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The tale of the Guardian Angel

The tale of the Guardian Angel moments of tenderness for the heart


The tale of the Guardian Angel : once upon a time, and it is still valid now, there was a Guardian Angel; it was an Angel like many others, but he was very sad because he was guardian and protector of a child that was unruly like no other, his name was Paolo; Paolo was lazy, disobeying, sometimes he was evil and every time his Angel would despair and did not know how to contain him; until one day, he had a grandiose idea, he asked for an interview with God, and when he found himself in his presence, he shared his proposal.


He asked for permission to descend on earth, and speak with Paolo, surely this way he would be able to convince him to change his life. God thought about it for a little while, and finally granted the Angel permission to make this last attempt, but with the promise not to touch earth with his feet, otherwise he would never be able to return back to the sky. The Angel asked timidly how he could manage not to put his feet on the ground, but God only smiled at him, wishing him good luck.


The little Angel started roaming in the sky, flying from cloud to cloud, wondering how he could descend on earth, while keeping his feet separated from it. Suddenly he was attracted by the voices of some Angels that were playing on a cloud, complete with a swing set. Immediately he understood he found the right tool for his mission. Helped by the other Angels, he managed to build a swing with long ropes from the sky all the way to earth. The Angel made himself comfortable and asked his friends to lower him slowly, and to hold on to the ropes, until he would sign to lift him back up.


For the occasion, he wore his best suit, the one for special occasions, a long jacket the same color as clouds, sporting a stick and a hat. He started the descent, until he found himself suspended mid-air, waiting for Paolo. And Paolo arrived promptly, curious at the sight of such a strange character, he immediately approached it, asking who he was, and why was his face so sad.


The little Angel started his story, from when he was assigned as his own Guardian Angel, listing all the sad events he had witnessed thanks to his actions, and for every new adventure he had been adding a little grain of sand on the little scale he was holding in his hand, which was inexorably listing to one side only. Paolo listened to him carefully, but he was clever, he was not one of those children who believed in Angels, and so, he got up, turned his back on him, and started to leave. The desperate little Angel, seeing his protégé leaving, started to call him, saying that he could not step off the swing, or he would not be able to go back up again.


Paolo stopped, went back, looked at the Angel in tears, and told him that he was going to believe him, if he could show him the sky above the clouds. The Angel thought about it, then decided that a life saved would be worth a “scalding” from his “Boss”. He let Paolo climb on the swing, and signaled to his friends to lift him up. The swing did not move. The Angel shouted even louder, nothing, just like before. Paolo was about to take his revenge on him, when the Angel began climbing up on one of the ropes. Agile like a cat, he followed him too, climbing up the other rope, and together they reached the clouds. When they arrived up, they saw that the friends had all fallen asleep, and so they never heard his command to ascend. But if they left the ropes unattended, why did the swing not fall down on earth? The two noticed that the ropes actually continued on up, on to another cloud.


They started to rise again, climbing until they reached the other side. They found themselves in front of the “Boss”, who was holding the ropes of the swing tied to his finger, and he was looking at them, smiling. Paolo, who was in front, turned around in the direction of the little Angel, to ask for an explanation, and with immense shock he noticed that the face of the Angel had become the same as his face, just like a drop of water. At that point he understood everything, he understood that everything he had been told by the Angel was true, he understood he was in front of God, and that in front of God all Guardian Angels are seen with the same face as the men they are charged with caring for on earth.


He went back down, transformed, and started to put into practice what they had all taught him, and he had never heeded. One day, he went back to the place where he met his Angel, and he found the swing again. He sat on it, started rocking it, happy to feel rocked by the hand of God. He looked up and saw, above the cloud, “his” little Angel, smiling, in his hand the same scale from the first encounter, and he started to pour sand on the plate toward Paolo, thus changing it into a rain of golden dust, which covered his entire heart and filled him with happiness.


Today, Paolo no longer needs to go on the swing to feel close to the Father who is in the sky, but today his own children, at night before falling asleep, want to listen to the wonderful tale of their father and “his” little Angel.


The tale of the Guardian Angel moments of tenderness for the heart was chosen by Sara Luce




The tale of the Guardian Angel moments of tenderness for the heart


The tale of the Guardian Angel


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