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The miracle of the faith of a little girl

The miracle of the faith of a little girl cuddles for the heart


The miracle of the faith of a little girl : this is the true story of a little girl, eight years old, who knew that love can do miracles; her little brother was dying from a brain tumor; her parents were poor, but they had tried everything to save him, using all of their savings.


One night, the father told the mother, in tears: “We can’t do any more, my love. I believe it’s the end. Only a miracle can save him”.


The girl, holding her breath, was in a corner and had just heard his words. She ran to her room, broke her piggy bank, and without making any noise, she went to the nearest pharmacy. She patiently waited her turn. She approached the counter, she stood on her tippy toes, and, in front of a bewildered pharmacist, she put all her coins on the counter.


“What is this for? What do you need little one?”


“It’s for my little brother, sir. He is very sick, and I have come to buy a miracle”.


“What are you saying?” asked the pharmacist.


“His name is Andrea, he has something growing inside his head, and dad told my mum that it’s the end, that there is nothing left to do, and that only a miracle can save him. You see, I love my brother very much, so I took all of my savings and I came here to buy a miracle”.


The pharmacist smiled sadly, “My little one, we don’t sell miracles here”.


“If the money is not enough, I can look for more. How much is a miracle?”


In the pharmacy there was a tall and elegant man, he looked rather serious, he seemed interested in the strange conversation. The pharmacist opened his arms apologetically. The girl, with tears in her eyes, started to gather her coins.


The man came close to her. “Why are you crying little girl? What happened?”


”The pharmacist here does not want to sell me a miracle, and not even tell me how much it costs … it’s for my little brother Andrea, who is very sick. Mum says that he needs surgery, but dad says that it’s too expensive and we can not afford it, and that we need a miracle to save him. This is why I brought all I have here”


“How much do you have?”


“A dollar and eleven cents … but, you know … “She added, with her voice barely audible, “I can find more …”


The man smiled “Look, I don’t think it is necessary. A dollar and eleven cents is exactly the price of a miracle for your brother!”


With his hand, he picked up the small amount, and with the other he sweetly took her other hand in his. I want to see your brother, and your dad and your mum, and we see if we can find the little miracle you need”.


The tall and elegant man and the girl left, walking hand in hand. The man was Professor Carlton Armstrong, one of the greatest neurosurgeons in the world. He operated on little Andrea, who was able to return home a few weeks later, completely healed.


“This surgery”, exclaimed the mother “Is a true miracle. I wonder how much it ended up costing ..”


The little sister smiled without saying a word. She knew how much the miracle cost: a dollar and eleven cents … plus, of course, the love and the faith of a little girl.


The miracle of the faith of a little girl cuddles for the heart author Bruno Ferrero




The miracle of the faith of a little girl cuddles for the heart


The miracle of the faith of a little girl


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