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Humanity awareness during storms

Humanity awareness during storms experiences


Humanity awareness during storms : dear Sara, reading the beautiful testimonials and the sweet prayers on this site, I feel less alone and I can find again the “awareness” that I am constantly accompanied, and not only by my Angel, but also by a sea of real humanity, good humanity, silent, but present nonetheless, which is that of people who suffer.


I am not trying to say “Misery likes company ..” on the contrary!!! It’s just that when one is suffering (physically, psychologically, or spiritually) we tend to feel isolated from the rest of the world, and we tend to, rather narcissistically, think that we are the only ones who are suffering.


Naturally it’s not like that, and so many people live in worse conditions than ours …. in particular, I felt touched with the PRAYER OF THE OLD MAN and I was so emotional I cried (Canticle Of An Elderly Poem)


I felt his suffering as if it was mine, and so I was able to notice that my heart is opening back up again, and is welcoming positive energies again. Despite life’s storms, EVERYTHING is life. And so I feel the need to share what I feel and hope, I don’t know how, to be of help to others, just like the words I am “drinking up” are helping me now.


I send you a little prayer, written during difficult times.


The Lord heard me


Lord, help me contain my anger,

be the amphora in which to concentrate the power of what I am feeling, because I am afraid of it

Help me surrender to crying, because I feel an enormous need for it

And accompany me during these lonely days.


Take me by the hand and walk with me,

Become my pain, and my illness, so that they can heal.

Give me courage and forgive me, so I can forgive myself

Love me like you always do, and teach me to love.


Thank you,


Humanity awareness during storms are words of Stella



Humanity awareness during storms prayer


Humanity awareness during storms


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