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My journey on the other side

My journey on the other side and the meeting with my Guardian Angel


My journey on the other side


Dear Sara Luce, for a few moments I had a journey on the other side; this is my experience:


I was eighteen, one night I could not fall asleep, I noticed that I could not breathe, I wanted to open my eyes but I could not do it.


I felt very light, going up toward the ceiling, then suddenly I started to travel extremely fast into a tunnel, full of beautiful colors, I saw space, and all planets …


At the end of the journey I slipped to a small door, and I found myself inside a dark and dusty room.


There was an uncle of mine there, he was waiting for me, he told me that he was not dead, and I was happy about that, suddenly I saw a very tall presence, with long blonde hair, wearing a white tunic, he had very strange hands, and a face that had neither nose nor mouth, only disproportionately long eyes of a very intense light blue color.


This presence told me that he was among them, and I became sad.


There was a door that opened up onto a white light, there was an immense field of a brilliant green, for a moment I found myself immersed in that white light so full of peace, I saw shapes of many people walking up and down in that peace, and on one side I noticed a wall of a very large building.


I found myself again in the room, in front of the door, I looked there, and from the field I saw people in the distance that were coming closer. When those people were right at the door, I recognized my grandfather and my grandmother …


I hugged them and I felt their perfume, it was physical, it was real!


At one point I told her that I wanted to remain there with her forever, she did not say anything and she distanced herself from me, I started to despair. That’s when the presence in the white tunic came between us, I asked who he was and he said: I am your Guardian Angel.


I told him that I wanted to stay there, but he got upset, a very strong wind started blowing through his hair, and his eyes became of fire.


I felt intimidated by that vision, then the Angel raised a hand a he put it on my chest, saying: go, it’s not your time.


I was aware that I was returning, I felt my body touching the bed, I opened my eyes and I started to breathe again.


My journey on the other side and the meeting with my Guardian Angel is the experience of Anna




My journey on the other side and the meeting with my Guardian Angel


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