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Teaching and guiding opportunities with NDE

Teaching and guiding opportunities with NDE and OBE


Teaching and guiding opportunities with NDE : often NDE or OBE are experiences containing a guiding or teaching opportunity, we are lead by the hand and taken toward what is right, what is truly good for us in the difficult experience that we are leading on earth; the awareness and the choice to change our lives depends from what we see with our own eyes, and the consequences that we will live as a Soul at the time of passing, due to our errors, our challenges, our dangers, in a word, our non-love for ourselves and for others; as I leave you with a kiss, let’s welcome the precious experience that Silvia has lived, and that she is donating to us


Dear Sara Luce, about ten years ago I was with my husband in a little town called Centola, near Palinuro, Italy, it was in July. As we did not have a set itinerary, we stopped outside the main Church there, where there were three statues of Saints, enormous, I only recognized Saint Francis and Saint Anthony.


We knew that these statues were about to be displayed around the town for the procession, and so we waited for the procession.


Suddenly my husband asked me if I felt well …. I did not even have the chance to answer him as I passed out, almost dead … the story starts here, in this gap of time … I found myself in an enormous room, in the middle was a long table with people seated there, wearing a hood … I could not hear their voices but I could perceive what they said with my thought … they were judging me … I was standing up, and behind me was a closed door …. at the time while they were deciding where to place me, the door opened up… a very bright light entered this dark room …. in my thought, again, I heard a beautiful and sweet voice saying: “I will decide where to send her, she is going back!”


I woke up on the tarmac with many people all around me, among them was a doctor and my husband, in tears, because they had declared me dead … after a few months I underwent surgery to remove a tumor in my brain, and now I am well.


I understood that at the moment of passing we do get judged … I was very scared at the sight of so many hooded monks, without a face, only the light of God, because I believe it was Him who saved me from the nightmare I was living.


You know Sara, nowadays my life is calm, I have been married 41 years, but in the past, I went through turbulent times with myself, I took risks by going to places that were not allowed, I had always felt protected, I even sensed who was protecting me, an invisible presence. But after this experience, I understood that I had to return to the beaten path.


Teaching and guiding opportunities with NDE and OBE was the testimonial of Silvia




Teaching and guiding opportunities with NDE and OBE


Teaching and guiding opportunities with NDE


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