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NDE Near death experiences Alessio Tavecchio's witness

NDE Near death experiences Alessio Tavecchio’s witness NDE experience Part two


What you’re going to read now is Alessio Tavecchio’s second part of a long, NDE witness (www.alessio.org) . the 1st part is published at


To resume to thread of feelings Alessio was telling us about, let’s start reading from Alessio’s the last words …

Suddenly out of the complete darkness, in front of me I see a big screen on the top right hand side. It shows a city road enlightened by street lights, seeing it was night, and it was completely empty. Empty until, suddenly, I saw something slide on the road and sparkle like a comet.

“What’s that? It looks like a motorbike sliding on its side. That motorbike … that motorbike is mine. Oh nooo!!!”

So that’s what happened. It‘s clear now. I’ve had an accident with my motorbike.

Suddenly the screen dematerializes, and I say with a very bitter tone a sentence that I knew that I would have said anyway sooner or later, as if I felt that what had happened was bound to happen, because I knew it would have happened since a long time.

“At the end I just managed to cause damage. It was due to happen sooner or later. I couldn’t go on that way: smoking and risking.”

After having said that, still in the deep darkness surrounding me where I feel my Great Fear, I notice that my legs don’t bear my weight anymore, and I drop onto the ground. My sight starts to become blurry until I don’t see anything any more, and it’s more difficult of me to breathe.

Inside of me I feel this great need of help; only help; someone to save me from this state of anxiety, which is a little better now than I felt before, when I didn’t know anything yet. Now I know and it’s as if half of my fear has disappeared, but the other half is crying our desperately for help.

I hear a strange noise near me like a hand pump that blows air with the same rhythm as I breathe.

“Mara, it’s you! Thank God you’re here. I love you. Thank you!”

I can’t see, but I can see Her clearly even if it’s a different kind of seeing from the way we are physically used to seeing. She’s really beautiful with two big, blue eyes, black, straight hair cut like a small casque, very short and slim, wearing a small light green tight jumper that nicely brings out her busty breast, blue jeans with summer shoes with bare feet. Only now I see her so clearly, maybe because I didn’t notice her clearly before, I think.

Mara is sitting next to me, holding up my shoulders and my head with Her arms and she goes on pressing the little pump that I know is helping me breathe with Her hand, although there’s no link between this little pump and me. Mara starts speaking to me:

“Well, Alessio, what shall we do? What do you want to do?”

“What do you mean with “What shall we do?” I reply.

“What is she asking me?” I wonder.

“Alessio, now’s the time to decide, to choose. What do you want to do?”

I still don’t understand. What am I supposed to choose? I’m ill. I need help and I want to go home. I feel as if I were far away, very far away from home.

“Mara, take me home, please, I want to go home”

“Alessio, It’s a long way home, are you really sure you want to?”

I still don’t understand. The less I understand, the more I feel homesick, I want to go back home. I feel alone and far away.

Suddenly from this darkness continuously around me but not cold and frightful anymore, but simply dark, above on the right hand side in the middle, I see a great fan opening up until it becomes a perfect semicircle. This one is bright, very light green, and I see thousands of faces and half-lengths portraits one on another as if not all of them where there in it. I don’t recognize any of those faces, because I can’t focus any of them, but I’m conscious that I know them all, and that they love me, and it’s as if they were waiting for me. On seeing this, I really feel like reaching them, so I feel so convinced of my choice as I have never been before.

“Mara, I’ve made up my mind, take me home right now.”

“Alessio, I want to remind you that if you choose to go, it’s a long way. Are you really sure?”

“Yes! I’m ready for anything, but you must absolutely take me home to them.”

She smiles and immediately calls two friends, although I don’t know how she did, seeing that she didn’t go away from me.

Two young boys with a clear German aspect pull up in a lemon yellow coloured Volkswagen van of the 70s.

So my return journey starts: the boys take turns in driving as to not get tired, seeing that we’re travelling by night, and Mara and me inside, while she goes on helping me to breathe.

“Mara, aren’t we there yet? How long does it take?”

“Alessio you must be patient. We aren’t there yet, but we’ll get there. Take it easy.”

These sentences were repeated in the van dozens and dozens of time, because the journey seemed endless. I can say that it will probably be the longest journey of my life.

“It’s endless. I feel as if full days have passed, while from Germany to Monza it only takes less than five hours,” I thought. “Days go by inside of me and the same question goes on flowing from my suffering heart.”

“Alessio, we’re nearly there, but now we’re going to stop for a minute.”

I sit up with some effort to see where we are, where we have got to at last, and I see that we have stopped in front of the firm where my father works.

I percoeve a stir of excitement around me

I’m almost done, it’ll only take a few minutes to get home. In the meantime Mara and her two friends get off the van to speak to two people who I think are the watchmen there, seeing that you don’t work at night. While waiting for them to finish their conversation, I slowly lie down again I heave signs of relief, although my body’s still aching a bit.

Then I don’t know how long, I start to get a bit nervous, because the stop lasts a bit too long. They go on speaking about things I don’t understand well, but I guess that it’s as if they were arranging something.

It’s strange, I’ve had an accident, I feel ill and they’re taking me home. Nevertheless they are there discussing peacefully. “ It’s not fair!” I say to myself . “Why don’t they get a move on?”

So in a few seconds I start being restless and nervous and so I mutter:

“I’ll go away and leave them here, if they don’t hurry up. I’m not very far from home anyway. I even know the way.”

Having said that, I sit up and I try to find the driver’s seat. It’s hard. I succeed to, faster than I thought, because my body moves in a complete integrity, and I consider it completely natural. Once in the driver’s seat, I’m determined to leave on my own to reach home. But just immediately before starting the engine, I perceive a slight doubt, and so I start doing some driving tests with the engine still turned off.

I see well enough, although a bit blurry. I can steer the steering wheel, my legs move slowly and weakly and that worries me a bit, because feet have to have zippy agility to drive a van. So I start to think it over. And while I notice my breath is still a bit irregular and laboured, and that I’m feeling very weak, I decide to give up.

I’ve already risked a lot. Why should I risk unnecessarily?

Although I’m still convinced that I could have managed on my own, I return on the back of the lorry, and I realize that it was useless to risk. I’d have got there anyway, and I feel safe with them. I lie down again, and I wait while listening, still not understanding what they’re talking about. Besides I perceive that they had even realized what I just tried to do.

Suddenly I perceive as if they were saying goodbye. In fact, I start to understand their words. In fact they are saying goodbye to each other. Great! We leaving at last and we are nearly there too. I’m very happy!

Without trying to understand or wonder about particular things, suddenly I’m in a big room where there’s a enormous, very valuable, wooden, ellipsoidal table in the middle, surrounded by many chairs the same colour as the table. The room’s empty and dark, and I notice that the entire left wall is really a great stained glass window. I see all that from above, as if I were a control camera.

After a bit I start to perceive being attracted and sucked from one of these chairs and in less than no time I find myself sitting on it. I feel small, very small, all curled up on this big chair, although the right word is crumpled up. It’s as if someone had put me on the chair by bits and pieces, and I manage to keep them stuck together by a very light and minimal force. I don’t know what kind of force though.

I want to open my eyes, but I can’t. It’s as if they were stuck, but I go on trying to open them, and after many efforts, I concentrate and I put all the little and ultimate might I’ve got in this last attempt. My right eyelid starts to move, and I’m full of happiness and it gives me that impulse of added strength that makes me finally open both my eyes wide.

Over my head I see my father’s face smiling happily and caresses my head. And all around us, all over the room, a white glowing light surrounds us. It’s so bright that it’s warmth seems to penetrate into our flesh. It’s so radiant and thick you could almost touch it: it seems a LIVING light.

I pay attention to the stain glass window on the left, because all this light full of energy is coming in from there. I look at it and I let it hypnotize and cuddlc me, I let this white colour I have never seen before penetrate me. I let this spontaneous energy feed me, that makes me perceive peace and happiness I have never felt before. I perceive a sentence I must really say, pronounce, and not keep inside of me right from this inner state.

“I’ve got through with it! At last I’ve got through with it, I’m home!”

I was moved in a unique way, pronouncing these words, these statements. Now I feel free and it’s a feeling of a great achievement with neither inner nor outer peace, but simply UNIQUE with everything.

“So this mood must surely be Paradise, that Paradise all humans imagine and interpret in thousands of ways.” I wonder.

I can state that this marvellous light makes me feel completely full of satisfaction and gives me peace of mind, so I still stay there a bit on that chair enjoying this marvellous magnificence.

Once again I find myself changing place without realizing or remembering having moved. It’s as if from one moment to another the place I’m at changes, it’s as if there were no reference to space nor to time. But all that doesn’t disturb me. I realize the sudden change, but this way of existing seems absolutely natural, like an object that falls on the floor without giving rise to any questions or concern.

I’m naked and sitting comfortably in a light coloured leather armchair, like everything around me. I see the walls, the furniture, the objects and the air I breathe there in a very light bright pink.

I still feel being in that peaceful, relaxing state, and while waiting for I don’t know what, I realize I’m at a hospital. Being in a hospital doesn’t surprise me nor frighten me, although it should. Seeing that I’m fine at the moment, I have no problem, I’m very fit, I can see my body and it hasn’t even a scratch.

At a certain point I see a doctor come up to me. he’s glowing of that bright pink too, he kneels opposite me and starts explaining to me.

“Look Alessio, we’re going to operate you shortly and everything’s going to be alright, but now I’ve got to put this tube into your mouth.”

He gets the big, large tube and he sticks it into my mouth pushing it into my throat. It hurts and its really unbearable. In fact when the doctor turns to the other side, I get hold of the tube with my right hand and I pull it away from me. The doctor notices it and says:

“OK. Seeing that you can’t keep it in your mouth, we’ll operate you right away. Now get up and reach that corridor behind you and wait there for the anesthetist, while I go and get the operating theatre ready.”

I reach that very bright pink corridor filled with a sort of white-pink touchable mist. I wait while looking around me. I see a bright person with an overall come near me like the doctor before and he says he’s the anesthetist.

I look at him closely, and I see that he takes out of his overall pocket a piece of paper with stickers on. He pulls off one of them as big as a fingernail, it’s heart shaped and very red. And he sticks it on my left nipple saying:

“This is the anesthesia, wait for it to have affect, and then we’ll come to fetch you.”

The anesthstist goes away and I’m on my own again waiting in that corridor.

I wait for a long time until I start to feel strange, as if I were completely conscious and awake, but I perceive my body become lighter and move slowly in all it’s parts. It’s as if I were dancing in slow motion and in full harmony with everything. While this goes on, I start to perceive a strange recall coming from the wall more and more. Until I put my face next to the wall and my arms spread out with my palms against it.

Now I’m still and I perceive my body is softening. Although I see it like it was before. Losing consistency to the point that it seems that I’m becoming increasingly porous; I see my left hand sink into the wall: I’m frightened and I pull it immediately back. Only later I understand there’s nothing wrong to do so, and that I should be afraid. So immediately I put it on the surface again even because I feel sucked rather than attracted.

My hands, first one then the other, start to sink into the wall and I let them go where they want. They’re in the wall as if they caressed it at a tridimensional level and I like it very much: it’s a feeling I have never had before. Suddenly I perceive a great force that wants to get out of me through my chest, but although I see my body completely normal, I feel like it’s opening where my heart is, while this force is getting out of my chest and it widens it more and more. It’s going into the wall, dragging me so slowly along with it, my trunk, my legs and in the end my head go in until I’m completely inside.

I dare say that it’s the most beautiful and strange sensation that exists. I’m part of the wall. I’m moving in it. I perceive all of my cells mix with the molecules that make up the wall. It’s great! Non just regarding the mixing sensation, as for this awareness of existence of all of the cells of my body. I perceive all of them, really all of them EACH ONE of them.

It’s wonderful !

It’s strange, I’m very confused. I can’t understand anything, nor where I am, nor what’s happened, nor what I am. I hear all sorts of noises echoing in my head, and a have got a great feeling of heaviness. It doesn’t make me feel like making the slightest movement.

I feel sick, but not really physically, because I don’t feel even a bit of pain coming from my body. It’s as if I’m going from being conscious to sleeping and every time I wake up I find everything stranger then before.

Suddenly I realize I’m lying down with my eyes closed with something in my mouth that doesn’t let me close it nor speak. Oh no! I’ve got a tube down my throat, and what’s more it’s more annoying than ever.

That’s right, I’ve had a motorbike accident and then I remember the doctor and the anesthetist, so now I’m waking up after my operation: I understand, being a bit more lucid about what has happened. It’s my awakening in my body.

to be continued …


NDE Near death experiences Alessio Tavecchio’s witness NDE experience Part two was told by Alessio Tavecchio 


NDE Near death experiences Alessio Tavecchio’s witness NDE experience Part two



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