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What happens after death

What happens after death pre death experiences stories


What happens after death : dear Sara Luce, my pre death experience is different from other stories because of the dynamics of it. For this reason, I feel twice as privileged; first of all for the experience itself, and then because it did not take place in a traumatic setting.


I was 14 years old, every week I used to buy the magazine “Sorrisi e canzoni”, where I would always read the movie reviews. One day they were advertising a movie that was about to be released shortly in movie theaters. Then one day I had a dream.


I found myself in a large movie theater with metal walls, dimmed lighting, there were other people (or better said BODIES), suspended in the emptiness of the room, I was being held up by threads attached to the ceiling. We were naked with our genitals covered up. WE WERE ALL IN A COMA! .... I was very perplexed by the dream, and shocked … I did not understand …. it seemed so real …..


The following days I still had the same scene in front of my eyes, very clearly …. I told my dream to my family …. the wonder was so much that I felt the need to share it …. but when I did share it, I received nothing but some smirks. Nothing special …. I just thought that I had had a dream ….


About three weeks went by … as I bought my usual magazine and flicked through the cinema section I saw in front of me a picture: the very same scene that I had dreamed of a month earlier!


Instinctively, before I even read the details, I thought aloud: BUT I AM IN THIS TOO! ... how was that possible! I started to read the details … that picture was a scene from the movie ‘DEEP COMA’ … I started getting anxious …. my only thought was of going to the movie theater to watch that movie ….


Four months earlier I had met a boy (who would later became my husband) and I showed him the section of the magazine in question, telling him “You see this, I dreamed of this!”, but he just looked at me … and from his look I realized that he was thinking that I was not all right in my head …. after all, I was just a young girl and he was ten years older than me … I begged him for us to go and watch that movie.


I remember that we went to the town of Caserta, Italy, where they had just opened a very large brand new movie theater … the movie started … I was anxious … I knew that at any given time I would see the famous scene that I had in my dream, and that in a way I was going to see myself … well, the scene did arrive! In that precise moment, I felt I was being dragged outside of my body … I was leaving my body … I was going somewhere …. I WAS DYING! ... I was barely able to touch the arm of my friend who was seated to my left. I whispered his name …


BUT I WAS NO LONGER THERE!! ... I saw the movie of my own life I had lived so far, passing very fast in front of me … I found myself in a dark tunnel where at the end of the tunnel there was a light of an amazing brightness … I felt a sense of peace … of serendipity ... happiness …. I could hear a music transporting me …. I was so happy! ... I did not have a body, mine was seated in a chair next to my friend, who was trying to revive me with a glass of water, thinking that I had passed out … but it was not the case. And I did not care. I was dead! I had left my body ….


While I was going forward in the tunnel, toward that fantastic light for which I do not believe we even have adjectives that could describe it, I met some people …. I believe they were some women …. I did not see them physically … but they were there, watching me … almost amused, I might add …. they were like entities … I don’t know if they were Angels … I noticed that they communicated, we were talking to each other, without actually doing so physically .. there was nothing material there … I was intoxicated with the peace I got from that state of being … I was convinced that I was going to stay there. I was so happy! It was absolute bliss, and I wanted to stay there! ...


While I was trying to move forward toward the light, I was stopped … at one point I was asked: DO YOU WANT TO GO, OR DO YOU WANT TO STAY? … I hesitated … I wanted to stay! but then I remembered something, and I said: I SHALL GO … I HAVE TO GET MARRIED TO E. ... and I told them the name of my friend.


In that precise moment I reentered my body …. I drank the water that the boy had been patiently offering me, and some other person was also trying to make me drink … I was sad, shocked …. I was suddenly really cold and I started to shake uncontrollably … I felt disheartened … I did not want to return … but I said I had to … why on earth did I say that? ... I had only known that boy for four months …. and he was 10 years older than me!


We left the movie theater with my teeth still chattering from the cold … my friend covered me with his own jacket, but the cold was overwhelming! ... I did not say a word, nothing of what I had just experienced … I only asked how long had we been outside of the theater, and after how long I came to. With much amazement, I learned that it had been about 10 minutes. INCREDIBLE! I had lived all that in just 10 minutes! ...


Days went by … months … I could not explain to myself what had happened! My friend E. and I became a couple, and we married four years later. My engagement was not a very happy one, not even the marriage really … now I was older, an adult, and I had also become a mother.


I always thought of that experience, I would have done anything to relive it! Now I wanted to understand why I married and continued to be next to a person who made me suffer so much! ... but I kept answering to myself that I had made that decision, even though it did not make sense.


I started to do some research … reading books that talked about my experience. I realized that other people also experienced the same. With the difference that their experience took place in dramatic circumstances. WHILE IN A COMA! But mine was a virtual coma …. in everything I read I found confirmation of what are my thoughts today. And I can say that I stopped reading about it, because even if it happened again today, I already know! And this also makes me reflect a lot! .... I even met a spiritual father who explained to me that the dream was just a divine excuse to live what I had lived! He defined my experience as an astral journey, of which I know nothing …. all I know is that I died and came back. And that death does not exist!


What happens after death pre death experiences stories was told by our Ada




What happens after death pre death experiences stories


What happens after death


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