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Near death experiences NDE Alessio Tavecchio's witness

Near death experiences NDE Alessio Tavecchio’s witness NDE Part three

What you’re going to read is Alessio Tavecchio’s long NDE part three (www.alessio.org). the first part is published at


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This is part three of his witness it regards all of his what he thinks about it. Listen:

This dramatic experience from a human point of view, has revelled the mysteries of life to me pushing me, although against my will, to pass what we call death but that on the other hand has turned out to be like a threshold of consciousness at a different level from the one we see in the physical dimension.

While my body was lying in a coma, my consciousness had a “journey” with “an Angel” called Mara, who guided me beyond the boundaries of rationality, in places out of time and in unknown adventures.

Before repossessing my body, I saw and I went into such an strong, radiant and glowing light, that was penetrating my Being and feeding every part of it. A unique feeling that gave me such peace and happiness that I never felt before. A peacefulness that wasn’t neither inner nor outer, but simply one with EVERYTHING. I knew that ecstasy I felt was the utmost you could reach, that there wasn’t anything more wonderful in all the complete Universe. It was a touchable light, so real and mostly LIVING. Living with something that made me shout: “So God exists, then!”

But when I woke up in this world, I had had to contend with the physical situation that I had to face: Alessio with a new look (my face) and sitting on a wheel chair for the rest of my life.

My refusal of this sort of life was total. I wanted to scream, smash everything, fling anything I could get hold of with all my anger, but I couldn’t do anything of all that. I went on saying to myself: “It can’t be. It’s absurd, unacceptable that such a thing has happened to me. What’s happening? That’s going on? Why me?!!!.”

I was completely desperate, I didn’t know what I could do, what to think of it, how to face my future again … I almost felt like …felt like dying …

Suddenly I thought: “…Dying? What am I saying? I’m already “dead” and if now I’m here alive having a second chance of existing, there must be a reason. A reason I have to discover, a reason to be experienced.”

Sure, the accident has completely changed my way of life, making it become more hard and challenging, but thanks to this experience of Light something so nice and extraordinary has happened that had let me go beyond these limits. I couldn’t mourn about my state anymore. Moreover I was happy about it, surely more than when I had my physical integrity.

But what was so beautiful and extraordinary?

It was the profound meeting with myself, with my core, with my real essence, with what I really am. Remembering what I had gone through in that dimension, has made me understand that I’m an Soul under the command of a physical body and not a body with a spiritual part. This sweeping change of identification has given me a new vision of a truer life, that has made me react positively facing an event considered dramatic.

This had made be become more mature, to draw out the best part of me that I would have never expected. A meeting with myself at last that I have always ran away from; it had happened. Obviously it’s incredible to say, but “thanks to” this accident, “thanks to” this unexpected meeting, what I have always really wished, what was once my dream: a change and a sharp, sudden, and sweeping improvement of life.

I’m convinced that these are personal “ways”. I mean, that we make them along the way ourselves, because we are the only ones who know what we really need to reach our aim. I think that this part of choice of the way, is in the deepest part of our subconscious, I mean the spiritual one of which we are conscious until we find it after having looked for it.

It’s obvious that nobody goes around trying plainly have an accident or trying to get a serious illness as to understand better how to carry out his or her life project, but to facilitate it, the Soul can stake, or better still, use the “means” body too.

The most awareness we gain day after day helps us improve the quality of life, to protect our body and gives us the strength to pursuit our way with courage and happiness.

This is why praying had become the reference basis of my existence, because it’s the means that makes me always be in contact with my core, with that spiritual essence where strength and Love are, where I find God. Praying is an inner communication, but simple like speaking to our best friend.

My first attempt of communication with God, used to start with a prayer for help, with a request to heal, because my utmost wish was to completely recover the complete and perfect use of my body. While I was going on the “path” of inner healing, of which I’m sure is the basis of any physical healing, my prayers, my spiritual communication, turned mainly into a thanksgiving.

I have written this experienced and painful story of mine in a book, and I haven’t finished yet, encouraging, showing, arousing, broadening horizons, and trying to make people understand that over there everything‘s like another; each event is a sign, and that suffering and mishaps can be precious means of growth and evolution if you understand and interpret. I have tried to explain how we can consider a great grief or a seeming unfairness positive to understand “why” and to set up specific work to repair the mistake that has caused the disaster, living in a creative way, and trying to think up something original instead of letting yourself go unavoidably undergoing what’s happening to us.

The book I have written it a true story, it’s crying out in darkness to the Light, a witness the world must know, to try to give a different evaluation of the word “suffering,” to understand that it’s never the right time to give up: NOT NOW.

Near death experiences NDE Alessio Tavecchio’s witness NDE Part three was told by Alessio Tavecchio

Near death experiences NDE Alessio Tavecchio’s witness NDE Part three

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