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The rainbow bridge for animals exist story

The rainbow bridge for animals exist story legend poem tale


The rainbow bridge for animals exist story : there is a place in Paradise, called Rainbow Bridge, when a little animal dies (a cat, a dog, every pet animals) and he had been particularly loved by someone, this little animal crosses the rainbow bridge; there are meadows and hills for all of our special fiends, so that they can run and play together.


There is a lot of food, water, and sun, and they are warm and feel good.


Those that were old and ill are now strong and vigorous, those who were wounded, or deformed, are once again whole and strong, just like we remember them in the dream of days past and times past.


They are happy and content, apart from one little thing, each one of them misses someone they loved very much, someone they had to leave behind.


They run and play together, but one day, one of them suddenly stops, and looks far away, toward the horizon, his bright eyes are alert, he shakes with impatience, and immediately he leaves the group and starts to run, flying over the green grass, faster and faster.


He recognizes you, and when you will finally be together, you will hug in an embrace full of joy, to never leave each other again, a shower of happy kisses will wet your face; your hands will once again caress the beloved head, and you will start again at his little trusting eyes, for so long away from your life, but never absent from your heart.


And you will cross, together, the Rainbow Bridge.


The rainbow bridge for animals exist story legend poem tale was chosen by Sara Luce


The rainbow bridge for animals


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