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I recover from cancer testimonials

I recover from cancer testimonials Hodgkin lymphoma


I recover from cancer testimonials : I suffered from cancer (Hodgkin lymphoma), one morning I could not move; my husband rushed me to the hospital where, after a CAT scan, they diagnosed me with a lymphoma in stage 4B (the maximum)


The oncologist, of a certain age, having looked at my clinical record, told my husband that it was too late, my organs were shutting down and he gave me about 36 hours left to live. He said, however, that he was going to do everything in his power, notwithstanding preparing my husband, warning him that very likely I would not pull through.


I started chemotherapy, they gave me oxygen, then a long series of tests began, especially to evaluate how my other organs were functioning, to decide which medication to give me.


I was slipping away, I was in and out of consciousness during this time, I was able to feel my spirit leaving my body. I saw, and felt, the conversations between my husband and the doctors that were taking place outside my room, about 10 meters away from my bed, in the corridor. I was later able to prove the accuracy of these conversations, leaving my husband completely speechless.


Then I felt as if I jumped into another dimension, where I was being swallowed up by a sensation of total love. This is how I understood with extreme clarity the reason why I was struck with cancer, the reason why I had come here, what role every member of my family had in my life, and in the grand scheme of things, and more generally, how life on earth works. The clarity and the understanding of every thing that I was able to achieve in that particular state of conscience, is indescribable.


Words seem to only limit the greatness of the experience: I was in a place where I could understand so much more than what we are able to comprehend in our three dimensional world. I realized that life is a gift, and that I am always surrounded by loving spiritual beings, that were around me even when I did not know it.


The amount of love that I felt was overwhelming, from this point of view, I understood just how omnipotent I was, I also saw the amazing capabilities that we, human beings, do have, we are able to reach over the course of a physical life. I discovered that my actual purpose is to “live heaven on earth”.


However, I had the possibility to choose whether to go back to my life, or whether to go towards death. They let me understand that it was not really my time, but I still had the possibility to choose, and if I did choose death, that I would not be able to enjoy the many gifts that were in store for me during the rest of my life.


I wanted to understand if, by choosing life, I would have had to go back to that sick body, because my body was indeed very sick, and almost all my organs had stopped functioning. They told me that my body would heal very quickly, not months or weeks, just a few days!


They showed me how diseases start from an energy level before they even become physical: by choosing to live, the cancer would have been healed by my very own energy, and my physical body would have improved very quickly. And so I understood that the many medical therapies only free the body, but they do not clear the negative energies, and that’s why many diseases return, and that, if I returned, I would have had a much healthier energy. Once that happened, my body would very quickly reach optimum energy conditions, and permanently. They explained that this principle applies to everything, not only physical illnesses, but also psychological disturbances and of other nature too. I understood that everything that happens in our lives depends on this energy that surrounds, that is created by ourselves.


Nothing is solid, we created everything depending on where this “energy” is addressed, and this fact was explained to me with phenomenal clarity. Everything depends on where we are energetically positioned, and that I would be experimenting on myself the validity of what had just been taught to me, if I decided to go back to my body. I knew that I was completely lost, I was a little inside and a little outside my body, as if I was between two worlds, but every time that I slipped “on the other side”, they showed me a few more things.


For example, they showed me how my life had touched all the people that I had met, and how I influenced their lives. I saw my brother on a plane: after having found out that I was dying, he was rushing to see me (the fact was proved a little later when my brother arrived, and of course he had flown there). Then I saw a little flash of life with him, and in some way I felt like I understood what had happened in a previous life. I was much older, maybe I was her mother (in this life he is older than me), because then I was very protective of him.


Suddenly I realized he was on a plane to come and see me, and I told myself: “I can’t do this to him, he can’t come all the way here just to see me dead”.


I also found out why the life of my husband was tied to mine, and how we had jointly agreed to live this existence together. If I died, he probably would have died soon after me.


The Guides also told me that, if I chose life, my test results (the outcome of those tests was not even ready yet) would show that my organs worked normally, but, if I chose death, they would show a failure of every organ and I would have died from that cancer. So, I was able to change the outcome of the tests they had run on me, based on my choice! ... and so I chose, and as I started to wake up (in a very confused state, since right then I could not quite tell which side of the veil I was on), the doctors ran to my room with huge smiles on their faces, to tell my family: “Good news! We have the results of the tests and her organs are all functioning … we can not believe it! We thought we had lost her!”


After that, I started to recover quickly. The doctors were waiting for my situation to stabilize before doing a biopsy, to monitor the type of tumor cells, but they could not even find a lymph node that was big enough to examine it, that’s despite the fact that when they admitted me in the hospital my body was full of lymph nodes! And so they did a spine tap, so they could regulate the chemotherapy according to the illness .. but … there had not been any infiltration into the marrow!


The doctors were more and more confused, and wondered if I was responding so well to the chemotherapy, because they were not able to understand what was happening. They took test after test, each one of them showed negative, and after every each one of them I felt myself growing stronger. Not even a complete CAT scan was able to find any signs of my cancer, despite the radiologist insisting on doing it twice!!


Now I am sharing my experience with as many sick people as I know, to tell them that miracles are possible in today’s lives.


After what I went through, I realize that everything is possible and that we have not come here just to suffer. Life should be grandiose, we are very, very much loved. My way of looking at life has changed drastically, now I am happy to have had a second chance to experiment “Paradise on earth”.


I recover from cancer testimonials Hodgkin lymphoma is told to us by Anita




I recover from cancer testimonials Hodgkin lymphoma


I recover from cancer testimonials


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