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OBE Experience Out Of Body In ER Room

OBE Experience Out Of Body In ER Room testimonials
OBE Experience Out Of Body In ER Room : hello Sara, my name is also Sara, I see you collect many testimonials, and when I read those OBE testimonials I thought of my story, I don’t know, see what you think of it, I have seldom talked about this with anyone; I was sixteen, I was diagnosed with a cyst in my ovaries the size of a grapefruit, with a possible infection of the fallopian tube, the doctor told me that I needed surgery immediately in order not to lose the ovary, since it was the 21st of December, they suggested I went for surgery on the 23rd of December, even though my mother was against it because she kept telling me it was useless and that I ought to get a second opinion, my father and I were convinced of the contrary. I was admitted at 8 in the morning on the 22nd of December; they did all the necessary tests and at 9 in the morning of the 23rd of December I was wheeled into the operating room for my surgery, so far, so good.
It was my second surgery within a relatively short period of time, and we never knew if the brief gap between my previous appendectomy and this surgery had a something to do with my new health issue, or whether it was an allergy. All I know is that at the very end of my second surgery is where it all started to unfold ….
I was wheeled back into my hospital room at about noon, or at least this is what my mother says. While they were taking me to my room I kept coughing. I could hear the nurses comment on the fact that I had been coughing for a while, but they put it down to a slight cold that I was suffering from.
The head nurse commented that my cough did not sound normal, she leaned with all of her weight on top of my belly in order for me not to feel pain from coughing. I thanked her inside. Just breathing was truly laborious.
They took me to my room and told my mother what to do since I was still suffering from this cough. Soon after that the nurse came to check my vitals again and my mother told her that I was becoming red in the face and my breathing was forced. I was told that after that, within seconds I was surrounded by a number of medical staff. They were all trying to wake me up, to little avail. They decided to take me to intensive care.
When I was there I saw many doctors and nurses around me. And I started looking around me. I was stretched on the bed, my face was pale, I had a lot of wires attached to me. I was looking at myself from high up, next to me in the emergency room was an elderly man who was very sick, I could feel his suffering and around me there were other people who were watching my same scene. One of these people caught my attention, he was gold colored and full of light. At one point he told me that I had to go back, but I did not want to. But he was so kind and polite about it that I took his hand and went back.
Within a few moments I saw myself fall into a tunnel and woke up for a very short time. After a few minutes, I believe, it happened again and I found myself wandering in a garden. There were children who were playing, a scent of flowers, green grass, everything was surrounded with light, but while I was trying to reach them, something that looked like a woman, all dressed in white, told me that I should not stay there. I fell back into that tunnel and I relived those memories. In the end, I woke up.
I kept seeing that golden light next to me that was looking at me from up above, making me feel protected and safe, until I felt better.
After this I was even told that in the future I was going to have serious problems conceiving, because of what happened after the surgery. But inside me I felt that it was not the case…. And so it was, when I was 21, that I had my first little girl and now I have three splendid creatures.
Back then I already believed in the Angels because they helped me on numerous occasions, and to date I am more and more convinced that they are with us at all times. I am also teaching this to my children. I believe it is wonderful to know that we have someone next to us who helps us and protects us.
After having read Sara’s testimonial, I contacted her because I wanted to better understand an aspect of her experience, here are my words to Sara: “You said that you felt the suffering of that man who was next to you, and then you said that there were other people around you watching on the same scene…. The one with the golden light was your Angel, but what about the other figures? Did they also appear to you as light? Do you remember how many they were? What did they look like? Did you also look at yourself while you were in those moments?
And this is the reply that Sara gave me:
Yes, I remember that three of those lights who were next to me were blue, two were gray but their shape resembled more a human shape. One of these last creatures was a man, he too was a patient at the hospital, or this is what he told me. He was in the room next to mine, and he told me that he was attracted by something but at the time I did not understand what it was. I did not even understand much of what was going around me and my body. I just saw myself stretched out and with my face looking tired, my body almost seemed not to belong to me.
Then my gaze fell on the man next to me, behind a curtain, his face was gray and had problems with his belly, his heart was very tired, his throat was burning and his lungs were full of fluid. Next to him someone was holding his hand, it was a woman, actually, thinking about it, I don’t even know if that was a human being because no visitors were allowed in that room; I struggle to recall, but she also looked full of colours to me, more like a brown colour, or at least it’s the color that comes closest to it. Then the light started calling me, it was shining also near me, it was telling me something about its name, but I do not remember what it was . This is a memory that surfaced only recently, like a couple of days ago, and when it happened I cried from the emotion. Over the next two days after this event I kept finding a lot of little hearts everywhere.
I hope I answered your questions. I believed that there were four children, because two of them were on a little kids ride together, one was playing ball and one was on the wing.
If you have other questions, I will be delighted to answer them.
As soon as I have more time I will tell you about what is happening to me these days, I feel my Angels much closer to me now, I think I would be completely lost without them.
An embrace to all of you
OBE Experience Out Of Body In ER Room testimonials was told by Sara and Sara Luce 
OBE Experience Out Of Body In ER Room testimonials
OBE Experience Out Of Body In ER Room
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