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Obe experiences in the tunnel of light

Obe experiences in the tunnel of light going fast toward a big sun


Obe experiences in the tunnel of light


Dear Sara, I will try to describe what happened to me. I felt sick, sicker than I had ever felt before, I was nauseous, I saw everything spin, I did not realize as I was passing out that I was about to hit my chin against the headboard.


I passed out, I found myself in a yellow light, was going through this fast light, but I was not using my legs, it was a very strong light but not overwhelmingly so, it was a warm light, I felt very comfortable in it. It is difficult to explain how I felt, they were emotions that I did not normally feel, even the love that I feel for my family was different over there, I felt surrounded by a warm embrace of love.


At the beginning of the journey I remember asking myself where I was. I looked around, I could not see myself, and it felt like the higher I went, the better I felt. The sensation at that moment was like being inside a mountain, surrounded by this light, I felt as if the closer I was getting to the peak (where in front of me I could see an enormous sun), the more I felt like not ever leaving that place, I no longer cared about my family, I did not feel pain, I was in harmony with my entire being, I wanted to climb higher and higher even faster than before. Even now I feel such nostalgia!


I was rapidly climbing toward the peak, I noticed that the distance between the peak and me was not changing, then I noticed I was slowing down (not because of me) and a voice (masculine) told me that I had to go back, that it was not time, the world still needed me and I felt as if I was being sucked in from behind, and I reentered by achy body, with my head exploding from the pain.


My husband told me that when I fell, he lifted me up and started to shake me to wake me up. That is how I found myself, with my entire body covered with blood. I still feel a strong nostalgia for that experience, a nostalgia to return to that paradise.


Obe experiences in the tunnel of light going fast toward a big sun was told by Elda




Obe experiences in the tunnel of light going fast toward a big sun


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