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Growing up together the stories

Growing up together the stories of Bruno Ferrero


Growing up together the stories : one night, while a mother was preparing dinner, her 11 year old son showed up in the kitchen with a paper in his hand; with an unusually solemn look, the child gave the piece of paper to his mum, who dried her hands on her apron and started to read what was written


Removing weeds from the walkway: 3 Euros


Tidying up my room: 5 Euros


Going to buy milk: 50 Euros


Looking after little sister (3 afternoons) 9 Euros


Getting “A” grades twice at school: 5 Euros


Taking the trash out every evening: 4 Euros. Total: 26, 50 Euros.


The mother was looking at the piece of paper, tenderly. Her mind flooded with memories.


She took a pen, and on the other side of the paper, she started to write:


Carrying you in my womb for 9 months: 0 Euros


All nights passed next to you, waking you up when you were sick: 0 Euros


All the times I cradled you when you were sad: 0 Euros


All the times I dried  your tears: 0 Euros


For everything I taught you, day after day: 0 Euros


All the breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners and sandwiches I prepared for you; 0 Euros


The lift that I give you every day: 0 Euros


Total: 0 Euros


When she finished writing, still smiling, the mother gave the paper back to her son. When the child finished reading what his mother had written for her, two big tears started to form in his eyes.


He turned the piece o paper one more time, and wrote: “Paid in full”


Then he jumped to hug the neck of his mother, and covered her with kisses.


When you start to make a tally of what you do for relatives and friends, it’s all over. Love is free. Or it’s not love.


One hot day, I was preparing some ice cream cones to my four children, and they would pay for them with a hug. Almost right away the children were standing in line, to make their “purchase”. The youngest three gave me a quick hug, they grabbed the cone and ran outside again. But when the turn came for my teenager son, the last one in line, I received two hugs. “Keep the change”, he said with a smile.


Growing up together the stories of Bruno Ferrero published by Elledici




Growing up together the stories of Bruno Ferrero


Growing up together the stories


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