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Other Side Return to the Other Side

Other Side Return to the Other Side Testimonial Experience NDE


Other Side Return to the Other Side : hello Sara, as I find a moment of peace, of serenity, telling the story of my father is not easy for me, but I am happy to pass it on to you because it was of great help to me when I lost him; dad was admitted to hospital for a surgery on his right lung, cancer, while he was under anesthetic he had a heart attack; he had always suffered with his heart, he even carried a pacemaker and “thanks” to that unexpected turn of events he was able to experiment and live his most beautiful experience ever: seeing Paradise, or maybe Purgatory, who knows.


At the beginning he found himself high up, in a corner of the operating room, and after a few minutes, or was it seconds (the temporal time is not comparable to ours) he felt himself being transported into a dark tunnel. At the end of that tunnel, he barely saw a light that started to become more and more luminous the closer he got.


I have to say that during the journey he hesitated, he was thoughtful, he did not know where he was going, he was not alone, he could not see who was accompanying him, but they were behind him. The closer he got and the more intense the light would become, not blinding, just wonderful, vibrating light, and the more he could discern the scenario which soon he was going to see and touch with his own feet.


The first thing he noticed was that he was well, he felt strong, completely healthy, and his eyes could see and enjoy the immense expanse of green: a brilliant green field, trees with shining leaves, flowers unknown to us, some, of all colors, with extraordinary scents (my father always told me that he smelled Paradise), they were beautiful, difficult to describe, just like it was hard for him to describe it to us, his children, and to my mother.


There were houses of all sizes, very tall buildings and some were even two or three storey buildings, but they were built of transparent crystal, you could see the people who lived in them, dressed with a white long tunic.


There were children, they were also dressed in white and grey (maybe they were animals, dad was not sure because he was just too fascinated and distracted by what he was seeing) and some of them were wearing some kind of little skirt, but I have no more details about that.


They were all walking and chatting among themselves, my father was asking himself why nobody was saying hello to him or even so far as looked at him, but then…. suddenly a voice told him that it was not the time to stop there and that he had to go back (a male voice): my father tried to argue against it because he really liked to be in that wonderful place of such great peace, but he did not even have time to utter his wish that he found himself sucked back into reality.


It was a little tragedy for him, he was angry, he did not want to come back. He often thought about his experience and often he would tell us that you go back completely transformed in your heart, your soul and your eyes.


Yes, with his eyes because once he came back home (after 15 days) every time he was about to fall asleep he started to see a lot of people, like in a movie, in our times, they were talking among themselves and looking at him, but he was able to vaguely hear them, he could not even read their lips, like my mother suggested to him.


He was able to see them for about 4 years, and then one day he decided to leave us, fortunately he did not suffer despite the cancer had once again taken over his body.


We did suffer but not as much as we could have, because it was heartwarming for us to know that he had finally reached the “big garden”.


I often think that he gave us a wonderful gift, not only a gift of hope but also of certainty of a new life. Oh, yes, I almost forgot, dad used to say that up there people have the bad habit of working, just like here, but he could not explain to us how they were working because for him it was just a perception of it.


With his experience that I am sharing with you I am hoping to have sweetened some people’s fear of death, which is certainly a death of the body but not of the Spirit. The gift that was given to my father spread out like an oil slick, we have all benefited from it then and we still benefit from it now.


The only other thing I could possibly add is DO NOT BE AFRAID, wonderful surprises await us from the other side, and once again, as much as possible, do not harm gratuitously, let your heart take over all things, and love, always love, forgive and forget.


An embrace for everybody,


Other Side Return to the Other Side Testimonial Experience NDE of the Sky was told by Maria Elisabetta


Other Side Return to the Other Side Testimonial Experience NDE of the Sky


Other Side Return to the Other Side


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