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Life beyond life does exists

Life beyond life does exists I had confirmation


Life beyond life does exists : in 2001 I lost my brother of 29 years, he was found lifeless after two days, in his room; I had a wonderful relationship with him, he was the youngest of 4 brothers, we were 10 years apart; practically, when he was born I would look after him, my mother had recently gotten a job, so I often would help her; for me, Marco was not only a brother but also a son, he was always with me, even when I would go out.


When unfortunately I heard the news at 4 in the morning, that he had been found in bed … for me it was such a shock to face the pain … you can imagine my mother and my entire family … but I don’t want to linger on the details …. I want to get to the point …


After 2 months from his passing … I was devastated by the pain …. while I was reciting my Buddhist mantra ... I fervently desired to see him … I did not know how …


That night I had a “dream” … only it was not a dream, because I actually went on a journey, and had dialogues … I dreamt that a lady was approaching me, I had never seen her, she had dark hair and pale skin … she asked me if I wanted to see Marco. I answered yes, yes. “Come with me then”, she said.


She brought me to a place where there was a large and very well lit bus … there was nobody …. it was just her and him … and the driver of the bus, he was wearing a uniform and a hat. Then she told me … sit down and hold on tight … (right in front of me there was a metal bar to hold on to … just like in the roller coasters).


The driver engaged the first gear and started to drive like a maniac … very fast …. then he entered a tunnel …. if I tried to describe it, it would resemble the inside of an intestine, with hair pin turns … then I started to see another light at the end of this “tunnel” … the lady told me: … Did you say goodbye at home? And I said, no … actually, I did not say goodbye to anyone, and you?? Yes … I did … I did it a long time ago … so I told her that I wanted to get off immediately.


I then found myself catapulted within a moment at the entrance of the tunnel … in front of me there was a field, plain, with no houses, with nothing at all … I only saw silhouettes of people walking in couples … not very far I see the entrance to the tunnel … which was represented BY AN IMMENSE MEDIEVAL DOOR … leaning on to nothing at all, starting from the ground and reaching up to the infinite … over there, leaning on the door, was my brothers, with his bike helmet in his hand … very tall, and so full of light ..!!!


I run towards him, blinded by his presence … I reached close to him and I hugged him!!! I covered him with kisses … I felt his warmth, I felt his physicality … then he looked at me and asked: Where were you going anyway? ... don’t do that again!!! I was waiting for you at the entrance of the tunnel, not at the end of it …


Then he knelt down because he was much taller than the 1.82 meters that he was in his earthly life … he looked at me in the eyes …. his eyes were shining … and he told me that he was not dead, he was alive!!!! He told me that he terminated his cycle of life in that body … but he was continuing his life by doing other things … then he told me to tell mum not to cry, because he was alive … and to calm down … he saw everything …. and in the end he even TOLD ME CERTAIN THINGS THAT ONLY I KNEW …..!!!!!


We hugged, it was so tight that I still remember it now … and then he vanished … I woke up … what to say? ... I believe I took an astral journey, it was all very real …. it’s true … that very day my joy was so great at having seen Marco ,… I ended up calming down, I finally had my confirmation that life beyond life does exist!!!


Life beyond life does exists I had confirmation was told from Silvia




Life beyond life does exists I had confirmation


Life beyond life does exists


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