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What we experience during coma

What we experience during coma emotions and a sweet chant of Angels


What we experience during coma : dear Sara Luce, I will gladly tell you my story that I experienced during my coma; on May 24th I went to the ER because I was having trouble breathing; I was immediately diagnosed with the Moscowitz syndrome, a rare autoimmune related disease, and I started the treatment right away.


Unfortunately during one session of transfer of plasma, I started having difficulties breathing and cerebral damage due to a brain aneurysm. I was transferred to the I.C.U. unit, where I fell into a coma.


Unfortunately none of the treatments seemed to have an effect on me, the doctors did not know what to do, to the point where they started telling my family members that I might not make it, and that in the best case scenario the damage incurred by my body and my brain would be severe and irreversible.


Once again, however, they forgot about God, about the Angels and the Holy Mother of all of us.


While I was in a coma my mind was able to perceive all of those who loved me and asked me to come back, I could hear them, I was living everything that was taking place around me, but with enormous detachment, I was permanently accompanied by a sweet chant of Angels that gave me peace.


In the moment close to the passing over, I was surrounded by a warm and welcoming light, it was emanating love, a love I had never known before, the Love that God has for every one of us. In front of me were my loved ones, sitting, waiting for me to decide. They were calm, they were looking at me, they did not speak but they sent me infinite peace. Next to me, almost touching me, was a silhouette of pure and shining light, the Madonna, or an Angel, I was not sure.


There was a very fine line that was separating me, I did not want to go back, because for the first time in my life I was completely happy, I was not feeling any suffering, I only felt lots and lots of love, the love that I had always strived to live here, but that humans stupidly insist on rejecting.


That was paradise, at that moment I understood what my son was talking about whenever he told me: where I go there is Love, light, energy (but that’s a separate story!!)


I just wanted to stay there, where everything is love, where everything is light, where everything is peace.


The doctors were communicating to my relatives that there was nothing else they could do, that only a miracle could save me.


Suddenly I felt as if I was literally being ripped from that wonderful light, I knew that my son was taking me back to him, on that day in my native town they were celebrating the Madonna Of The High Seas, many people I loved were participating to that pilgrimage, they received the good news exactly during the pilgrimage.


My blood platelets numbers miraculously increased, I woke up from my coma.


And for me that’s when the inferno began …. hands and feet tied up, full of tubes in and out, in ICU.


I was trying to speak to say that I was squashing Gianluca, who got stuck underneath me while taking out the tubes, I was trying to say that I did not want to stay there, but nobody could hear me. I kept hearing the angelic chorus until a week later, when they transferred me a different ward.


Their chant literally prevented me from going insane.


Today I gained almost completely my life back. Often I ask why they made me return to this world full of tears, but then I look at those who love me and I like to think that maybe I still have something to do here.


So here it Sara …. this is my story, and when life is too oppressive, I do what my son does, I go back to that paradise that is now inside me.


A kiss


What we experience during coma emotions and a sweet chant of Angels was told by Angela




What we experience during coma emotions and a sweet chant of Angels


What we experience during coma


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