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While In A Coma Perceptions

While In A Coma Perceptions And Vision What You Feel


While In A Coma Perceptions : dear Sara Luce, I wanted to share my experience with you, in the hope that you will understand; a few years ago I was in a very bad car accident, at the ER they tried everything, I could see them working on my body, I could see my own body on the stretcher, and the medical staff shaking their heads.


After that I went into a coma, but I kept seeing myself from outside, I could see who would come and visit me, I knew the names of the nurses, I watched everything … I don’t know how much time I passed like this, all I know is that soon before I woke up I met a man with a white beard and long hair, his arms were crossed, all around us was water, clear, light azure water.


I did not see any tunnel or light, just this man, who, without speaking, told me “Go back, this is not the right time”, and soon after that I woke up.


I could not speak, but they gave me a little chalk board where I would write everything, the staff would laugh, but Giulio no longer laughed when I told him where he had put the keys that he had lost a while ago and had been looking for them, Chiara stopped laughing when I told her to stop being sad, that everything will be fixed with time, my girlfriend also did not laugh when I told her that I saw her crying in the elevator … and now I am still left with some kind of intuition, there may be someone talking to me and seeking help, but they are not people, and I know I am not crazy!!


While In A Coma Perceptions And Visions What You Feel was told by Giovanna




While In A Coma Perceptions And Visions What You Feel


While In A Coma Perceptions


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