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We are all children from the same God

We are all children from the same God NDE of a Muslim


We are all children from the same God : we are all children of the same God, perhaps we belong to different religious Faiths, because we grew up in different cultures, but we are all children of the same God; however, I believe it is interesting to see how, even in other cultures, the same ideas are affirmed; knowing all this, knowing the differences that turn out not to be differences, make us affirm “we are all children of the same God”; let’s listen to this testimonial; a big embrace to all of you from Sara Luce.


Following the principles of the Muslim faith, death is the complete death of the physical life, and the beginning of a period of rest, until the day of resurrection, when Allah will judge all people, dead or alive. Many Muslims believe that the righteous are able to have visions of God after their death, and that evil people are destined to hell; however, with the exception of these possible visions of heaven and hell, Muslims believe that the soul remains in a sort of “sleep” until Judgment day, when they will all be judged, according to their deeds. Many of them, in addition, believe that non-Muslims can only reach the sky after a period of purification in the fire of purgatory. Dr. Melvin Morse reported the following NDE from a Muslim person, in his book “Parting Visions”.


Mebruke is a thirty year old Saudi, lives in New York, and one day, at the age of twenty, she was swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, close to the Italian coast, when he suddenly felt very tired. As he was swimming back to land, he realized he was too far away to make it back, and so he started to wave, and to swallow water. In the end, he sunk. Here is his testimonial.


“I went under four times, then my body became limp, and I lost consciousness.


At this point I saw a beautiful white light. It was so luminous, it had a calming effect on me: the more I looked at it, the calmer I felt. To this day, I can not even tell you what that light was.


In my religion (Muslim) it is believed that there are creatures called Angels, which are made of pure while light.


Maybe this is what I saw. In any case, while I was under water, I heard a voice tell me: “It is not your destiny to die like this.”


And suddenly I felt this energy go right through my body, from my feet up to my head, and at the same time I felt as if I was being pushed out of the water. It was as if someone was physically taking me out of the water, even though I can swear there was no living creature present.


I was being moved through water … I can not describe this.


Soon later a boat approached me, and a man pulled me out of the water. When he pulled me into the boat, I started to laugh, because I was extremely happy to be out of the water”


We are all children from the same God NDE of a Muslim was drawn from the website www.ampupage.it


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We are all children from the same God


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