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What is there after death

What is there after death Adventure in the other dimension


What is there after death : the protagonist of this pre-death experience is Nicole Dron, a French lady who, in 1968, then a 26 year old young woman, experienced an adventure in the other dimension; Nicole Dron was one of the very first people ever to describe her experience, and did so back in 1978, facing what at the time was certain ridicule and disbelief, over time, she was able to overcome her fears and any resistance, and she agreed to tell her story to the television and radio media, as well as holding conferences on the subject.


“Everything happened in 1968. Three weeks following the birth of my second child I had a serious hemorrhage. I was rushed to hospital. During the surgery (hysterectomy) there was a second, aggressive hemorrhage. I was later told that my heart actually stopped beating for about 45 seconds, with a flat ECG line. During those 45 seconds, I lived an instant of eternity!


First of all, I remember seeing myself at the same height as the ceiling. There I was, with all my thoughts, my emotions, my impressions, with everything that constitutes my profound being. I was becoming aware of being able to see all sides at the same time, but above all I was feeling a new and indescribable feeling: that of existing outside of my own physical body. I assure you that being outside of yourself is a shocking experience. I realized I was just the tenant of my body that was spread on the operating table. I looked at it, and it was not pretty. I was pale as death, I had tubes coming out of my nose and mouth, I was definitely not in good shape. Which did not really matter anymore, because that body was not me, it was simply just a vehicle. I heard the surgeon shout “She is slipping away from me!” These words were confirmed to me a month later by the nurse who assisted with the surgery.


I did not float in that operating room for a long time, I started thinking of my husband and my father in law who were in the waiting room. As my thought went to them, I instantly found myself right there, next to them. I was aware that I could go through walls. Everything seemed so natural, only afterward I asked myself how I managed to do that! How could I have gone through walls and found myself in the waiting room, when I did not even know where it was located?


I noticed that in the waiting room there were no chairs, which my husband confirmed to me time later. I could see my husband and his father pacing the room up and down, and I was trying to manifest myself to them, but to no avail. They could not see me. I could not understand what was going on, I felt some kind of desperation set in, I was not able to communicate with the people I loved. Trying to make my presence felt, I put my hand (of this thinner body in which I found myself) on the shoulder of my father in law, and my hand went right through his body!


At the same time, however, I was realizing something else: that I could penetrate everything that existed. I never lost the notion of “being myself”, however, I had the impression that I occupied more space, and I found myself inside my husband’s heart. I knew all his thoughts, even the essence of his being, his value as a human being. The same thing happened with my father in law: my in-laws lost their first born child when he was 25: the young man drowned in an attempt to save a friend. Consequently, they concentrated all their love on their second and only other child, who was 14 years old at the time. When their son became my husband, I had the impression that I was taking their son away from them, and I thought that they did not love me for who I am, but only to the extent of my capacity to make their son happy. And this made me suffer. And now, now that I could read my father in law’s heart, I noticed all the compassion and all the affection that he felt for me, I was able to see beyond my projections.


Time later, I found myself in an abyss of shadows, of silence. I was alone in the world, in an endless nothing, and I would have given everything to hear a noise or see something. I do not know how long this went on for. Perhaps it was just a fraction of a second? Time did not exist. I thought: “Here we are then, you are dead!”. And despite that, I was not dead, because I existed. I remembered a phrase that had been taught to me at an after church class when I was a little girl “We live until the end of time, until the final resurrection”. In that context, the idea of living in that nothingness and that darkness seemed intolerable.


Something inside me asked for help, and I saw a light far away. From that very moment I was no longer alone in the world. I was projected at an incredible speed toward that Light, and as I got closer, the Light became even bigger until it occupied the entire space around me. The darkness turned to brightness, I immediately sensed some presences around me, without even seeing them, but above all I was beginning to feel the birth of such an infinite joy in my heart, a joy a thousand times larger than all the joys I could have experimented on earth.


And so I entered that Light. There are no words over there… This light was also an ocean of love, but a love that is pure, that offers without asking for anything, a sun-love, and I  too was love. I was immersed in an ocean of love, loved for who I was, far away from all the worries and the troubles of life on earth! I no longer had a grasping of time and space, but I was aware that I was, I had always been there. I understood I was a particle of this light, and that I was eternal. In that fullness and in that immense peace I understood the meaning of the words: “I am”. It was as if, while remaining myself, I had become everything and I regained my real nature. I found my lost homeland. I had become love and I was the life. What can I do, my God, to share this experience? If every one of us could live this experience if only for just a moment, there would no longer be any misery, violence and war on this planet.


In that light I saw a luminous young man. My heart filled up with you because I recognized my brother. When I was 11 years old, my parents lost a child, he was 7 months old. I adored that little bundle of love, I was his little mother. After his death my parents and I lived through that suffering so well expressed by the words of Victor Hugo: “Only one creature is missing, and everything becomes desert”. But now he was in front of me, alive! And I was happy, so very happy! I found myself in his arms. He was solid, and so was I. We communicated with our thoughts and emotions, and I “told” him: “How happy mum and dad would be to see you!”


He told me that he had always followed us and accompanied us in our lives, and I understood that the ties of love never die. How did I even know with such certainty that he was my brother? Clearly there is a huge difference between the physical characteristic of a baby and those of a teenager. And yet, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was him. I think it was a case of souls recognizing each other ….


I also met my husband’s brother, Jacques, whom I had only seen on photographs. I was both surprised and happy to see that he loved me and that he knew who I was. He showed me the circumstances of his passing away and how much his parents suffered, especially my mother in law. I thought to myself that I hoped I would never have to go through such a thing in my life.


I also met some beings that I had never seen on earth. And yet I knew them and I felt such immense joy at seeing them again. They read me like an open book and I would have loved to only show them positive sides of myself. I knew that these beings accompany and guide me in my life.


All of these encounters took place in a setting that was flooded with light, beauty and peace. I was in a wonderful garden, nature was magnificent. The grass was greener than grass on earth, there were other flowers, other colors, the sounds would transform into colors. Everything created harmony, such a unity that it made me understand the sacred nature of life. Everything lived, a simple blade of grass would fascinate me because in it I could see molecules of life, I saw their interior light. Then I thought that beyond the human suffering that we feel whenever people that we love die, we should actually rejoice knowing that they have found their Life again.


I relived my life in reverse, from my 26 years right up to my birth. Next to me there was a Creature of Light, a creature that my heart recognized. I could not describe the radiance and the force of love that it emanated. I noticed afterward that it even had a great sense of humor. I heard his voice, it seemed to come from the bottom of the universe, a voice both powerful and sweet at the same time. A voice made of strength and of love, and it asked me: “How did you love, and what did you do for others?” I immediately understood the importance of the question. At the same time I had a vision of a multitude of creatures with their arms up to the sky, with begging expressions. I knew that those creatures were suffering and I could perceive their suffering. What had I done for them? I had not been a bad person, but I had not really done anything special either. The question that had been asked of me requested, to use the words of Emerson, “To do all the goodness that exists inside the individual”, and I now understood that to do this you needed a lot of love. I also required growth, transformation, which in turn would have helped others change. I felt then that the humanity is really just one single creature, where it appears we are all interdependent of one another for our progress and our survival. I started to feel a new responsibility within me. Understanding all this, so simple in its appearance, continues to deepen over time.


My entire life was right there, with all my joys, the expectations, hopes, sufferings that all made up my life. I found once again the emotions that I felt when I was a little girl, I rediscovered certain moments of my life that I had forgotten, I reviewed all the motivations that I had felt over the years: it is not possible to hide anything, everything is written in the big book of life. It was shocking, because during that review session I was at the same time the person reviewing every situation with all those emotions that came with it, and at the same time I was also the other side of myself, the one who did not feel emotions and that was only pure wisdom, love and justice. This pure light, this other side of me was evaluating my life and was making every little thing very clear to me. I understood all my psychological mechanisms, I saw how they functioned, I saw my limitations, my shortfalls and many other much more subtle things that to date I am still not able to translate into words. I took conscience of the good and bad that I had done without even realizing the repercussions that my actions and thoughts would have had over myself and also on the people around me. I realized what the people whom I helped felt, and also the people whom I had been unpleasant with.


This immense conscience evaluates our lives following a criteria of absolute love and wisdom, and we notice our shortfalls, our miseries and weaknesses. Then we begin to regret the time spent seeking false values and we regret not having really lived. This gaining awareness also accompanies our compassion for ourselves because we also discover how our ignorance, our fear, our conditioning, our weaknesses have pushed us away from what we are in reality, from what we could have achieved in life.


They showed me my life after my return on earth. First of all, however, I was asked if I wished to stay there, or return to life on earth. My soul wanted to stay there, but I was also thinking of my two children who needed their mum. I was also told that once I would return on earth I would necessarily forget many of the things that I had experienced. Despite my desire to cement all my discoveries in my mind, I do know that many of them have vanished: I could only bring back with me only crumbs of it, and that made me sad. When I say “they showed me”, “they told me”, I mean that I would receive this information from a being (for example my brother) or from the great light. It was as if I was in a classroom without professors.


And so I saw my children grow up, and how I was proud of them. I could see that my in laws and my grandmother would depart this earth almost in the same period, and that two of them would leave exactly three weeks apart, which startled me. My father in law and my grandmother left us 13 years after I had this experience, exactly three weeks from one another, and my mother in law died the following year …. I had revealed this information to my husband and my parents and they were left very perturbed by it.


I know I have been told many things, but I forgot them. I was told that God was the strength, the life and movement, that life existed everywhere in the universe, that when I will die I will not be asked which religion, philosophy or race I belonged to, but how I loved and what I did for others, because the only important thing is the internal quality of the individual.


I was also told that everything that went toward the direction of unity was positive, and that my life, when compared to eternity, corresponded to the amount it takes to bat our eyelids in our own lives.


I was also shown the future of humanity. I saw that our earth would be the subject of major restructuring and that we would be going through some tough challenges, great tribulations, because we had such an advanced technology, so much science, but little fraternity and wisdom. It was also shown to me what was threatening to happen if we did not change. I insist on the “if” because it is a determining factor.


I was told that we were almost like standing at a cross roads, and that nothing was unavoidable, everything depended on our capacity to love and to act with wisdom. I sensed the extreme urgency for the individual and collective transformation of our planet, and the necessity to install peace and tolerance inside ourselves and around us, to live in harmony and in respect for everything that lives.


I also see that I had already lived on this earth. I was shown small pieces of other lives and the thread that tied all of them together. I was told that we keep returning on this earth until we acquire sufficient love and wisdom: it’s just a question of evolution. In the state I found myself in, I found everything very logic and obvious. Later, when I returned to my body, this memory turned out to be a fundamental factor in my life; in any case, I am firmly convinced that this concept of “future lives” should not generate discussions, in the sense that it is not important to make it your own belief or a conviction, but simply to change. In absolute terms, beyond time and space, there is nothing but life, the Great Life …. but in our dimension, limited by space and time, we take consciousness of only one segment, only one part of this life that flows between birth and death, and we think that this tiny little life is everything we need to know. It’s not like this.


In addition, I was told that the Christ would return on earth and that his return was imminent. However, I no longer remember if it will be an entity like the Christ that will incarnate on earth, or if it will be in the form of this great conscience, this great life that flows inside us like a potential that needs to be reawakened to the Christ dimension; all I know is that I cried because I understood that the only thing that could save us was his arrival.


The Christ, as I understood over the course of my experience (I certainly do not claim to have understood everything about his mystery), represented in its fullness in life in everything that exists, is our conscience, love and life, and it manifests totally in the human being and in the humanity freed from his human miseries. Christ does not belong to any religion, because he is inside the heart of each person, he is the fullness of God inside humans. I was emotional, I understood that the only thing that will save us from ourselves and will avoid wars, catastrophes and calamities will be the reawakening of this dimension of Christ inside each one of us.


I also remember that I had been proceeding from a level to another level, from stage on to the next stage. I had the impression of penetrating deeply into my conscience that was manifesting itself through a lucidity and an interior understanding that were constantly growing. I then found myself in a city of light, of gold and precious gems, the glory of glories.


I felt transported and lifted to a higher level. I then understood much more profoundly the meaning of the 26 years that I had spent on earth and what I had done with this opportunity. They also showed me that in the remainder of my life on earth I was going to experience many tests and suffering. I saw myself crying many times and I asked the reason for these sufferings. I was told that I had accepted this before I was even born, because this was going to ultimately help me grow. I then prayed that I would receive all the experiences and necessary tests to reach the final goal over the course of just one life, because I no longer wanted to go back there on earth. I realized that hell was actually on earth, and I was ready for the biggest sufferings and biggest sacrifices in order not to have to return there ever again. However, they made me understand that it was not possible to load me my shoulders with more than I could actually bear.


You could think it was extravagant or against nature to desire something like this. Thank God, I am not a masochist, I love life, but when I was in that sublime state of conscience, all I had was one desire: to reach the objective as soon as possible, so I could melt with that splendor. On earth we turn against each other, there is suffering and diseases. But “on the other side” you understand the reason for all this, and you see the results, and everything becomes clear.


I then saw a beautiful being coming toward me. It is impossible for me to say whether it was a man or a woman, because it was at the same time masculine and feminine. I had the impression I knew him, ever since the day of creation, and I wanted to melt with him. I told Him: “I want to unite with you forever …” And in that moment I realized the fact that the being was actually me, but it was me at the end of time, when I would be completely evolved. That was a great lesson in humility for me, because I measured the entire journey that I would still have to live to become what I could see in front of me …. I realized that Time was simply the distance that was separating me from myself. My inability to live the fullness of what I am attracts the experiences that are necessary to acquire what I lack.


My brother and I said goodbye. He suggested that I do not share my experiences when I woke back up again, and to wait 17 years before I started giving testimonials of this, because before then my words would simply have been considered a trauma due to the shock from surgery.


I do not remember having left my body, but I do remember going back in, going through the head and squeezing myself into it like you do with a sock. The fullness I had felt vanished, the freedom disappeared, also the sensation of being one and everything at the same time ended right there. You go back into your own body like you would climb into a box. You forget that others are part of ourselves and they are us, and so we hurt each other …..


They made me wake back up really quickly. When I woke up I could hear a sublime music, an infinite symphony, of a sweetness that melted my heart. I subsequently attempted to find that music again by searching through sacred and classical music records, but to no avail. Behind that music there was a sense of completeness, infinite peace, fullness, a knowledge that I would have loved to keep forever inside me. I took with me a particle of eternity and the sensation that I had understood everything. Everything was perfect ….


When I woke back up again, so did my pain (I had a big cut along my abdomen) and the entire experience became less sharp in my memory. I could not hold it. I could all but conserve an infinitesimal part of it in my memory. Ever since then, however, I do know that love is the secret of life, the secret of God and even that God is this splendid and wonderful Light, and at the same time the energy that impregnates the universe. I believe in a religion without frontiers, the religion of love in the heart of every human being and that, beyond the dogmas, leads man to evolve from larvae to a butterfly”.



What is there after death Adventure in the other dimension was told by Nicole Dron


What is there after death Adventure in the other dimension


What is there after death


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