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Body Of Light Experience Of The Body Of Light

Body Of Light Experience Of The Body Of Light Being Living As A Body of Light
Body Of Light Experience Of The Body Of Light : hello Sara, I found your wonderful website completely by “coincidence”, I read several testimonials on various subjects and if I was not at work right now, I would have easily broken down in tears for the profound joy that those testimonials have given me; I would like to tell you about an experience I had back in March-April of this year, it was morning, my mother was getting dressed to leave the house, I was in bed gradually waking up, with my eyes closed I heard my boyfriends’ voice say "hey, your mother is leaving”, and still with my eyes closed I replied “mmmmh, ok, ok”.
I went back to sleep, and that is when my dream started, I had the same dream back to back three consecutive times before I could snap out of it. I don’t know when it happened, I don’t even know how, but I found myself with my consciousness shifted to over here, to the “real” world, I can’t tell you what I was going through, but I can tell you that I was aware that I was both here and over there, at the same time.
When this shift in awareness took place, I felt a strong flow of energy slowly approaching my heart; it was as if there was someone’s arm rising toward my chest from under a sheet. I remember I felt an immense happiness, I felt that energy penetrate my being very profoundly, I felt all of its warmth, I was so wrapped up in it and honored by it, that I even said “take me! Whoever you are…. Take me with you!” and something happened… every time I think of it my heart still fills with pure joy:
This Being, whatever it may be, took both my hands, he took them with such indescribable delicateness and I, as a BODY OF LIGHT, rose with my hands wrapped in his. They were unique emotions.
I saw the BLUE LIGHT and slowly slowly this light became lighter and lighter in color… those were the most beautiful moments I have ever experienced because I, as an ESSENCE, was singing… I was singing from joy, or rather I was reciting a verse… a noise…. I can’t quite define it because this type of noise does not even exist here!!!
Those sensations I was LIVING enveloped me completely, in those moments it was ME that was emotion. ME as Soul. I was there, I was feeding from those moments, I did not have any thoughts, on the contrary, they did not even exist! I only felt my breathing increase because of the immense emotions I was experiencing. I was PURE conscience, benefiting from that magical encounter.
I was getting progressively closer to this blue light, which turned into the color of the sky. At that moment, in fact, I thought I was in the sky, albeit a sky without clouds! Because there were none! I was climbing higher and higher, without a destination and without a purpose. Out of nothing I drew my hands out and started looking at them; at first I could only see them through what seemed like a fog, they seemed out of focus, but the more I focused and the more clearly I could see them, so clearly that I could even see the color of my nail varnish!! However, I noticed that while I was looking at them, I was descending down, like a feather. Once I descended I then shifted consciousness again, finding myself back inside my dream! I was seated on my knees at the corner of the bed, and this is how I found myself in the “real” world.
After this experience, I remembered that in order to LIVE we just need to LET GO.
There is truly NOTHING to fear, because from the REAL place from which we all come from, EVERY ONE is part of EACH ONE OF US. We all take different roads, but they all lead to only one HOME.
I wanted to tell you my experience to show all of you that WE are the ones who decide our moment. WE are the ones who have to say YES!
I will end my letter here by thanking you, Sara, for having created this site…. You have no idea how happy you have made me ?
Body Of Light Experience Of The Body Of Light Being Living As A Body of Light was told by Sara
Body Of Light Experience Of The Body Of Light Being Living As A Body of Light
Body Of Light Experience Of The Body Of Light
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