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The conscious exists beyond the death

The conscious exists beyond the death of the body


The conscious exists beyond the death : many times in my comments to NDE experiences and to OBE experiences, I referred to the testimonial of pre death that you are about to read. It’s a testimonial unique in its kind, because it is about a medical person, a neurosurgeon, who lived his pre death experience while under medical monitoring, his cerebral cortex was completely inactive; today I will publish his testimonial, so you may know it in every detail, a goodbye to all from Sara Luce.


As any respectable Neurosurgeon, I did not believe in the phenomenon of NDE, having been raised in a predominantly scientific environment; moreover, I was the son of a Neurosurgeon. I followed my father’s step, and I became an Academic, I taught at Harvard Medical School, as well as other universities, therefore I understand pretty well what happens inside the human brain when it is reaching the moment of death.


And so, I had always believed that there was a good scientific explanation for the supposed journeys outside the body, as described by those who had escaped death, thanks to the modern reanimation techniques.


The brain is a fantastically sophisticated mechanism, but also extremely delicate, you simply need to reduce the quantity of oxygen it receives, even by a minimum, to cause a reaction in the brain.


To me it was not a great surprise to hear that those who suffered a severe trauma would return from the experience with strange stories to tell. This did not mean that they had really reached another place somewhere else ….


Even if I considered myself to be a faithful Christian, I was more so in name than in facts, and certainly not for a true and sincere faith. I did not envy those who wanted to believe that Jesus was more than a simple man who suffered at the hands of the world, but I deeply sympathized with those who believed that there was a God somewhere, out there, a God who loved us unconditionally.


In reality, I did envy those people, I envied their confidence in their statements, which they expressed without any doubt whatsoever. As a scientist, I simply knew, however, that it was better to just believe in myself.


In the autumn of 2008, however, after seven days spent in a coma, during which the human part of my brain, the neocortex, was inactive, I experimented something so deep that it gave me a scientific reason to believe in the continuity of conscience even after death.


I know very well that testimonials like mine are not well accepted by skeptics, therefore I shall be telling you my story through logic and the language of the scientist that I am.


One morning, four years ago, I woke up with a very intense headache. Within a few hours, my entire neocortex – the part of the brain that controls thoughts and emotions, and which, essentially, makes us human – stopped working. The medical staff at Lynchburg General Hospital, a facility where I also had worked in the past, established that, somehow, I had contracted a very rare form of bacterial meningitis, which normally affects babies: Escherichia Coli bacteria had entered my cerebrospinal fluid and it was destroying my brain.


When I entered the emergency room, that horrible morning, my chances of survival beyond a vegetative stage were already low, and soon after that they became almost non-existent. I remained in a state of deep coma, my body stopped responding, and the brain was completely off-line. Then, the morning of the seventh day, in the hospital, while the doctors were evaluating whether to interrupt my treatment or not, my eyes opened wide.


There is no scientific explanation for the fact that, while my body was in a coma, my mind – my conscious, my internal me – was live and kicking. While the neurons of my cortex were confused, and then became completely inactive due to the bacteria attacking them, my brain, deprived of conscious, went somewhere else, into a bigger dimension of the universe, a dimension that I had never dreamed existed, and that my old self, the one pre-coma, would have been more than happy to paint as simply impossible.


That dimension, in a nutshell, is in fact the very same that has been described by countless pre-death experiences, and also in other mystical states: it’s there …. it really exists, and what I saw and learned from it literally catapulted me into a new world: a world in which we are so much more than our bodies and brains, where death is not the end of consciousness, but rather just a chapter in a vast and incredibly positive journey. I am not the first person who discovered proof that our consciousness exists beyond our bodies. Brief but wonderful excerpts from this realm are as old as human history, but, as far as I know, nobody before me had ever traveled in this dimension while 1/ their cortex was completely dead and 2/ their body was under constant medical monitoring, like in my case, during all 7 days of my coma.


All the main arguments against NDE suggest that they are the result of minimal, transitory or partial malfunctioning of the cortex. My NDE experience, however, did not take place while my cortex was malfunctioning: mine was simply disconnected. This is clear from the gravity of the meningitis, and from the fact that the entire cortex was affected, as documented by CAT scans and neurological exams.


As per our current medical knowledge of the brain and mind, there is absolutely no way I could have survived– even with a weak and limited conscious – the extraordinarily crystal clear odyssey that I experimented. It took months for me to come to terms with what had happened to me, not only of the medical impossibility of having been able to be conscious during my entire coma, but, even more importantly, with what happened to me during that period.


Toward the beginning of my adventure, I was in a place full of huge, swollen clouds, of a pink-white color, in stark contrast with the dark blue of the sky. Above the clouds – incommensurably higher, a crowd of transparent Beings, shiny, they would dart in the sky, leaving long luminous streaks behind them.


Birds? Angels? I was uttering these words later, as I was writing my memoir, but none of these words gives justice to those Beings that were simply different from everything that I have known in this planet. They were life forms that were more advanced than us, superior forms.


There was a sound, loud and getting even louder, like a glorious chant, it was descending from the sky, I asked myself if it was really the winged creatures that were making that sound. Once again, as I thought about it later on, I remembered that the joy from these Beings was such that, inevitably, they had to be the ones creating that sound, because they could not possibly contain their joy. Their chant was palpable, almost material, like a rain that can be felt on your skin, yet does not leave you wet. In that place, seeing and feeling were not two separate senses; I could feel the visual beauty of the silvery, shimmering bodies of those Beings, and I could see the crescendo of the joyous perfection of the chant. It felt as if you could not look or feel anything in that world without becoming a part of it, without entering into harmony in some mysterious way, and become one with it. Everything was different, but everything was also a part of the rest, like the rich and complex drawings of a Persian rug … or the wings of a butterfly.


Everything became even stranger. For the majority of my journey, someone else was with me. A woman. She was young, I remember her appearance accurately. Her cheekbones were high and chiseled, blue eyes, brown-golden plaits were framing her pretty face. The first time I saw her I found myself on a horse with her, on a surface that was finely modeled, after a moment I realized that surface was in fact the wing of a butterfly. In fact, millions of butterflies were all around us, huge wings, flying around, throwing themselves head first down into the woods, to then come back up and fly around us. It was a stream of life and color, moving through air.


The woman’s dress was simple, like a farmer, but the pastel colors – blue, indigo – orange – peach – they all had the same overwhelming, lively vitality of everything else I was seeing. She looked at me with a look, that, if you could see it for five seconds, it would fill your entire life, making it worthy of being lived, no matter what happened to you up until then.


It was not a romantic look, not even a look of friendship. It was a look that, somehow, went beyond all this, beyond all the types of love that we have here on earth. It was something higher, that contained all of the other types of love, and at the same time it was so much bigger than all of them.


She did not use words, but she spoke to me anyway. Her message went through me like the wind, and I immediately sensed that it was from the truth. I knew, thus, that their world is real, that it was not a fantasy, a fleeting and inconsistent fantasy. The message was threefold, and if I could possibly translate it with terrestrial words, it would be: “You are loved, and very much cared for, always”. “You have nothing to fear” “There is nothing that you could do wrong”.


Her message filled me with a sensation of enormous, incredible relief. It was as if I had just been explained the rules of a game that I had been playing my whole life, but without fully understanding them. “We will show you many things here”, the woman told me, once again without using words, guiding their intellectual essence directly into me. “But, in the end, you have to go back”, she added. A question immediately came to my mind: go back where?


There was a warm wind, like during a perfect summer day, blowing far away the leaves of trees and of the past that flows like celestial water. A divine breeze. Everything changed, it moved my entire world around me by an eight, a vibration that is more elevated … and so, I started asking questions without uttering a word to both the wind and the Divine Being that I had perceived in it: Where is this place? Who am I? Why am I here?


Every time I uttered one of my questions, in complete silence, the answer immediately arrived with an explosion of light, color, love and beauty, entering me like a wave that crashes again the edge of the sea. They not only satisfied my questions, by giving answers, but they did so in such a way that the language was completely set aside, because their thoughts were entering directly my SELF, and yet it was not the same type of thought that we experiment on earth, it was not vague, immaterial, or abstract. Those thoughts were solid and immediate – “warmer than fire and more humid than water” – and, as soon as I would receive them, I immediately understood them, without difficulties, they were concepts that would have taken me years of studying in my terrestrial life. I continued to go forward, and I found myself in an immense void, it was completely dark, of immense dimensions, but at the same time infinitely comforting.


It was black like tar, but at the same time overflowing with light: a light that seemed to come from a brilliant globe that I now felt was close to me. The globe was a kind of interpreter between me and this enormous presence that surrounded me. It was as if I was about to be born into a bigger world and the very universe was like a gigantic cosmic uterus, while the globe (which I somehow felt was connected to, even identifiable with, the woman on the butterfly) was guiding me toward that light.


I am fully aware of how extraordinary, how sincerely incredible all this can sound. If someone – even a doctor – had ever told me a story like this back then, I would have been certain that he was a disillusioned fool. But what happened to me, far from being a delirious novel, was real, much more real than any other event in my life, including my marriage and the birth of my two children. What happened to me required an urgent explanation.


Modern physics tell us that the universe is one unit – indivisible, even if we feel we live in a world made of separation and disagreements – and that below the surface, every object and even in the universe is completely intertwined with every other object and event. There is no real separation. Before my experience, these ideas were pure abstractions, but now, they are reality. Not only the universe is identified by the unity, but –and now I know it- even by Love.


The Universe, as I lived it during my coma, is the same the one that Einstein and Jesus talked about, even if in very different ways. I spent decades working as a Neurosurgeon in some of the most prestigious medical institutions in our land. I know that many of my peers – just like I did – sustain the theory that the brain, and in particular the cortex, generate the conscious and that we live in a universe devoid of any type of emotion, much less the unconditional love that God and the universe have for us. But this certainty, this theory, now lies in pieces below our feet, because what happened to me completely destroyed it, and now I intend to spend the rest of my life investigating the true nature of our conscious, and to make it known to everyone, my coworkers and everyone on the street, that we are much, so much more than our physical brain.


I don’t expect this to be an easy task, for the reasons I listed above. When the castle of an old theory begins to show fractures, nobody wants to pay attention to it, at least in the beginning, until it completely collapses and another theory will have to be created in its place. I learned this first hand, after having returned to this world, and being able to talk again to people, starting with my wife Holley and our two children.


The looks of polite incredulity, especially among my work peers, very soon made it clear to me that it was going to be an arduous task to convince people to understand the enormity of what I had experienced, all this while my brain was inoperative.


This new image of reality will need a lot more time to be accepted. It will not happen during my time, and perhaps not even during my children’s existence. This reality is too vast, too complex and too uncompromisingly mysterious for us to be able to get a complete picture of it. But, in essence, it will show that the multi-dimensional universe is in constant evolution, every single atom of which is known by a God that takes care of us, more deeply and passionately that any parent could possibly do with their own children.


I am still a doctor, I am still a man of science just like I was before my experience, but, at a deeper level, I am very different from the person I was, because I have had the chance to peek at this picture of our reality. You can believe me when I tell you that it is worth it working on it and doing it as best as possible.


The Conscious Exists Beyond The Death Of The Body was told us by Dr. Alexander Eben


The conscious exists beyond the death of the body was drawn from the website ampupage.it




The conscious exists beyond the death of the body


The conscious exists beyond the death


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