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Near Death Experiences With Father Pio

Near Death Experiences The Meeting With Father Pio The Healing


Near Death Experiences With Father Pio : here I am Sara Luce, to tell you about my experience, it was 1996, I had a sharp pain in my belly, I went to the doctor, they admitted me instantly and I underwent surgery; the first attempt with the surgery was not successful; the second one also failed; on the third surgery they removed my fallopian tubes, one ovary and part of the uterus. It was peritonitis of the ovaries; during the night I had an internal blood clot, high fever, the following morning I was supposed to undergo surgery again but the blood poisoning was already established; during the night I was delirious and I wanted to die, the pain did not leave me alone, at some point I saw a priest, sitting on my bed, and I was asking myself what he was doing there since I am not a believer, then I realized that, since I was about to die, he must have come here to give me my last blessing.


He was speaking with a Neapolitan accent, I am from the Veneto region, I thought “I don’t even understand what he is saying” … then the two of us were not even inside the hospital anymore, I was on a hill, with a white light, warm, engulfing, it’s difficult to describe it, around us many people were dressed in white, with tunics, and I felt full of peace, Love, and my pains had vanished.


We were speaking through our thoughts, he told me that I had to go back, but I did not want to, he told me that it was not time yet, and that my children were waiting for me. At a certain point everything melted around me, and I found myself in the hospital room, then I gained consciousness and I got scared. I started to scream, the nurses ran to my room, but I did not have the courage to tell them what had just happened to me, I thought I was going crazy … in the meantime the pains started to calm down, and my fever broke, I fell asleep.


The following day they came to take me to the operating room, but from the ultrasound it showed that the blood clot had been completely reabsorbed, the infection was lessening, and the surgery never took place.


I told them the story, and they called me the miracle girl, since blood poisoning is a fatal condition. Later on I discovered that the priest was Father Pio, and a year later I went to his grave to thank him.


Then other things also happened to me, powerful things, and from that moment I began my journey, it’s been a few years now, every day they speak to me from the Sky, they help me, and I try to also help those who have lost hope ….


Near Death Experiences The Meeting With Father Pio The Healing was told by our Catia


Near Death Experiences With Father Pio The Healing


Near Death Experiences With Father Pio


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