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The Other Side Does Exist

The Other Side Does Exist I Believe In God And In Life Beyond Life


The Other Side Does Exist : dear Sara Luce, like other people, I stumbled upon your website by accident, already aware of the fact that nothing happens by accident; I have always believed in another life after our lives, I have faith, I love my God and I am deeply devoted to my adored Saint Giuseppe, from whom I have received many graces that people would call impossible.


Ever since I was small I had strange experiences that really scared me, to date I am still easily scared, but I shall touch on this later on. Now I would like to tell you something that is dear to me, and that pertains my father. I shall explain that I am the second of three daughters, I was not very much loved by my parents since I was a ‘surprise’, I closed up inside myself and I told myself “You don’t want me, and so I shall be fine by myself”, however I did miss my father’s affection very much.


He passed away when he was 61 due to a bad illness, and while everyone was disappearing, I stayed very close to him, I wanted an embrace from him so badly, which never came. As I was aware of a life after our lives, I was waiting until the time I could dream of him.


One morning I was still in bed, as always my husband brings me the coffee in bed, then he gets ready to go to work, I was still in my bed, and I heard the door close, my husband had left, the shutters of my room were still closed, in the room there was only the light that came from the hallway, and suddenly I heard my name being called …. Franca …. I turned to look at the door, and I saw my father coming toward me, and a moment later I found myself sitting in my fathers’ lap on the bed, I embraced him and I asked him if the loved me, he told me yes, but he was a little vague, he told me that he has a lot to do, he works, he has some tasks to do, I certainly asked many other things, but when the Spirit returned inside my body, I could only remember a few things, but I can guarantee you that I was perfectly conscious.


I told my sisters what had happened, they did not believe me, but I know it is all true.


Other times my Spirit attempted to leave my body, but since I am so afraid, whenever I feel that it is about to happen I start to recite the Our Father, and everything returns to normal, I have so many things I could tell you, but I shall save them for another time, now my biggest desire is to know the name of my Guardian Angel, so I can have a friend with whom I can talk to and call by name, a true friend, someone who can hide with me inside my bubble.


An embrace to everyone


The Other Side Does Exist I Believe In God And In Life Beyond Life was told by Francesca




The Other Side Does Exist I Believe In God And In Life Beyond Life


The Other Side Does Exist


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