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OBE Out of Body Experience The Soul Feelings

OBE Out of Body Experience The Soul’s Feelings My Witnessing OBE

OBE Out of Body Experience The Soul Feelings : I must say it’s a bit hard for me to describe my OBE but I’ll do my best and try to let you take part in my feelings, on a normal, spring morning, owing to the many requests and curiosities I have been asked about it; I was about thirteen/thirteen and a half, I was lying on my bed and it was about seven o’clock/a quarter past seven, because I had to be at school at eight and I was getting psychologically ready for another boring day, If you are thinking I was falling asleep again to enjoy my last minutes under the sheets, well, you are wrong and you better not go on reading, I was completely awake, I had slept well and at that time I didn’t smoke, moreover I couldn’t stand the smell of chopped tobacco my father used to smoke every now and then I was wondering if I was going to be tested at school that day, but seeing that made me nervous I just forgot about it and relaxed.

As I was just starting to relax and stretch, suddenly I felt a bit strange, I can’t explain that feeling, take for example mercury in a thermometer, when you try to divided it and all the little drops attract themselves again or like a patch of oil floating on water?, well these metaphors can make you understand the feeling of heaviness and floating that started from my toes and slowly came up to my feet, then to my legs and up to the middle of my chest like in a “vital” suction that made me curious and fascinated me, I felt a great feeling of heaviness at my heart, it was as if it was trying to find a way out in fact I felt it go up towards my head, but no use, it went back restless towards the middle of my chest where I felt it taking my breath away, and I felt sinking to the bottom under my bed as if I were falling into an empty space out of control and inexorably, I understood exactly what was happening and I didn’t resist in no way, moreover it was as if it attracted me.

So at the monument of maximum “emptiness” I saw myself evaporate above my chest and immediately I found myself in the left corner twenty centimeters from my bedroom ceiling, I realized that the little, white, twenty/twenty-five centimeters cloud was me, that is, my essence or if you like my “Soul”, I hadn’t realized yet that my material body was just a bit lower, because I was in an environment or in such an extraordinary surrealistic “state” where I didn’t miss anything or I didn’t feel no physical or mental need; I was completely satisfied about everything and I knew everything about myself as if I knew all the answers to any question or doubt, I wasn’t thirsty, hungry, hot nor cold, I was so “light” that if I were to say “light” it would make my experience become heavier.

Suddenly by chance while I was looking around my bedroom I stopped to look surprised at what I recognized to be my body, there still, lifeless, lying on my bed and I was wondering just then “what am I doing there if I’m here?”, I realized I wasn’t living in that organic body anymore but that I had become Pure spiritual essence, but I didn’t worry about that, moreover I like floating in the air and experiencing that new life, I didn’t have time to think “let me have a look through the window”, I was already looking beyond the half-closed shutter and saw the garden, my father’s cultivated fields and the sun that was going to enlight all the landscape around me, I thought about my life and I saw it in a flash, all the nice things I had done, all my nice memories, my great times passed in front of me in no time, I was basking and I liked that new “being” very much, in fact it was great thinking “come on now imagine you’re hungry, you need something!”, no use!, I didn’t belong to that world, to those physical states and I understood what was really important and what the “being” that I had become was fed on, only Love.

Suddenly I turned around on my left (let’s say) because I heard something or someone muttering, speaking and I saw a wonderful, “white” and strong light that didn’t dazzle at the end of a “tunnel” surrounded by little white “clouds” too that were calling me; that is, it was inciting me to go in and at the same time I heard that those who were chatting, were speaking about me, I heard them say “if Francesco comes in he won’t go out any more, and I knew it was true, someone else said “it’s still early. It’s not time yet”; I understood I was in a no return situation, so I looked at my ill body and decided that I had better go back into it and had to carry out what had been written for me and not leave alone who at that time loved me, and neither those I would have met for the rest of my life, being aware and sure that I would have gone back to that fantastic place another time.

Suddenly I “opened” my eyes, I wasn’t sleeping, and I understood that I had gone back into my guise of mortal remains, and I thought about what had happened to me with great amazement and the sentence said to me by “someone” up there “it’s not time yet”.

Well that’s it, that was my experience, it lasted ten/fifteen minutes, I don’t expect you all to believe me, the thing is that since that day I’m trying to live every minute of my life, to see it by another point of view, and to face problems let’s say in a “philosophic” and critical way, trying to always love my neighbor and to understand him/her within the limits of my mortal existence knowing that I consider each person important and I’m important to him/her.

Most of all I consider death as a disembodiment and a new beginning, not an end.

OBE Out of Body Experience The Soul’s Feelings My Witnessing OBE was told by Francesco

OBE Out of Body Experience The Soul’s Feelings My Witnessing OBE

OBE Out of Body Experience The Soul Feelings

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