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Obe experiences out of body OBE the spirit

Obe experiences out of body OBE the spirit Floats Witnessing Obe


Obe experiences out of body OBE the spirit : hello Sara, as you asked me to, I’m going to try to tell about my OBE on this Site; of course you could understand me better, if I’d mention the spiritual path I started to follow three years ago, when I met a very sweet person, who by EVP put me in contact with Pope John XXIII, and with my mother-in-law who had died four months before, even this experience wasn’t by chance, because the good Pope told me that everyone in Heaven was waiting for that meeting, it was my husband really who decided to go on holiday in Friuli, and he’s a very rational person and not a great believer, but at that time I was different too.


I’m going to tell you how my life changed form that day in details, because there had been a crescendo of signs and many signs from Heaven, I prayed more, and now I can’t live without praying.


My two OBEs have been fast and wonderful. I have had my first one at five o’clock am and I felt incredibly so tired that my body was almost stuck on my bed and I couldn’t even move just a hand; suddenly I felt I was floating and at the same time I perceived I was leaving my body left on my bed, those were wonderful instances that I wished they had been longer, because I was feeling light and happy but then I got back into that carcass, and everything ended then very surprisingly.


The second time was a month later in the same way very early in the morning, I had the same feeling as the last time, I felt incredibly tired, but what makes you let yourself go, and have no control of your body anymore, so I started to float and I started to enjoy that moment, when my husband touched my shoulder, because he wanted to ask me if I was awake; immediately I started to swing and swing, out of my body and float into the air, I realized my husband had interrupted an idyll, so I got back into my body; the second experience has been extraordinary too, leaving one’s body, feeling light, not seeing it, but perceiving where it is, practically I had everything under control, my physical body and Soul, but the latter was very more important.


A hug of light


Obe experiences out of body OBE the spirit Floats Witnessing Obe was told by Angela


Obe experiences out of body OBE the spirit


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