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Hope of a New Life The Words of Jesus To Fight for Solution Message for the Entire World

Hope of a New Life The Words of Jesus To Fight for Solution Message for the Entire World
Dear brothers, I would love to start dictating immediately, I would love to already dictate the sentences to those brothers that have been waiting for a long time and for you brothers, I feel as if the hope of a new life is near.
Dear brothers'.
(Virgin Mary) 'Believe me, it's my Son that is speaking to you'
'As always, I communicate verbally'
(Virgin Mary) 'Because he is my Son'
'for you, brothers, I will continue from where I had interrupted my message.
I invite you to look at the ruins that all of you can see in the world, today's problems are enormous and are getting worse, how do you manage to tolerate that urgency that demands to see a solution? There are researchers in the world that have already caused damage... but because love .... you are right, farmers, you could tell me that everywhere people have more respect for money, the very same money that has destroyed, why does money hold so much fascination for you? Think again because here all is destroyed and it would be so easy for you to think that my peace would heal the earth, no, instead you have to fight for it.
(Virgin Mary) 'A caress for everyone'
'and fight many times, I remember well giving my blood just for you, whom I consider my brothers.
Dairy farmers, dear brothers, before it's too late, do eat the meat of your cows, I suggest you rear them organically, for all of your brothers, give them some of your Love.
Sure, the journey is a long one, but with motivation even the bad habits will change and after a long time you could gain that passion for your occupation.
Dear brothers of mine, respect the entire world and you will see that together this planet of ours, this planet earth, will return to what it used to be when it was created from our Father, act conscientiously, do this for everybody, it's been too long since you compromised your life with money, you thought too much about your power over your brothers, what principle do you harbour that way? Only selfishness.
There are many of you, you still have time and I give you a new life, do it well, you are my brothers, I give you my help to give hope to people to keep going, but it's necessary to keep fighting, it depends on you if tomorrow's new life will begin or not, continue to always set a good example, like guiding stars, and you will help me in guiding all of the future 'us', and it's obvious that you feel that your interest is aimed at all of your brothers, above anything else, it would be nice to be many to see many us engaged in this action, and to see what marvellous achievements you and I, all together, can achieve.
It is our father that teaches us that, for everyone in the entire world, it is possible to make steps forward, even though it may sound obvious, and today the danger is even greater, this is why with your help I would bring the experience of those brothers who have chosen to do good, and also for them, this is the truth, it is right, it's not been easy to let go all of a sudden, a different meeting has been arranged for them and their hands have began to do something, the 'adjusters' according to the concept of adjusting the earth have ended up in misery, it is now time to learn from their many experiences because now it will be for the good of everybody if I will see this type of intervention develop, this is what I mean, the entire world will resurrect from the most solar of experiences and finally the earth will be changed to become the size that's fit for man, it's the same way in the whole world, therefore be prudent with your money, put the words 'respect for your brothers', 'I am winning for my brothers', 'what a nice world this will be', '...but I am happy' in the forefront, I don't know if you are ready for this project, make some changes to your 'cruise control' direction, the benefit is inevitably there.
Very soon this message will be divulged to all brothers and sisters before it will be thought, I will help you a little bit at the time, finally I will watch you as you think and soon we will have a good harvest together.
I will come back to talk to you again, to always give you my help, because it's my desire to do everything possible to help the earth, do bring this project also to those brothers of yours who only think about making money. Accomplish this project together, and you will see, my brothers, before too long this project will come together.
Warm regards from your Jesus.
Hope of a New Life The Words of Jesus To Fight for Solution Message for the Entire World was the Message received 2nd June 2003
Hope of a New Life The Words of Jesus To Fight for Solution Message for the Entire World
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