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Understanding The Contact With The Paradise Message from Jesus Take Consciousness

Understanding The Contact With The Paradise Message from Jesus Take Consciousness
Dear brothers, this new meeting is because I wish to give you some advice on how the contact takes place.
The contact, it's useful repeating it, between you and us, takes place by recording my holy words on the tape player, then Sara listens and we are present right next to her because if she did not understand completely she could be making mistakes or misunderstand, it's a special rapport, and once it's translated comes the time for correcting it, this commitment is not easy, this sister is putting a lot of her time into this, and even if this friend is even more than a friend, right now she is radiant, for her it's always a difficult experience, in terms of the complexity of the effort required; then with time, the tape player will be less of a necessity and indispensable, because she will be able to hear our voices, without any problems, and it will be easier, it will come with time, the time spent on this path, the time spent with the attention, and all of this effort will be rewarded by us, because in life the sentiment always wins.
I told you this because, you see, this message contains a promise, for her and for you dear brothers, because the effort to help our brothers, just like the courage to always help our brothers, will always be rewarded and the respect towards the world and towards others, listen, the respect, here lies the difference, my brothers, the respect here gives life, but unfortunately you do not follow the same words that I told you when I was with you on earth.
My dear brothers, not always are you are able to identify where you could help yourselves, identify all the love and all of the affection that you should offer to every other brother, when seeing him suffering or in pain. This message, should help you, to take example from our dear friend named Sara, who is with us since a long time ago, during the last few days she has dedicated her time, without any problems, she has given all her effort, to help other brothers, you know, Sara became embarrassed, whenever we talk about her she always protests, Sara sees all brothers just like her brothers, and always believes that she will help her brothers, and believes many brothers are observing, and believes that very soon, after a period of study, her brothers will have the good inside their hearts, and hopes in a beautiful world, that with our help, we will succeed in building, precisely by working with you and with us. A lot of courage and a lot of love is needed for this.
Understand my brothers, why did this girl receive this gift? My brothers, this very same gift is ready for you too, if you follow the teachings, and in a little time you will see, with pleasure my brothers, that I will donate it to you too, and once it's in you, the entire world could be changed by you, with conscious intent, and the tragedies, which still take place, would finally stop.
Soon, in the whole world, there would be a flash of light, so strong, that it will correct, and this is my advice, many bad things on earth, and this toy, with which you have played, always in the past, will return to have the joy, for all brothers, who will descend, to have the experiences, be aware of this, that they are necessary, to the growth of their Souls, and once that period has gone, they will return to that place, from which we are speaking, this is the Paradise, therefore dear brothers, do not destroy the earth, because it's still necessary, for a long time, do not fear, the end of the world is not coming, all of this important work, is necessary to give a new beginning, did I put your minds at rest my beloved?
It's time to listen to my words, it's time to begin to do good, and to move yourselves to change, to transform my words in facts.
Therefore my brothers, we have studied for this work, to help you understand, to help you take consciousness, to help you always, with all of our love to become those brothers, always ready to love, able to solve the problems, actually big problems, but with time, I promise you, a better world together with me, be sure that we will do it, and also for those brothers, that one day will be born here on this earth, we give this hope, even to those brothers, you could let them suffer, we do that for them too, who are your children, and let's do it also for those that in this moment inhabit the earth.
I could dictate to you, my brothers, for days on end, but then poor Sara, is very tired, and I want her to come to us many more times, therefore I say goodbye to you, and every time we part, there is a new thought, which I want to add, and our Sara must resume the dictation, and then correct, but I have a suggestion, soon we will be able to dictate, and then you will see that it will no longer require a lot of time, you only have to call loud, those two words that the Father gave you, this morning, when Daniela was there, and all the time, I will be able to talk to you, brace yourself, we want your good, oh my sweet friend, so that I can talk and transmit without problems, and without corrections, I gave you the gift that I had promised you.
In conclusion, it would be nice to satisfy you, and to bring you the same gift that we have given to my sister Sara, you must understand, that even you are worthy of it, I see you growing day after day, I would be really happy, to give you this gift, so that on earth, there would begin to be, many people that can change, all united together, the entire world, and do good, what a nice project, think about it, where there is love, always grows respect, I hope to help you comprehend, that the universe is rich with respect, and the love between us, keeps us united, the respect for the other brother, I repeat once again, is always in first place, and we want to teach you, that the love unites your brothers, you will see in the near future, and in this effort of ours, and your effort, come on brothers, and sisters, you will see that soon in the universe, you will be there too, you must know that I do not ask for anything from you in exchange, if not a commitment, for peace and love, I say
goodbye to you, believe with lots of love.
I believe that this lesson has been appreciated, for the good I talked to you, and today I want to part from you, with a blessing, and for respect, of the long time that I have dictated, I absolve you from all of your sins, you are in the Grace of the Father, and from this moment, you will always be better, you are nice inside your hearts, loving people, my brothers I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and now go in peace with my Spirit.
Your Jesus that always always always love you, and will always love you, and will always be together with you, and the time will come for a new world, for all brothers, and this is the right time to change the earth, and you will see brothers, together, we will do it, I promised you a new world, and joy on earth will come in time.
Understanding The Contact With The Paradise Message from Jesus Take Consciousness was the Message received on 18th June 2003
Understanding The Contact With The Paradise Message from Jesus Take Consciousness
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