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Life After Life NDE Experiences

Life After Life NDE Experiences I Am Love I Belong To Him


Life After Life NDE Experiences : reliving some moments in my memories is like tapping from a container full of Love, it was 2005, a year I will never forget. It was September, a very hot summer, even as the kids were already preparing to return back to school, I was wearing cotton clothes that already began to hint at the new life that was growing inside me, I was four months pregnant. I had to face my partner abandoning me at a time of my life when I would have never dreamt anything like that would happen, this is to give you an idea of the moment where I felt completely alone to face the uncertain future.


That morning I woke up like every day, I slowly tidied up and I remember the radio was playing James Blunt singing “You are beautiful”. I was sitting down eating my favorite fruit, figs, and I suddenly felt a hot liquid in the space between my legs. From that moment on I remember the fear of the blood that was coming out in ever greater quantity as we were rushing to the hospital. I remember I started to cry, desperate and powerless, I was pushing a towel right up against me but it was useless. I remember that as I walked the pavement to the hospital I was leaving a red streak behind me. A few yards later I found myself on top of a cold metal table.


The doctor kept screaming that it was serious, the extreme bleeding did not allow for anesthesia. I did not care about the pain, I cared about my baby, one of the last words I heard them say was “we are losing her”, even though at the time I did not really take it in.


Suddenly I felt myself dropping down to the floor and asking myself “why aren’t they picking me up from the floor?” and I was terrified as I watched my limp body on that table. I could see the doctor upon me trying to make me breathe, a nurse helping him by running to another room to fetch an instrument he needed, I was shocked that before returning to the operating theatre she realized she had made a mistake and went back to pick up the correct tool. In that precise moment, like metal to a magnet, I felt I was being pulled right up and the room was becoming ever smaller and smaller, further and further away, almost like it was being sealed inside a bubble.


I found myself in front of a white Light, it was warm and “alive”, it was not just a Light, more like a chorus of voices, and despite the white light being blinding, I could still look at it, I was mesmerized and enchanted by it, I felt a profound Love that was going right through me with those white rays. I do not believe there are human words that can describe it, just being there made me feel so free, as if an incredibly heavy backpack had just been lifted from my shoulders, the heavy backpack that I called Life. I no longer remembered who I was and why I was there, I did remember that I had lived, but it was as if it was not really important for me. I did not remember I had a family, and the worst was that I did not remember I had a 4 year old son. I knew I had returned “home”, the one and only true home I had come from: the source of that Love without prejudice, where you feel loved not because you feel special, but because you belong to Love, you are part of it.


From that white Light a shape began to appear, it looked like a Woman, in my mind it was the Madonna. She caressed my face and told me, without actually speaking, like through telepathy, “stop, it’s not your time. You have to go back, you still have a task to do”, I was so disappointed, I had absolutely no intention of returning, and besides, returning to what? At least in that place outside of time, I felt I was a part of it.


The Woman seemed to understand my thoughts, she repeated “you will return to this place, but before then you still have to meet a person, then you can return”. In that exact moment, I regained my memory of who I had been, of my 4 year old child who needed me.


That magnetic force returned to drag me away; I could see the bubble from which I had come beginning to increase in size, closer and closer. I opened my eyes, and I simply understood, as I observed the doctor’s exhilaration at seeing me open my eyes. I remember he even gave me an emotional peck because I had come back.


I learned that I was clinically dead for only three minutes, but for me Time did not exist.

I remember the nurse, I asked her if by any chance she had picked up the wrong tool, and she confirmed what I saw in those first moments.


It was like being reborn, with the added awareness from that moment of every day that I live: that I am Love, I am an integral part of Love. And perhaps the unborn baby I lost gave me the gift of this experience of Love that was beyond a life itself, it was eternity.





Note: this beautiful testimonial also contains a very precious element that I want to make sure you do not miss: After the NDE from Eben Alexander, a renowned doctor from Harvard, where they clinically proved that during his experience there was no sign of any electrical activity in his brain, now through Monica and the Sky we have another priceless aspect: that Monica’s NDE experience took place while she was not under any anesthesia. Therefore the NDE explanation can not be attributed (like some skeptics may say) to an abnormal cerebral electric activity, just in the same way as it is also not attributable (again as some doubters claim) to the anesthesia itself. If one of us has NDE experiences it is only because we are Spirit, a Spirit in a body, Spirit beyond the body, our true identity is of being a Spirit. This is what the Sky, Love, God are teaching us. An embrace to everyone from Sara Luce.


Life After Life NDE Experiences I Am Love I Belong To Him was told by Monica


Life After Life NDE Experiences I Am Love I Belong To Him


Life After Life NDE Experiences


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