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Parents and children communication A story to reflect

Parents and children communication A story to reflect experiences


Parents and children communication A story to reflect : in a school, during a meeting with the students’ parents, the School Director highlighted the need for parents to support their children; she understood that, probably the majority of the parents in her community were workers, however, she asked them to spend as much time as possible with their children, to listen to them, and to understand them.


Nevertheless, the director was almost surprised when a father stood up, and explained, with modest manners, that he did not have time to talk to his son during the week. When he returned from work, very late, his son was already asleep. When he left for work the following day, it was very early, and his son was still sleeping. He also explained that he had to work this much to sustain his family.


He also declared that the fact of not having enough time for his son made him suffer a lot, and he tried to remedy it every night by going into his son’s room and giving him a kiss goodnight, when he got him, and, to be sure his son knew of his presence, every day he tied a knot with his bed sheet.


This is what happened, religiously, every night as he went to give him a kiss.


When his son woke up and saw the knot, he knew that his dad had been there, and that he had given him a kiss. The knot was the means of communication between them.


The director was touched by that unusual story, and was even more surprised when she noticed that his son happened to be one of the best students in the school.


The fact makes us all reflect on the multiple forms with which people can be present, and communicate with others. That father had found his own way, which was simple but effective. And the most important thing was that his son could perceive, through the love knot, what his father was trying to communicate to him.


Sometimes we worry about the way we say things, and we forget that the most important thing is the communication through emotions.


Simple gestures, like a kiss, or a knot to the corner of a sheet, had a meaning for that child, much more than gifts and various excuses.


It’s important that we care for people, but it’s even more important that they know, that they may feel it.


For this communication to exist, it’s necessary for people to “listen” to the language of our heart, because, when it comes to emotions, feelings always speak louder than words. This is why a kiss, covered with the purest of affections, can heal a headache, a scraped knee, the fear of darkness.


People sometimes do not understand the meaning of many words, but they can register an act of love.


Even when the act of love is a simple knot.


A knot full of affection and love …



Parents and children communication A story to reflect from Patricia Morgado Tapia)




Parents and children communication A story to reflect


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