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NDE experiences during labour

NDE experiences during labour I saw my unborn child


NDE experiences during labour : the NDE experience you are about to read is from Esther Gordon, during the delivery of her baby, following some complications; at the time of the birth of her son, she was declared officially deceased for 13 minutes; the problems started immediately after she had been admitted into a hospital in North Dakota, on the 22nd July 1985, where she suffered through a very long labour, lasting a day and a night.


”The pain was so intense I lost consciousness many times, the fact that my husband Scott had just left for New York did not help, and none of my family members was able to contact him.


When the time to give birth finally arrived, I was in a state of shock, I lost touch with reality and in the end I passed out”, said Esther, who found herself floating through space to the most beautiful place she had ever seen.


She remembers she was flying away, into a long dark tunnel, which, to her, seemed to extend for miles and miles, until she reached the end of it.


”Over there, at the end of the tunnel, I saw a child, he too was floating into space, and I realized he was my unborn child. I tried to reach him, and that’s when I heard his voice inside me, saying: “Mummy, you need to come back, so that I can be born!”


Esther tried to reach him to touch him, to hug him close to her, she remembers telling him that she and his dad wanted to call him Holden, just like his paternal grandfather. Then she begged him: “Please, Holden, come to me. Come to your mummy!”


Later, when she was asked about the tunnel, and the effect that the sight of her son must have had upon her, Esther replied that she thought they must have been in Paradise, and that she was dead. “I felt absolutely and completely comfortable in that state of existence, and I believe that this is what astronauts must feel like when they float in space, but I was also very sad for the fact that I assumed my son was not going to be born. I also thought that perhaps Holden and I were going to be able to be together in an ultra terrestrial life, since we were not going to live on Earth.”


While Esther was still in space, the baby spoke once again to her Spirit: “Mum, now I am going away, I have to be born. They are taking me out of your body, even though you are here with me. Please, please, do come back and be my mum. I love you. I need you. Don’t let me be born without you!”


And so it was that the baby was moving through space, moving away from her at an infinite speed. “When I looked around, to see where my son had gone, I thought I saw his little body shoot away towards earth… far, far below me, and then I saw the hospital, just as if I was watching a film; I saw the doctor, and a nurse, working on my body in the operating room.”


Her doctor, later on, told her that she had in fact stopped breathing, and that they could no longer detect a heart beat. Clinically speaking, Esther was dead, but the medical team had been working very hard to try to overcome that cruel verdict, desperately trying everything in their power to bring her back to life. They had just delivered a healthy boy, and it would have been a tragedy to lose the mother, and so they kept on fighting for almost thirteen minutes, to save her life.


Despite this, all that Esther could remember of this was floating into eternity, until the point where she managed to perform a great effort of willpower. “I did not want to die. I wanted to go back to Earth, to be Holden’s mother. I wanted to watch him as he became a toddler, a child, an adolescent, an adult. I knew I had the strength in me to return to my body, but I also knew that I had to want it really intensely. When I was finally able to get out of the dark tunnel, I found myself in an open space, in a place with blue skies and white clouds, and all around me everything was beautiful, beyond any possible description, and finally, I was under the oxygen tent, with the nurse announcing to me that I had just given birth to a beautiful boy.”


Both the mother and the boy had to remain in hospital for many days, to allow Esther to recover from the colossal effort her body had been going through, and during those days her doctor told her about her clinical death.


NDE experiences during labour I saw my unborn child was drawn from the www.ampupage.eu




NDE experiences during labour I saw my unborn child


NDE experiences during labour


NDE experiences unborn child


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