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In search of happiness story poem

In search of happiness story poem the rarest richness being happy with who you are


In search of happiness story poem : once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a simple and good man, he was a good husband, a tender father, a generous neighbor, an honest farmer; to feed his family, he would work the fields every day; he worked the land with attention, and the land was kind to him in return, it offered him wheat, barley, beans, figs, grapes.


The family of the good man always had everything they needed. His wife and children surrounded whim with tenderness. However, the man felt that destiny had been harsh with him. He kept on complaining about the fate that had been reserved for him.


His neighbor across from him was a wealthy man, who lived in a mansion made of marble and gold. His neighbor did not even touch the land with one finger: he had a poor man do the work for him in exchange for some bread, while he moved about on his horse.


“Nobody in the village has worse luck than me”, he thought. “Why them, and not me?” he asked himself. I am honest, I pray every day, I follow the rule of God religiously. But them, they don’t even care. I do not deserve this punishment!”


He was jealous of everyone, because they all had something more than he did. In vain his wife tried to make him reason: “God knows what he has given you, have faith!” “You are right. God knows the reason for all this. There is only one thing left for me to do: go and ask Him”. Easier said than done. How can I find him and recognize him? “God is everywhere so I will find him one day or another, somewhere … I just have to look for him sincerely”.


And so, one fine day, the honest head of the family, who had never left the village before, loaded up with supplies, left the wife and children, and started to walk in search of God. His only compass was to meet the Creator of the universe.


After a few days, the landscape of fields and green meadows, to which he was accustomed, gave way to sad tundra, and canyons carved in rocks. One night, he had just started his prayers, he felt the ice cold blade of a knife on his throat. Terrified, he could barely see a hairy man, with eyes of fire. “I beg you, spare me! I am a poor vagrant” He begged. “I don’t believe you!” the bandit replied. “You sold the harvest from your land at the market, give me your money! I have already robbed ninety-nine people, and you are my hundredth!”


The poor man emptied his bag, and his pockets, and he managed to utter, with trembling voice “If you want to, take everything, but let me go. Nobody will stop me other than God. He’s the one I want to meet, to ask him why the honest man is so often poor, and the dishonest man is rich!” The bandit changed attitude, and told him: “I just ask you one favor.  Just one.  When you do find God, ask him, if a man who robbed ninety-nine people, but felt empathy for the one hundredth, still is worthy of his forgiveness”. “Will do”, said the man, and walked on.


After a few days, he was covered with dust caused by a rampant horse. The horseman, dressed in luxurious clothes, asked the dusty traveler: “Where are you going?” “I am going in search for God”, explained the man, somewhat intimidated. “I want to know why the scale of his justice is never equal between all men!” “Ah” said the rich man, stroking his combed and perfumed beard. “I have a house nearby. Be my guest this evening”.


Soon after, he found himself in front of a wonderful palace. At dinner, the rich man showed him his properties: lands, horses, weapons, plenty of slaves. “But I”, he added, “I work for the other side. I regularly pray and attend all religious events …” “You have to do me a favor”, the rich man continued, whispering to him. “When you shall meet God, don’t forget to tell him how I welcomed you, and how faithful and generous I have been. Ask him if, because of this, He can keep a good spot in the Sky for me”.


The traveler made a promise, and continued on his journey. The earth beneath his feet became soft, till it became sand. He had arrived to the desert. A cavernous voice called him. “Hello, my friend!” said a man with a malevolent air about him, who had appeared from nowhere. “Where are you going?” “In search of God”, answered the good man. “I want to know why God, the omnipotent, very often gives wealth to those who do not fear him, and offers so little to those who obey him”. “What do you care?” laughed the man. “There is no point in asking yourself such questions!” Get busy earning money, and enjoying your life! Actually, come with me, I will show you how it’s done!”


The pilgrim was tired, he was beginning to think that the strange character he had met might be right, but his tempting smile reminded him of something, and, with a big jump backward, he shouted: “Wait, you are the devil! Go away!”. “And you are a fool! God does not care at all about you!”, answered the devil angrily, who, however, immediately started to shrink, and, rotating quickly into a voted, was sucked back into the sand.


The seeker of God continued on with his tiring journey, until a strange figure approached him. It was an elderly man, or rather, a man without age, skinny, and poorly dressed, but his eyes were full of strength and tenderness, with a surprisingly clear and sweet voice. “Stop and rest a little”, said the old man. The man tried to keep going: “I don’t have time to spare, and I have nothing to give you!” However, he felt surrounded by the sweetness that the old man was projecting, and he decided to stop.


“I am the one you are looking for…” he told him smiling. “Look at me carefully: I have created everything, and I possess nothing. You are even richer than I, as you can see”. The pilgrim threw himself on his knees, and emptied out his heart, with all of his doubts and all of his questions.


“You are rich, very rich”, Gold told him tenderly. “I have given you another richness, the one of the heart, that which the rich man does not possess, because he does not even know it exists. It’s the one that makes you indignant in front of the world’s injustices. I saved you from the burden of the wealth that corrupts a man, and makes him blind in the heart and in the spirit. I donated you the courage to seek me, and even the opportunity to find me. Now, I shall give you one last richness, the rarest of them all: The happiness to accept yourself for what you are. And now, go back home, live in peace. As you go back, tell the rich man that my Paradise can not be bought with gold, and tell the bandit that he is forgiven, because he has found the right path. Go. When the time comes, I will come to take you and keep you with me forever”.


The old man disappeared, like a calm, serene, clear, immense breeze.


The rarest of riches: being happy with who you are …


In search of happiness story poem the rarest richness being happy with who you are is a beautiful story for you



In search of happiness story poem the rarest richness being happy with who you are


In search of happiness story poem


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