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Experiences of Near Death And Contact

Experiences of Near Death And Contact With The Other Side


Experiences of Near Death And Contact : today I will share with all of you this splendid experience of near death and of Contact with the other side that I was allowed to read; hello Francesca, I am Betty and I am writing from the town of Perugia Italy, I know your website and I always read it avidly, also the stuff about the other side, and by the time I will have shared my story you will understand why I tell you that, when I read the messages that arrive to you from the other side of the veil, it feels a bit like home, the home to which we all go back to, and that I have had the fortune and the grace to visit for a little while, and to then return to tell you a little “piece” of it.


Yes, I too, just like many people in the world, have had a near death experience, more specifically I “died” for a few minutes, I found myself on the Other side, and then, with much regret, I was sent back in order to share my extraordinary “dialogue” that I had with the most loving, sweet, wise, compassionate creature that ever existed. However, believe me, human words simply can not describe the infinite quality of that Creature that for me is the same that we people call God, Infinite, Omnipotent, and All-Knowing.


I had already been meaning to write to you for a while, but then my reluctance to describe such a personal experience, the fear of facing so many prejudices that unfortunately are still there with regard to stories like mine, even though by now the entire world knows of them, these things always managed to stop me. Tonight I decided that I can no longer keep to myself what wad told to me, that the message is truly too precious and important to limit it to my own knowledge, and then what would be the good of something of that level of greatness for just one person?


Just like you share freely and joyously the messages that the Spirits of Love donate to you from the sky, so I also decided it would be fair to find the courage to do the same, since a message was indeed given to me too , even if for the moment I don’t feel confident enough to use my real name yet. Following your example, exposing yourself so courageously, putting yourself at the service of this great celestial mission, I decided to tell for the first time to people outside my family circle what happened to me one night in December three years ago.


I am a woman who is over forty, not married, no children, I still live with my mother who is a widow, I work as a clerk in a public service office, my life has always been very bland, sharing my time between work, home, looking after my mother who has been suffering from depression for years. Busy with all of these commitments I never had the time to think of God, or even only those questions that we commonly refer to as “the great questions about our existence”. I lived staying at the surface of things, day after day, week after week, with some vacations here and there to break the routine, and sometimes going out on a Saturday night with my friends. Very boring, as I said, and the few love stories that I did have all ended eventually, with nothing good or bad to say about them.


However, on the 12 December of 2011, a hefty presence inside me that I did not even know was there, exploded inside my brain, catapulting into chaos my small life made of small certainties and a lot of indifference for my soul, a soul that right up until then I did not even know I had. I had an aneurism. A sudden and extremely intense headache grabbed me while I was in the kitchen doing something, I do not remember what, and then the final excruciating fit of pain, it was intolerable, I remember just a few flashes, my mother screaming, foreign faces looking down at me, distant noises, as if they were muffled, and then, I am not sure when, the memory of “me” floating against what seemed to be a crusty and discolored ceiling.


I realized it was a ceiling because as I looked around me I saw around me, on the left, a large neon sign, or something similar. Just like as if it had been the most natural thing on earth, I “turned around” (I was in a horizontal position) so I was with my belly down, and I saw a little bed on which my body was laying, a lot of white uniforms rushing around that body, I heard one of them was screaming with a cussword to a nurse and I thought that all that rushing was senseless, I felt perfectly well, the pain in the head had disappeared and I had never felt this good in my whole life.


I felt “whole”, I don’t know how to explain it, I had my entire body and still I did not realize how it was possible that I was observing myself from that position, that nobody from down there could see me, attached to the ceiling. I though that, since I had to undergo surgery, that they were going to cut my hair, the hair I was so proud of, and in that moment I thought about my hair I found myself right next to my own face, on the same level, I looked at myself without recognizing me, all I knew was that I did not care at all what they were going to do to my hair or to that body, it was not my problem, I was perfectly fine.


Then, suddenly, I found myself outside that room, I do not remember if I was in an erect position or still horizontal, also because I had very little awareness of my body, I felt like a little dot. I was inside a luminous and warm fog, made of many luminous dots, and suddenly that fog turned into a dark tunnel in which I slipped at an alarming speed. I felt a muffled sound, like the noise from a jet plane, but I was not afraid, I was calm, and the light I could see at the end of that thick darkness that made up the tunnel was so incredibly beautiful and warm!


I found myself right in it, in that light, in a heartbeat, and I was ecstatic, for lack of better words, believe me, I was happy and fulfilled, I knew that I belonged to that place and that it was my natural destination, I was in a safe place, the light was so resplendent that I was afraid it would hurt my eyes but I immediately realized that I could look at it without any fear, even if it was shining more than a thousand suns put together.


It was an ocean of absolute love, compassion, perfect beauty, I was floating into it and I felt waves of love and light going right through me and bringing me joy, happiness, and love. Believe me, there is nothing in the universe that will ever make you want to leave that ocean of loving light, not only that, there is nothing else outside of It, there is only total awareness that over there you have everything you can possibly desire, everything that makes us whole, what keeps us alive and nourishes from deep inside.


Ecstasy, yes, I believe this is the right word for what I felt during those seemingly endless moments. It’s true, up there one moment is like eternity, time is a concept without any meaning, we forget ourselves, we only melt into that powerful river of love and beatitude.


“Betty”, I heard calling this name that sounded vaguely familiar to me, I barely managed to realize that it was a human voice, male, sweet and full of love, a love that is alive, that surrounded me, I can’t really describe it…. “Betty”, it repeated sweetly, almost as if wanting to retrieve me from that river of love and life.


I found myself sitting on what I could describe as the bank of a “river” made of brilliance of sounds, I don’t know how I got there, all I know is that all the scenes of my life began to replay right in front of me, randomly, without a chronological order, all in one moment, I could see everything, from every point of view, even feeling the sensations and the emotions of the people the formed part of those scenes in my life, people I had met and got to know in the day to day reality of my life.


I found out, through an unbearable pain, how many times I was indifferent to the pain of others …. and I did not even realize it!! Suddenly a magnificent and powerful Being was next to me, he seemed to protect me from my very own anguish while I was watching scenes that I would have preferred to erase from my life.


The Light that surrounded me was making me understand what is the Love of the sky, it illuminated that extraordinary scene and from It I could sense a question without even any words, the question left a deep mark in my memory: “Are you happy with the life you have lived? Do you think you gave enough love?  Do you think you have given enough of what I donated to you?” An enormous “No” rose from the bottom of my own essence, and in that “No” was also all my shame …. I felt unworthy to stay there, all my life had resurfaced to my own conscience, I felt full of shame and I understood that over there I could get some help, some answers, even if by now those answers did not have much meaning any more, since I no longer lived on earth.


A question came from a profound part of my being, of my shame and my human indifference: “My God, why do so many people suffer on earth, why are there diseases, pain, poverty, if you can donate all this to everyone?” … it almost sounded like I was blaming him for our own shortcomings, our selfishness, what a pity, and what a shame! .... almost as if in that question there was the justification for my indifference toward the pain of my other brothers on earth!


I don’t know if I will be able to make you understand this, but it seemed like that question was generated inside me by the very Light itself … and so I was shown an episode of my life that I would have preferred to forget, I saw it very clearly, I was experiencing at the same time both my own feelings but also those of the person who, on that occasion, had come to me …. she was a coworker who had recently divorced, with two small children, I had always seen her live a very comfortable life, or at least this is what I thought, she was pretty, confident, she looked like she had never had any particular problems. She always smiled and she was never sad, tired, or unhappy. However, one day she had come to me with tears in her eyes, she told me her story of debt and financial ruin caused by the vices of her ex husband, a story of concealed suffering behind smiles, of fears and deprivation, to the point of no return. To avoid confiscation she had come to me for a loan for a few thousand euros, she would have been left almost with no furniture in her house and she was telling this to me through her tears; however, probably due my feeling a veiled envy for the life that she appeared to have lived right up to that moment, her two splendid children, I told her, and this was a lie, that I could not help her. I saw her leaving with her head hanging low, and I am afraid to say that I almost felt a subtle sensation of revenge …. my God, what a horrible woman I was! Horrible!


The Light seemed to send me an even greater love, I would have given my life to be able to go back and give the money to that colleague, and to seek every poor person of the world to be able to help them, every sick person to be able to support them ….”Where is a poor or a needy person now?” I kept asking myself this question with an enormous sense of powerlessness inside, I was humiliated …. that’s when the truth came to me like a revelation: every suffering person is actually giving us the opportunity to make us holy, every sick person, every poor person, they give us the grace to be able to do some good, this way, when we do revisit our life, we can show God the good that we did, however little, instead of feeling ashamed of ourselves, or at least feel a little less shame.


The Light never accused me, never humiliated me, it was myself that was doing the judging and, in front of all that oceanic Love, my misery appeared even more squalid. A great truth had been given to me, to bring back with me: without learning to have sensibility toward other suffering people on earth, and without our support for them, without acquiring the capacity for compassion for the pain that is around us, none of us could possibly bear all that celestial Love that is absolute beatitude. Nobody. We would be overwhelmed by it if God Himself, in His infinite mercy, had not donated to us the ability to perceive it and to be able to enjoy it through our capacity for compassion and love toward others. It is worth living and dying just to be able to be immersed in that Love, even if for a microsecond, believe me.


The pain and suffering of brothers is a great road that has been donated to us, to us and to them, to be able one day to have something to offer to God as an act of goodness and selflessness, like a sign of understanding of that brotherhood that unites all men beyond every barrier of culture, of color, of religion.


Just before finding myself once again in my bed, suffering from the greatest pain from having left that place of delights, I remember having begged God screaming out loud to let me go back to my old life, to seek every poor, every needy brother standing at the corner of the road, and I told him that I understood that now all I could have done for them will end up being the most precious treasure to offer to Him. It was like enlightenment.


Before an authoritative hand suddenly, without consulting with me, pushed me right back into my bruised and painful body, I asked forgiveness to my coworker, I asked her in that place, in front of the infinite Light … I remember that was the last thing I did in that world of wonder and beauty.


I healed quickly, even if the nostalgia for that place never left me, and it will keep staying with me until the last of my days here, when I will be able to go back there for good.


When I felt better I looked for my coworker, I asked for her forgiveness also here on earth, she looked at me without understanding, of course, but she told me she understood, and in the end it was almost her that was consoling me, well, life is really strange indeed …. now when I meet two eyes looking for help without speaking, I try to give what I can and even more, I console the solitude of the elderly who are alone or sick, maybe I just donate words, but I do donate them … and I have never been this happy in my life on this earth, obviously, because the happiness you experience up there is not even remotely comparable to the very poor imitation of it that is the earthly version of happiness, destined to end with time, and transform into something else.


And in this prayer to you, brothers who are reading this, I, very humbly, beg you: while you still have time, cure every pain you find on your journey, donate every spare change you can, give as many caresses as you can, dry every tear you can, help pick up every man who falls, being all the peace you can, all the compassion that you are capable of! This is the only truly appreciated treasure by the infinite Light that is God, and that one day you will be able to donate to Him.


Experiences of Near Death And Contact With The Other Side was told by our Betty


Experiences of Near Death And Contact With The Other Side


Experiences of Near Death And Contact


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