side. I’m startled, because I was nearly scared, I didn’t notice she had come near me. Anyway she smiles and I’m happy.

“Alessio, come on, let’s go. Some friends are waiting for us at a friend of mine’s house who are going to have a pyjama party.”

I didn’t answer, that was OK. I’m OK next to her and I feel as if I’m protected and guided in the right way.

Suddenly I’m already in a flat full of people and Mara introduces me to everyone. She doesn’t say my name, she simply says that we were there, and the others greet me as if they knew me, saying my name. I greet them too and I feel as if I’m among friends, and just at that point I knew that Mara had left me, she wasn’t next to me anymore.

The party’s nice, we laugh, we joke, we eat, everything’s nice, peaceful. At the end of the evening the housekeeper says that it’s time to go to bed, and we all decide to sleep in this great sitting room with the carpet.

We settle down, and she comes to each one of us to give us a tube to put into our mouths as not to let our saliva drop onto the carpet. Moreover, she compels us to bind our wrists to the floor as if we had to stay still all night long. I feel a clear refusal, and I think it’s almost absurd, but nobody says anything, and I feel myself transported away from that situation. So I start to fall asleep adapting myself to that condition.

Suddenly I open my eyes wide and I wonder:

“What am I doing here tied up and with a tube in my mouth. I’m not tired anymore, I want to enjoy myself.”

I didn’t even finish the question when I find myself at the bar counter of a very full and noisy night club with a lovely girl. I know that we were going out together, having sexual intercourses too. And while there’s rock music on, we are smoking a spliff and laughing. I drink, I drink lots and lots of whisky and I keep on freaking out.

The night seemed to pass by in an instant. When people start to leave the bar, my girlfriend asks me to take her home and to stay at her house. I try to stand up, but I can’t, I’m very freaked out, too freaked out to move. Moreover, I remember I came on a motorbike and I feel as if I’d have risked a lot taking her home in that state. So I tell her to go home on her own. And that we would have met another time. She goes away and I stay there. I stay there trying to stand up from my chair completely drunk and full of spliff.

Darkness, darker and darker. How come I feel as if I’m being swallowed everywhere around me by this deep and cold darkness? How did I suddenly get here?

I feel terrible, and I can’t get control of that growing whirlwind of fear, true fear, panic. I try to move to leave that place to find a glimmer of light, to understand, or to feel better, but I feel as if I were imprisoned in a dark box. Even though I feel at the same time as if I were a little wandering spot in the Universe all surrounded by that darkness.

I act and kick, but there’s no way out. Where was I? There’s no top, nor bottom. No big, nor small, but only anywhere. I’m desperate.

“What happening to me? Where have I ended up?”

I start to feel resigned, I’m afraid I can’t run away. Now I feel as this real and very cold darkness were starting to eat me, nibbling me, terrifying me more and more.

I close my eyes, although it makes no difference, to try to recover myself and to exclude myself from what’s surrounding me. I try to concentrate only on my body and to forget about the NOTHING around me.

It works! I slowly calm down and some rationality, some questions start to come my mind. I start to begin to think of what happened last.

“ I’m in Germany. I’m here to enjoy myself, how come I’m on my own? Where are my friends? I’ve never travelled like that on my own. I usually travel with Giulio or Sacha or with my brother. At the Formula 1 circuit, at the pyjama party, and at the night club I was surrounded by people I didn’t know, they called me Alessio and they were friends, but I have never seen them before.”

I start to feel lonely too, Loneliness has got hold of me. Being alone, feeling cold and being in the darkness. Being very anxious to know what was happening to me, but I couldn’t give an explanation of all that.

Suddenly out of the complete darkness, in front of me I see a big screen above on right hand side. It shows a city road enlightened by street lights, seeing it was night, and it was completely empty. Empty until, suddenly, I saw something slide on the road and sparkle like a comet.

“What’s that? It looks like a motorbike sliding on its side. That motorbike … that motorbike is mine. Nooo!!!”

So that’s what happened. It‘s clear now. I’ve had a motorbike accident.

I’m amazed thunderstruck and I’m still a while to look at that screen and that motorbike staying still next to the pavement. I feel completely passive and still a bit scared.

Suddenly the screen dematerializes, and I say loudly and with a very bitter tone a sentence that I knew that I would have said anyway sooner or later, as if I felt that what had happened was bound to happen, because I knew it would have happened since a long time.

“At the end I just managed to cause damage. It was due to happen sooner or later. I couldn’t go on that way: smoking and risking.”

After having said that, still in the deep darkness surrounding me, where I feel my Great Fear, I notice that my legs don’t bear my weight anymore, and I drop on the ground. My sight starts to become blurry until I don’t see anything more, and it’s more difficult of me to breath.

Inside of me I feel this great need of help; only help; someone to save me from this state of anxiety, that’s a little better now than I felt before, when I didn’t know anything yet. Now I know and it’s as if half of my fear has disappeared, but the other half is crying our desperately for help.

(to be continued)

Before-death Near death experiences NDE Alessio Tavecchio’s witness Before-death NDE story Part One was told by Alessio Tavecchio

Before-death Near death experiences NDE Alessio Tavecchio’s witness Before-death NDE story Part One

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