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NDE Experiences Of A Woman Blind

NDE Experiences Of A Woman Blind For Birth Near Death Experiences


NDE Experiences Of A Woman Blind : hello everyone from Sara Luce, I recently had the opportunity to come across this beautiful testimonial, which I joyfully want to share with all of you; this NDE experience touches upon the very important subject of disability in our terrestrial lifes, in this case being blind from birth, which is the condition of our main character in this experience; another subject brought about by this experience is that the NDE experience happened following an attempted suicide.


Let’s carefully read the entire testimonial from Vicki Umipeg.


“I was born blind. Even though I was an adult, I still lived with my parents until their death. They died suddenly, following a car accident, on the 14th February 1994,  St. Valentine’s Day. I was devastated beyond measure.  If it had not been for Queenie, my guide dog, I would have felt completely abandoned. My entire world had been possible by my parents, and my only friend was Queenie. When Queenie died of old age, six months later, I was no longer sure if there was even a purpose or a future for my own life.


My family and I were not religious, I was born Jewish, and so the idea of another life was considered nothing more than mental masturbation. The Rabbi spoke to me following the loss of my parents, but he was not able to give me any comfort from it, or lighten up my anguish. Other friendly and well mannered Jewish ladies stopped regularly to bring me food and other things I needed, but it was clear that they felt a little uneasy whenever they visited me, and after a few months their visits became very rare. I was much too proud to accept help from strangers and I was sure that they considered me nothing more than an annoying nuisance. I knew that they felt sorry for me, but also that they did not like me.


In that state of mind, I decided to put an end to it. I chose to electrocute myself by putting a sharp knife inside an electric plug. I thought that it would be the quickest way to get it done, and with the smallest probability of failure. I had no intention of becoming a burden to anybody, moreover I had lost all faith in my ability to work to sustain myself, and so it seemed like the best solution.


I ignored my doubts and decided to do it on my fiftieth birthday. I wanted to experience the relief eternal sleep would finally bring me, but I was also worried about failing my attempt and becoming a blind vegetable, tied to a bed for the rest of my miserable life.


I was seated in front of the electrical outlet for hours. I had started telling myself all the time that I no longer had a reason to life, my life was finished. Finally I put the knife inside the electric outlet and the pain was indescribable. I thought I had lost my mind from the pain. At the same time I was able to see for the very first time. I found myself on top of my body, looking down at myself. The complete emptiness I was expecting was not there. I was simply floating around the room and once again I was looking at myself from up above. I was in shock. Naturally, I had never seen myself so I decided to take a good look at myself.


After having observed my features for a while that seemed like an eternity, a thought occurred to me: if I was able to see myself, then I was also able to see other things, and that’s when I thought “I received a wonderful gift!” Rather than imagining how my world was, (my world consisted of a small apartment), I could finally see it.


Then I heard some noises from outside: there was someone knocking on my apartment door. I told myself “well, let’s see who it is”. I floated toward the entrance and I saw that it was my landlady. She had a paper in her hand and I was sure that it was the second eviction notice. I did not have any money to pay for the rent and I knew I had to leave as soon as possible. I studied her for a few seconds then I thought I was just wasting my time there: I wanted to go and see the world!


I immediately floated through the walls of my apartment, and I could already see the street down below. I thought “Let’s see if I can touch someone”. I got close to a child that was walking in the street and I ended up putting my right hand through his body… “How strange”, I thought, I can’t touch them but I still have a hand”.


I observed my hand for a few minutes, and I noticed that it was shiny and it was very transparent. Then I floated around for a while, looking at other things, and then I went back toward my own body, as if attracted to it by a supernatural force. I noticed that the owner had entered my apartment and, upon seeing my body, she was calling 911 for assistance. “I don’t want to be resuscitated, I would rather be dead, because it’s much better like this than being alive”.


I was still floating in the apartment, looking at everything. Another detail I noticed was an overwhelming sense of love and peace that was taking over me. I had not felt like that ever since my parents were still alive. Somehow I found myself flying through a bright patch full of joy, an oval shaped tunnel that lead to a light you could see in the distance. I did not feel any fear, just a sense of peace and even a little wonderment.


When I left and went to the light I saw a man dressed in a tunic, with a beard and long brown hair, I asked “who are you?”, and he telepathically replied that his name was Jesus. “I don’t believe in you” I told him. He smiled and with a thought he replied “… well, I am here anyway”. Looking intently into his eyes I asked him “You have always been with me during all this time, do you know me and take care of me?” He seemed amused, and said “I have always loved you; now, do you want to stay or leave?”


(Since the story is very lengthy, from this point on I am going to give you a brief description of the following chapters) ndr


Vicki noticed that the light was coming toward her and that it seemed to give her warmth. God was Love, and this Light seemed to permeate every cell of her body, bringing her to tears. This light was gigantic, enormous, and it made her feel loved and at the same time modest, embarrassed, astonished and forgiven.


Then she found herself in a large room with many screens on the walls, from each one of these “televisions” she could see a scene from her life being replayed: the good, the bad, the secrets she kept, etc. everything went ahead independently, in a sort of chronological chaos where it was possible to hear everything, including the thoughts and the emotions of other people. As if this was not enough, even her dog’s thoughts were clear to her! She could hear them and she understood how she shaped the life of that animal.  She saw her parents and she recognized them as such, even though she had never been able to “see” them in her whole life. She realized their sacrifices, how difficult it had been for them to keep going with such a seriously handicapped daughter, but they loved her anyway.


Then the Light asked her what she had made of her precious gift of life, and she justified herself saying that her blindness stopped her from acting on it. “But you could do more. Do you want to go back to earth?” She said no with all of her strength, she wanted to stay with Him! So then the Light projected her on to a beautiful meadow, grass, flowers, fantastic colors that she did not even know, that she could have only imagined… and here were her parents, healthy, young, and smiling, embracing her and kissing her, scalding her gently for her extreme gesture. They told her that it was also a little their fault, they had isolated her from real life in order to protect her, but that now she needed to go back and face life, forgetting her handicap, to learn, to make experiences, just like everybody else.


Jesus made her decide: either she could remain there a little bit to then reincarnate into another body affected by blindness (or another anomaly), thus experimenting all over again all of the situations that had brought her to commit suicide, or she could return into her own body to complete the life that had already been assigned to her. She would be given some spiritual gifts that would help her easily overcome problems.


Thinking again about it, she realized she had been a coward, while her parents had courageously faced their own life to the end. She asked a lot of questions and found out that she had actually chosen to come on earth blind to put herself to the test, like all those who choose to incarnate to Earth. She learned that on the Other Side there are precise roles and hierarchies, she saw the endless Love of Jesus that allows us to suffer of our own choice. She also found out that for this reason reincarnation actually exists, that death is not the end of everything and that the Love of Jesus extends to the entire creation.


Queenie, her favorite little dog, met her and they rolled together happily in the most beautiful meadow one could possibly imagine, happy to be together again, happy to be able to read each other’s minds! Of course, even animals have a Spirit and their mission to be of help to us. But…. What was her own mission? And that’s when she finally said yes to the Light that was waiting patiently. They all said goodbye to her with one unique message “LOVE OTHERS AND YOURSELF”.


A moment later she found herself in her own body, in a hospital. A feeling of heaviness and of pain immediately took over her: she was blind all over again! She started to cry, asking God and Jesus to help her cope again with her limitation: it was terrible becoming blind again after having seen Paradise!


The doctors ran to her bedside: She had been in a coma for three days, it was a miracle she was still alive! Now she had to learn to love herself before anything else….


Her intolerable landlady suddenly became very kind and she was in shock when she was told exactly what she was wearing the day that she committed suicide. She listened to her and she helped her in the years to come. The gift that she received was an extraordinary ability to perceive the thoughts and feelings of people, ability that she already possessed, but that now was multiplied. Now, accepted by her friends, now she knew that her handicap could actually help her understand people and helping others.


She concluded with this:


“I was told that we just need to ask for help to our Angels and they will come to guide our lives. I understood that I had to overcome my blindness in order to learn to use my gift that allows me to spread to everyone the lesson of love that I learned.”

NDE Experiences Of A Woman Blind From Birth Near Death Experiences Source: Mindsight: Near Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind" by Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper


NDE Experiences Of A Woman Blind From Birth Near Death Experiences


NDE Experiences Of A Woman Blind


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