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Astral body experiences

Astral body experiences travel with the astral body to Paradise


Astral body experiences


Dear Sara, my "dream" goes back a few years, about seven. That’s when my beloved dad left us.


One night, I believe I went to Paradise with my astral body. I found myself in this beautiful place, full of colorful flowers and trees that surrounded a small lake with light blue water; suddenly on the other side of the small lake, on the opposite side of where I was, I saw my father. He smiled at me, beautiful, luminous, happy. So I started to run around the lake to reach him, thinking that I could hug him again, but I soon noticed, with a mix of anger and sadness, that it seemed impossible to make up the distance that separated us, and so I started to cry desperately.


You have to know, Sara, that in the "dream" the lake was visibly reachable from either side, when in reality, in my foolish rush to reach my father, I noticed that it was not possible to reach him: the more I ran, the longer the path was getting.


And so I started to cry desperately. My dad made the gesture for me to stop crying, and in a non-verbal conversation, using our thoughts, he said: "Don’t cry, I love you very much, don’t you see that I am happy? One day we will see each other and we will never ever leave each other again".


That astral journey left me with both a sense of nostalgia and sweetness, combined.


After many years I recognized the place that I dreamt in the movie "Nosso lar", film buffs will certainly recognize it and know that it’s about spiritualism, it’s a film of Brazilian production, from the telepathic communication between the medium Chico Xavier and the evolved spirit of a doctor, Andre Luis.


Dear Sara, I hope my testimonial is to your liking.


A hug,


Astral body experiences travel with the astral body to Paradise was told from Rosalia




Astral body experiences travel with the astral body to Paradise


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