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On The Other Side There Is Only Love

On The Other Side There Is Only Love Because God Is Love


On The Other Side There Is Only Love : my dear Sara, this is another experience of the Tunnel Of Light that I had; I was preparing to undergo a difficult open heart surgery, but I was serene as my Angels had reassured me; the surgery lasted 9 hours, at one point I found myself outside my body, in the operating room, I could see the surgeons working hard because during the surgery they mistakenly severed a nerve (the frenic nerve) with the electric saw that is normally used in surgeries of this type, my rib cage raised up and they were not able to return it to the right position.


I saw myself in a very long Tunnel, I could not see the end of it, I was reliving in my mind my entire life, the mistakes, the good things, essentially, in a short amount of time I relived my life and I could not tell you exactly how long this took.


At the end of the Tunnel I could see a Light that I will simply say is not describable in this World, it was Beautiful, there was such a calm and serenity, it was, again, otherworldly, I was not scared at all because I saw a long lost uncle whom I loved very much, he passed away when he was 50 years old, I was very close to him, I even dreamt of him the night that he died, and I did not know he was going to die (I will share with you on another occasion the story of his passing, it’s beautiful and important). Anyway, I saw my uncle, but when I went to hug him he stopped me, he gave me an enormous smile and told me: you can not stay here, you still have a lot to do on earth, be calm, always do what your heart tells you, I love you, I am very well, I am serene, here we have a world in different levels, I am in an important level, but you need to go back, I will always help you from up here, and you must help people, and love them, because here the only thing that rules is Love, because God is Love.


And I woke back up again in the intensive care room.


For this reason all my posts are always oriented towards Love, because this is what the Tunnel Of Light taught me: Love for everyone, especially for people.


On The Other Side There Is Only Love Because God Is Love was told by Nuccia




On The Other Side There Is Only Love Because God Is Love


On The Other Side There Is Only Love


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