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Proofs Of The Existence Of The Other Side

Proofs Of The Existence Of The Other Side And Of God


Proofs Of The Existence Of The Other Side : dear Sara Luce, ever since I was a little girl I had several paranormal experiences, including OBE, but only in recent years I started to understand what they were, I looked for information everywhere and I read a lot in order to understand why, since some of those experiences were painful to me, and at the time when those facts actually took place the suffering was even greater because at some point I even began to wonder if I was the cause of it.


Now I will tell you about one of my OBE experiences, I hope I will not bore you with it because I wish to give you all the details I remember.


This experience is about my father, he had passed away three months earlier, I should specify that when his death happened I was in hospital about to give birth, with high blood pressure and already dilated to 3 centimeters, it was my third child so they did not allow me to leave the hospital, not even for his funeral (I remember I had already lived this entire event 18 months prior in another OBE session)


Three months went by, my thoughts often went to my father, I was very close to him, one evening while I was in bed, the only place where I could truly relax and let my thoughts flow, I would speak to him, telling him that I would very much love to see where he was, to say hello to him, and know that he was all right, etc …


I fell asleep and I found myself as if I was floating on a dark fog, really thick fog, I was moving as if I was swimming through that fog, I was asking myself …. where am I, what am I doing here …., I did not feel my body but I knew it was me, I was a little scared because I could not understand and I was looking around me seeking answers, later I found myself floating, looking to my right I saw the entrance of a dark gallery (in the meantime the fog had cleared and it was lighter in shade) and so I thought … ah ah, there, I will go over there to wait for the fog to clear, just the act of thinking all this brought me over to that place, and I found myself being attracted to go toward the inside of the building, inside it was very dark but I could see a little bit, right after that I saw something coming toward me (I understood this later on), they were Souls, they did not have a body, it was as if I only saw their faces and their trunk down to the chest, but when they came closer to me, I could see their hands and arms, they were crying, they were desperate and were screaming for help, it was gut wrenching, I was very scared, I was trying to stay in the center and avoid them touching me, as I went further and further down the tunnel it became lighter and lighter, and the Souls around there were much more calm, then there was nothing, I kept going on because I could see a tiny little luminous point at the end of the tunnel, this point was becoming bigger and bigger, closer and closer, and its radiance was pulling me in, suddenly I saw my father arrive to my left, and one of his cousins who passed away one month after him, he was to my right.


My father told me: hello, what are you doing here – I was beside myself with happiness, I told him I came to see how he was doing, to see if he was well and if he was happy. He said yes, I could see he was doing very well, but he told me “you can not be here, you must go back”. In the meantime we had continued on into this white light, so radiant, indescribable, it was getting bigger and bigger. Then I told him that I did not want to go back, I wanted to stay there, because over there I felt very good, I wanted to stay with him, and that I was curious to keep going in the direction of that light, to see where it came from (I felt such a peace deep down inside, a serenity that I can not describe, I felt fulfilled, happy, nothing was important to me, in that moment nothing was of interest to me, I thought of nothing else, I felt separated from everything that is material.


Despite the light being very bright it was not bothersome, I could look at it very easily. From where we were, you could see on the right of the tunnel a hole (you could only see the inside border) as if it was an exit, or a link to another tunnel, it was all luminous, you could only see this white light, radiant, iridescent, from there the light entered the tunnel where I was standing, flooding it with light.


At that point my father and his cousin literally stopped me in my track by standing in front of me, my father said: “stop, now you can’t go any further, if you go there you can’t go back anymore” He probably read my mind because we were communicating with the mind, and I did not want to stop there, so he added: “you have to go back, it’s not your time yet, you have your children at home who are waiting for you, they need you, your newborn girl needs you, they all need you”. Feeling resigned, I thought that I had to go all the way back there, go through all those desperate souls, and I felt afraid. And so he told me not to be afraid, “we will accompany you up to a certain point, then you will stand right in the center, like you did before, and you will see that nothing will happen to you.


And so it was, they accompanied me, when we reached the point where we met earlier, my father told me: “Well, now we have to stop here, we can not continue further, you have to go alone, don’t be afraid, stay in the center and you will see that nothing will happen to you” I said goodbye and, watchful and quite a bit anxious, I reached the exit of the tunnel once again, fluctuating in the fog, at the beginning it was light in color and then darker and darker … I was thinking … I have to go back, I have to go back …. and suddenly I found myself in my body, I woke up with my heart beating furiously.


This was a fantastic experience; despite the fact that it happened many years ago, I still remember it as if it just happened to me. Needless to say that from that moment on, having received such an important proof of the existence of the Other Side and of God, I started to work on myself to improve my own person, every now and then I fall back, but I do my best.


Now I am reading on your website the experiences of other people, and the letters you receive from the Sky, they help me understand and eliminate some doubts that I had. My dear Sara Luce, I hope this experience may too be of help to someone.


Proofs Of The Existence Of The Other Side And Of God was told by Rosanna


Proofs Of The Existence Of The Other Side And Of God


Proofs Of The Existence Of The Other Side


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