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Experiences Of The Tunnel Of Light

Experiences Of The Tunnel Of Light And Of Life With The Angels


Experiences Of The Tunnel Of Light : dearest Sara Luce, let me introduce myself, my name is Aurora, I am 60 years old, I am married with two splendid girls, and I am also a happy grandmother to two ten-year old grandchildren; about three years ago I started using the computer and one day while surfing the internet I discovered your site; I always read what you make available for us, your love-filled life lived with the Angels is something that is somewhat similar to mine; let me tell you about it, describing briefly all my experiences lived with my Angels and, with joy, I can assure you that they are very special experiences to me.


I come from a large family, 11 children, my mother was sick with a tumor by the age of 38, my dad decided to put all of us siblings in a boarding school, myself and my sister went to an all-girl boarding school, the rest of my brothers in a male establishment; when I was six years old I started having my first apparitions: a small child, always at my side, was cheering me up and we would play together, and he would talk to me sweetly, especially in those moments when I missed my mum; let me explain that our nun did love us and cuddle us, she had a soft spot for my little sister and I, more than the other little orphans that were in the same place as us; whenever I was sad my Angel would speak to me and ask me “Would you like your mum?”… and I would answer “I miss my mum, can you tell mum to come”… and like magic my mum would show up in the main room to visit us, even if it was not a scheduled day for visits; back then in boarding schools there was a strict rule, 2 hours every 15 days, and no-one could visit the orphans if not during a pre-determined day of visitation, without exceptions, however, just like a miracle, my sister and I would see our mum.


And so for long years I had the joy of having a little Angel with me, until I was about 12 years old, and then we left the boarding school, our mum got better and was healthy again; she spent 10 years in a center for tumors until one day my Angel told me that mum would soon come home and that soon our lives would be more full of joy with our mum; it was the 7th of June 1965, we were twelve, we went through the school break holidays and finally we were back home with all of my brothers forever.


In 1968 my father decided to leave sweet Sicily to go to the Lombardy region, the town of Como to be precise, they were tough years, but with the help from God I can say that we adapted very well; in Como my brothers, my twin sister and I found jobs, and our lives in Lombardy were satisfying in every sense: work, money, fun; I can say that Como had become my second home land, and I thank God for having given us the possibility for this change in our lives.


In the meantime my Angel would give me advice, would push me with my job and in my everyday life, he was such a great friend to me, I could not be without him. I lived in a beautiful little town called Blevio, for those who know lake Como, this was on the lake shore that went all the way to Bellagio, it was a little town of 4,000 souls, where everyone knew everyone and people would exchange little chit chat, joking and laughing, they were good people.


One afternoon in July, together with my little sister, I went to the lake shore to sunbathe, stretching on the little wall, there were young men swimming in the water; my Angel told me “Aurora, go and help, help a little child, he is in danger” I turned around, I looked but I did not see anything unusual, so I laid down once again to catch some sun and I then heard a “Help, help”, it was barely audible, I jumped to my feet and I saw a little boy who was drowning, I did not hesitate, I dove in and grabbed him by the hair, had I waited a few moments later he would have sunk into the abyss of dark lake waters …. saved, he was saved because my Angel had forewarned me of the danger.


Ten years went by, my Angel always by my side, always with much sweetness he would give me advice, we would pray together every day. In 1975 I got married, one night my Angel told me “A pretty girl is on her way, you will see, everything will go well, just tend to your little girl, now I will leave, but one day I will return to you”. I woke up all shaken, I could no longer hear or see my Angel, that day was the worst day of my life, I was crying non-stop, I could not believe that my Angel would abandon me like that; days came and went, but my thoughts were always to my Angel.


September arrived, my little girl arrived, everything went well, she was a splendid little girl, she grew up well, a very sweet girl, I can say that she looks identical to my Angel, the same sensibility, the same body posture, well, what can I say, an Angel.


Seven years went by, one night I dreamt of my Angel, leaning against the rail of my home, he called me and said “A gift is on its way for you”. I festively ran toward him but he disappeared, all I could hear was “I will be there, from far away but I will be there”, I woke up drenched in sweat, for the following few days I kept thinking of my Angel …. what could he mean with that? A gift, but what kind of gift, what could it possibly be?


In January of 1982 the good news arrived: my second child was on the way, the months came and went, my husband and I were thrilled at the arrival of our second child, a boy, we were happy and joyous, our first child was also happy to welcome her little brother.


On the sixth month of pregnancy I woke up with extremely strong pain in my lower belly, I woke up my husband and in tears I told him I was in pain, we got ready and he took me to the hospital, I got ready for the visit and I saw dark blood, I started to become agitated, I was crying, I was screaming “I don’t feel my baby anymore”, inside myself I could feel that he was dead, I was beside myself, they sedated me and kept me out of it, I could just about make out some voices where the doctor would say “let’s save the mother”, I was confused and disoriented, I saw that I was underneath some powerful reflector lights shining on me, then darkness …. suddenly I saw myself above, in the air, flying in the room, looking rather nonchalantly at my body where the doctors, all around me, were frantically trying to save me; they were shouting “We are losing her, there is no heart beat”, I did not even turn around to look, and I kept going on my flight.


I found myself floating in a tunnel of a white and yellow light, a warm vortex was making me slide into this tunnel, there was God with an open book, the pages of my life were flowing; at the end of the tunnel I found myself in an immense field, it was beautiful, full of flowers, all colors, there was an Angel dressed in white to welcome me, with a lot of children all around him, he was saying “Children let’s go to give our welcome to a young mother who has just arrived”, but as soon as they saw me the Angel dressed in white told me “My sweet girl, this is not yet time for you to be here, go back to your young girl and your husband down there, they are waiting for you with much joy”, I did not really want to go back, so I said no “Wait for me, let me come with you”, but they turned their backs on me and resumed their joyful life.


I found myself in the hospital bed again, I was crying, when I woke up I was looking for my little boy; then the doctor told me that they could not save my boy, and that they were barely able to save me, a few more seconds and I would have been dead too.


You see Sara Luce, I would love to keep telling you about what happened to me, but for the moment I shall stop here; later on I will tell you more, for the moment I will say that in 1985 my second child was born, a splendid little girl, who was also accompanied by a little Angel until she was 12; now my little Angel has finally returned to me, and always gives me advice, He Loves me of an infinite love, we continue to pray together and be happy together.


Thank you Sara Luce, I too have been able to share my testimonial that Angels really do exist and are with us, they are loving, they are true messengers of God.


A tight embrace,


Experiences Of The Tunnel Of Light And Of Life With The Angels was told by  our Aurora


Experiences Of The Tunnel Of Light And Of Life With The Angels


Experiences Of The Tunnel Of Light


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