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The Certainty Of The Existence Of Other Side

The Certainty Of The Existence Of The Other Side Where Our Loved Ones Await Us


The Certainty Of The Existence Of The Other Side : after almost four months since the passing of my father, I was admitted to the hospital for an urgent and complex surgery; while the surgeons were operating on me, they noticed just in time that the anesthetic was beginning to wear off, and so they decided to administer additional anesthetic; immediately after that they noticed that my heart had stopped beating (for 6 minutes, as I later was told)


The cardiologists immediately started working on me.


My only desire was that of remaining in that place, and never have to go back to earth again.


From up above I was enjoying the entire scene. I found myself outside my body and thus my unforgettable experience began.


I found myself going on a very long tunnel, illuminated by many multicolored lights. They seemed like a series of rainbows, I was seated in a cart, similar to the ones used by mine workers, I was going at a supersonic speed. I remember that while I was going through this tunnel I did not have any fear, on the contrary, I was curious.


At the end of this very long journey (to me it felt like it was never going to end), I saw in the distance, at the end of the tunnel, a great light, difficult to describe, feeling a sensation of serenity, of complete and total wellbeing. Outside I was attracted by a music background that was giving me so much peace. I was in an immense meadow, the grass color ranged from a light green to a dark green. I was slightly confused, because I did not know where to go, there was so much peace, so much silence, what I noticed the most was that as soon as I would attempt to decipher that silence, the silence would become music. I was free to space out with my thought into the endless space. While I was walking, I would feel the almost imperceptible caress of the grass on my feet. I looked around, I did not see anyone, still feeling an immense peace and serenity, I no longer felt my material body, I felt no physical pain whatsoever. I felt light and serene, without any worry at all, and I did not even ask myself where I was.


Suddenly on the horizon I noticed something coming toward me, even though I was too far to make out what it was. At about 20 meters away from me the outline was clear enough for me to recognize my father. It was an ethereal shape that was coming toward me. The shock and joy were immense, I ran toward him, we embraced. I remember that in that embrace there was all the affection and love that I had inside. The strange thing that struck me the most was that I did not feel the physical aspect of the embrace. I asked news of mom, who had passed away the year before, he replied (speaking through his thoughts) that in that moment she was on a mission in Sarajevo (at that time there was a war going on there). She was welcoming the children who were arriving in droves.


I remember we talked a lot, our conversation was taking place with our thought. Suddenly (I wish I hadn’t) I expressed my desire to remain with him in that wonderful place, so wonderful that it made me forget my family I was leaving behind on earth. I did not even care about my daughter (who now lives in London) who back then was still very young and needed me.


At that point my dad, guessing my firm intention to remain there, firmly imposed on me that I return, because I still had some assignments to complete, and that the time to stay there had not yet come. He told me: Your life is opening up to the creature of light that you are. Erase every thought you have, and know that I will always be at your side.


At that point, very delicately, he hugged me, and then slowly he removed himself from me, and turning his back on me, he very slowly left, reaching the same point from which he had come. I followed him with my gaze, until he became a tiny little dot, invisible to my eyes. The last vision I have of him is of him disappearing in an extremely luminous light.


My tears were flowing freely on my face, no matter how hard I tried, I could not keep them in. The release of crying may give you some relief, but it does not erase the immense pain that stays with you for your entire life. As soon as my father disappeared from my sight, in that precise moment I felt like I was being sucked in, and like in a vortex, I re-entered my body.


That’s when I noticed I had returned to the hospital bed. I felt pain everywhere on my body, the typical post surgery pain. I heard many voices around me, I recognized the voice of the surgeon who reassured my husband, saying that the worst had passed. I was conscious, listening with my eyes closed, the tears were flowing copiously. My husband, noticing my crying, tried to reassure me, he could not possibly have known that those tears were due to having to leave both my father behind me, together with that beautiful sensation of peace and serendipity.


I did not open my eyes, because I wanted to keep savoring what I had just experienced, in the end I did open them, and as I looked at my husband, I barely smiled at him, without speaking. If I had told him of my experience, the doctors would have doubtlessly transferred me to the psychiatric ward. Nevertheless, despite all the suffering from the surgery, I am thankful for it: it has taught me that without pain there is no joy either, one is the compensation for the other. For years I kept my experience to myself, without even sharing it with my family, they would not have believed me. What happened made me mature considerably, even at spiritual level, so much so that I started to look around, helping and extending my hand to people who needed help. (back then I was able to do it …) and tried to be more available for other people, giving myself the certainty of the existence of the Other Side, where our loved ones are waiting for us with love. I have received this concept very convincingly because I experienced

it in person. All the existences that we lead on earth are many stages to go through before we reach the real Reality.


The Certainty Of The Existence Of The Other Side Where Our Loved Ones Await Us was told by Annamaria Ligrone




The Certainty Of The Existence Of The Other Side Where Our Loved Ones Await Us


The Certainty Of The Existence Of The Other Side


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