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NDE recent testimonial

NDE recent testimonial on NDE experiences


NDE recent testimonial : dear Sara Luce, my name is Maurizio Dossi, I work as an Anesthesiologist and Resuscitator, I have been researching NDE for the last 30 years, not only on my job but also in my private life; as you will read my story, I can assure you that I have not changed one single word of the story as my dear friend shared it with me, he did not even know anything about NDE, just as the first few books on the subject were beginning to be published, he himself had his own NDE experience, and he only really shared it with his closest and most trusted friends; I have witnesses, other friends of his, who, independently from me, know what happened perfectly well. You are free to send me questions, I will be happy to answer them on my Facebook pace, it bears my same name and last name.


About thirty years ago there was a young man driving on a relatively wide road. There was little traffic, the sun was shining directly in front of him. His girlfriend was seated next to him. As he was driving at 120 km per hour, the road suddenly became much narrower. At the last minute, Roberto (name is fictitious to protect privacy, but the story is real) he sees a car veering toward the center of the road, heading straight for him. To avoid a full head on collision, Roberto did a desperate maneuver. He suddenly turns the steering wheel to avoid the impact. The car, at the speed it was going, suddenly skids to the side and hits full on a tree on the side of the road.


Roberto “leaves” the car wreck, walks around it, he notices his girlfriend is screaming in pain. He sees her knees smashed from the impact, but she is alive. Just like him, thank God. But she kept on screaming “Roberto answer me, speak to me, please, Roberto!!”


He tries to comfort her but he notices that she can not hear him, she sees him looking toward the driver seat where he was seated …. Roberto.


At first he did not understand. He was alive, he felt perfectly well, and yet he saw himself at the driving seat of the car, his chest was squashed by the steering wheel. He was motionless, was not breathing, a thin line of blood and saliva from a corner of his mouth.


Suddenly it all became clear! “But if that is me, than what am I …  I am outside my body, and yet I feel great, I do not even have a scratch. (Later, in Hospital, Roberto was declared by the emergency staff as “deceased on impact”. He will later miraculously resuscitate without the need for any external action, he will be diagnosed with eight broken ribs, broken rib cage, 3 fractured vertebrae, trauma of the cranium, third degree coma.


When the ambulance came, the emergency staff took his pulse, and when they saw his pupils completely dilated they declared him dead, and they paid all of their attention on the girl, screaming and desperate, with her knees in pieces.


Roberto’s story goes on, his vision is that of a person who is perfectly alive, observing himself, dead inside the car …


When the fire truck arrived, while the first aid crew where tending to the girl, the firemen extracted the lifeless body of Roberto, they put him on a stretcher, covered him completely with a sheet. Roberto tried in many ways to communicate with him, without success. Nobody had the slightest awareness of his presence there, and of his attempts at communicating. They placed his body in the ambulance, together with his girlfriend, she was also lying down. Roberto jumped on the ambulance and thus began the rush to the Hospital.


It happened on the way to the hospital. Roberto felt himself being wrapped in a kind of fog, which took him to another dimension, difficult to express, but he remembered vividly every detail of it.


Roberto described how he felt like he was in a swimming pool, surrounded by dark water. He felt he was attracted by a light in front of him, and as he got closer and closer the light became larger and more luminous. In the end he was right in front of this light, there was a person there, although the person’s outline could barely be distinguished.


A voice seemed to come out from the Light. “Did you seek Knowledge in your life?” “I, I don’t know” Roberto realized that the creature of Light could penetrate his most intimate secrets and that he could not hid anywhere, in any way.


The Light asked him again “Did you love during you life?” Roberto saw in an instant, and clearly, all of the moments where his selfishness prevailed and the suffering of many people whom he did not love, or only loved to get something in return. He replied “I, I don’t know, perhaps I did not have the time!”


The Voice, serious and authoritative, told him “So it is. However, you will receive some more time!”


Everything I am writing are the exact same words Roberto told me, he described the entire event in a conversation in my home. He had never heard of NDE, he never read anything on that subject, he had no idea that Moody’s text even existed. He simply told me what happened to him. And I knew him well, he was telling the truth, he was not making it up, it was not his style.


After the Being of Light stopped talking, not much time passed, and Roberto felt, with a shock, as if he was re-entering his body while he was covered under the sheet and placed in a corner of the casualty ward.


Everyone immediately noticed the new situation. They uncovered him and immediately took him to Intensive Care.


It took Roberto three months before he could leave the hospital on his legs. He carried signs of this accident for the rest of his life. He had the opportunity to love, just like the Voice had told him. His second child was born too young, and had very serious cerebral damage. Roberto welcomed him and loved him like a father loves his favorite son. He died at the age of six. Roberto looked after him day and night, the child died in his arms.


Six years later Roberto suffered a heart attack. In reality it was caused by an aneurysm of the aorta. Eight hours of surgery, but it seemed the Roberto had indeed completed his mission. After a few moments where it seemed like he was going to pull through, his heart gave way during the surgery.


NDE recent testimonial on NDE experiences was told by Maurizio Dossi




NDE recent testimonial on NDE experiences


NDE recent testimonial


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