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Who return from death

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Who return from death : my accident. Immediately after the impact against a guard rail, I was floating outside of my own body, as if I was balancing precariously above it, and above all the people who stopped to watch, paralyzed from the shock and horror for what had just happened to me, in fact many people suspected I had died.


I remember I was looking down, and I was seeing my body for the first time in three dimensions: I was very shocked by it, because it is not possible to see ourselves in that manner: mirrors and pictures are only two-dimensional. I was not feeling any pain, I felt completely free, I thought:


”Is this how I really am?”.


I looked at my physical body, all crumpled up, bleeding and lifeless, an enormous wave of compassion came over me, I wanted to shout to the bystanders that it was all ok, not to be sad, not to worry so much about me.


Then, suddenly, I felt I was being sucked away, literally at light speed, far away from Earth, and in a flash I saw all inhabitants of earth, simultaneously.  I saw people in China and Sweden and Uruguay; I saw people sleeping and dreaming; I saw men and women preparing food in their homes and restaurants, people traveling with every mean of transportation, going to and from work, from school, from their appointments. I saw children playing together, bankers, teachers, workers at their workplace. I saw mothers give birth, which to me was particularly beautiful and touching. I saw sick people in hospitals and jail inmates, patients in psychiatric hospitals, in rest homes, and children in orphanages, feeling desperately alone, abandoned and scared. I also saw paintings being made by painters, people planting little flower plants in their gardens, others writing stories and music, and others dancing.


I saw people praying in mosques and in temples, in synagogues and churches, I saw faithful united in silent prayer. I saw all indigenous tribes of various parts of the world, playing their drums and chanting, and God sending a multitude of Angels toward Earth, to answer to the countless prayers.


As far as I could feel, I was getting closer to the light, I could see Earth from space, and it looked like a pretty gem, blue and green, a shimmering jewel floating in the cosmos.


As I got closer, I noticed that it was vibrant and pulsating, a living entity able to breather, and not a simple physical and inert mass.


“This is Mother Earth, this is our divine Mother”, I thought.


But as I looked at it close up, I noticed that there were horrible lesions and wounds on various parts of its body, and that its breath was labored, as if it was asking God and his children to stop the massacre, the destruction and the hatred. It seemed moribund, as if it was praying for all of us to help her heal, and regenerate. Once again I felt overwhelmed by feelings of sadness and compassion, I would have liked to keep Mother Earth in my arms, to whisper to her words of love and hope.


I remember a part of me felt frustrated and impotent – just like I often felt in my physical body unable to really be of help, but another part of me felt omnipotent, as if there was nothing that I couldn’t have done.


In that moment I asked God, “What would you like me to do?”


His answer was that I had to go back to my physical body, in order to complete some tasks that had already been assigned to me.


I thought: “I can’t go back, my body is destroyed, it’s impossible to repair it!”


I was also aware that I could have never achieved anything due to all my physical limitations, while, as a spirit, I was free and without any limits.


I remember I was very angry, I was afraid, after having been in all that Light – to go back to the dark. Then I perceived the presence of Jesus Christ, all around me. The feeling of love was overwhelming, it was like bathing in an ocean of ecstasy.


I asked him: “Do I really have to go back?”


His answer was that I was part of the plan of God, just like every other person, and that my ultimate goal was that of loving and serving God and all living creatures. He immediately picked up on my fear and my doubts, and He assured me that I would heal completely, but that it was going to be a long process. He added that inside me I had the capacity to do it, even thought I was not aware of it yet, and that all I needed to do was just ask for the courage and the strength to keep going in life and in my work. This particular information turned out to be extremely valuable for me, since I had often asked myself what my role was in a world where I felt lost and useless.


Therefore, Christ told me that he would send Guardian Angels to help me heal, to be my guide and protect me. At that point the light became even more intense, and suddenly countless Angels appeared, singing “Hosanna” and hymns of praise to God, while others were crying.


I did not understand the reason for that, and Jesus told me that they were tears of joy for my new life on Earth, as well as expressing their compassion for the distress I was getting ready to experience for the rest of my earthly life. He also added that he had summoned those Angels to guide me on my return journey back to earth, and into my physical body.


I felt a strong feeling of gratitude toward Christ, who was there to help me try to understand everything that was happening to me, and I remember that I no longer felt fear, knowing that nobody was ever going to hurt me. I certainly was going to do my very best every single day to serve the wish of God.


I woke up, two men were on their knees, kneeling over me, with an expression of apprehension and worry on their faces. For some inexplicable reason, I knew they were gay. They were around thirty years old, I could not help but notice how handsome they both were, dressed splendidly with what looked to be very expensive clothes. I remember thinking that they must be some high level managers, working for a large company, and, in reality, this is exactly what they turned out to be. One of them must have known a bit about first aid, because he was checking my vitals. They told me the ambulance was on its way, and they asked me not to move and not speak, which was quite easy to do, considering the extent of my injuries.


They both removed their jackets to cover me, and I was horrified to notice that they ended up soaked with my blood, and completely ruined. I was extremely embarrassed and at the same time very grateful for the kindness of those two strangers, whose presence I perceived to be loving and reassuring, it made me feel strangely safe and protected.


Both stayed with me until the ambulance arrived, then they followed me to the Emergency Room to ensure that I was being properly cared for. They visited me in hospital on two different occasions, during which I feebly offered to replace the garments I had ruined. I received a firm but polite denial, and they insisted on the fact that the only important thing was for me to be alive, and in one piece. Once again their physical presence filled me with a sense of hope and courage, because those men were there to demonstrate that they were Angels whom Christ had promised would be sending me.


Who return from death testimonials my story




Who return from death testimonials


Who return from death


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