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The life of Spirit

The life of Spirit and the life of the body


The life of Spirit : I was born, clinically dead; I remember every part of my birth, in every single detail; I was born long, and deprived of oxygen, after a long and arduous labor; I was clinically dead, I was provisionally placed inside a zinc box (without even cleaning me) to then be brought to the obituary; I had already departed my body (in a light way, like a beat of wings) I saw the entire scene, the operating room, four or five doctors stood around my mother to try and save her life ever since she started having internal bleeding.


While I was standing aside, I was watching over the medical staff and my tiny little body, which to me looked horrifying. By then my mother was out of danger …. I had to quickly go back into my body.


I had one member of the medical team leave the room, I remember he was wearing a green fabric mask; he laid the scissors on a cart with a glass top, and he walked toward the little box, to wash me, because he had to confirm the sex.


She let some water wash over me and then … that’s when I started to cry! .. what emotions did I feel? well, I just did not want to be born! I had been feeling so well inside my mother’s womb … and then I was already conscious of the joys and pains awaiting me … in my mother’s womb I was omniscient! I knew that I had to live!


With these memories arrived also the memories of “before” being incarnated as a Soul into my mother’s soul … the choice, and the descent.


A second clinical death happened later in my life: we had friends waiting for us in a mountain refuge. We reached the refuge by night time, it was pouring with rain, and so we left our luggage and sports shoes in the car.


By the following morning the rain had stopped, the sun was shining bright. I decided to go and fetch my tennis shoes I had left in the car (I was wearing sandals). The grass was still moist, and as I walked down, I slipped, and ended up landing hard on my behind.  I felt a strong electric shock running through my spine, and one vertebra was fractured… All internal organs had been squashed, the heart was compressed… in that precise moment I remember exiting my body… I saw my body lying limp, my eyes staring, I was laying there motionless, and pale…. I did not understand what was happening to me… At some point I noticed a profound silence all around me. The birds had stopped chirping, and I remember making a strange comment about the sky that surrounded me: the clouds were pink…. The very same sky as the time my grandmother did.


To my left a huge tunnel of light opened up…. In that moment I felt sensations that have no words to describe, “well being? Infinite joy? Bliss? “These adjectives are not big enough to give it justice.


I felt sensations that had nothing human about them, and in that precise moment I understood that there was nothing of importance about my body, I felt a strong earthly detachment.


I was trying to decide whether or not to enter that tunnel, when suddenly someone’s scream startled me “Mum, mum, mum?” It was my nine year old daughter, who came looking for me… as fast as lightning, I went back into my body, feeling an enormous physical pain… I could not abandon my daughter!


An embrace of light


The life of Spirit and the life of the body was told us by Maria Grazia




The life of Spirit and the life of the body


The life of Spirit


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