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Memories of Paradise after an NDE

Memories of Paradise after an NDE experiences


Memories of Paradise after an NDE : it was a very hot day in the mountains in Virginia, that summer of 1960; my cousins and I went to a local park with our mothers; they had told us not to swim in the little lake until they had reached us, but, us being the children that we were, we could not wait; I remember running to the beach and immediately diving in the water, only to realize too late just how cold the water really was, and how overheated I had become from the sun.


Suddenly, I looked up and I saw black circles above my head. I had no idea what was happening to me, I didn’t’ even feel afraid, if anything, I felt relaxed. Then everything became dark, and I remember not seeing anything else, until I woke up from a very unusual place, where I saw a very bright light.


I was only 12, so this did not cause much of a commotion: I was just curious, and I was asking myself where I was.


All of a sudden, I found myself talking to my grandfather, who had died when I was five years old “I did not think I would find you here already”, he said.


I asked him where I was, but he did not answer. As I looked around, I saw wonderful things: happy people being comfortable, wearing clothes of all epochs, and you could perceive that there was absolutely no hostility among them, only happiness, I thought: this is where I want to live!


My grandfather spoke again, telling me how proud he was of me, for growing up so well, that I was becoming tall, and then behind him I also saw my grandmother. She died when I was 18 months, so I did not really have a memory of her. I was really excited to see her looking so beautiful.  She had long dark hair, vivacious eyes, and a wonderful smile. She hugged me and told me she had been watching me grow up.


After my grandfather’s hug, a HUGE hand appeared from a cloud and pointed downward. The hand had the sign of a hole in the middle of its palm, and I felt surrounded by an immense warmth and love, I just did not want to leave that place!


I remember I found myself in a hospital bed, while someone was trying to give me an injection. I screamed, “Give it to my mother: she needs it more than I do!” Needless to say, they did give me the injection, and today I am still here to share my wonderful experience with you.


I still hold in my heart a memory of that wonderful meeting with my grandparents, and I am more than certain that they are waiting for me.


Memories of Paradise after an NDE experiences was told us by Sandra




Memories of Paradise after an NDE experiences


Memories of Paradise


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