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True Love Concept Of True Love Message from Jesus To Love In The Right Way

True Love Concept Of True Love Message from Jesus To Love In The Right Way
My dearest children, today I have come especially for you, to speak to you, after a long time, on the concept of true love.
The Madonna, this little woman, that loves all of her children unconditionally, and what I have already dictated for Love, comes to the heart of your hearts; can you feel it? Just like today's contribution, I am here to help you, my Son comes to your help, here comes a mother's own treasure, this is my Son that comes to you to help you.
I want to send my holy words to the world, I have already helped many crowds with all of my profound love, and because another encounter for humanity should help better many people. I hope that from this encounter we will be able to begin this transformation of the whole world, and tomorrow my brothers will be able to live together in peace and this help of ours, that we are donating to you, the holy day will arrive when all of this work, which we will do with the words from the skies, will finally bloom and bear rich fruits.
Today I want to talk to you about love, because it is thanks to Love that we talk to you. There are not many new things to say, therefore I want to just remind you that to love, at first impression, may seem like an easy thing to do; but to love in the right way, in reality is far more difficult. First of all, dear brothers, please remember that love is a marvellous gift that our Father gave us. Long time ago our Father, with His immense Love, put a secret in the hearts of all brothers; blessing all brothers, he put a little light inside each one of us, a very special light: a fire, a sacred fire, to give the world the possibility to meet Him, to give His love and all of His affection to them. To give them precisely that contact and all of his comforting and help. His propensity to love is not difficult to see, but you really have to pay attention my brothers, and you still have a lot to study, the love for what He has created with the passion of his Love.
This is why, brothers, I begin with this dictation, I come to you brothers, to teach you little by little how to find this light, that fire, therefore pay attention. Now I will tell you something on which you will have to reflect carefully.
Let's start by saying that just with love by itself we can change all rapports in our lives, from the smallest to the very important. Everything can change with love, don't ever resign yourselves because it is a fact that all can change. All the way to the end you must always try to change with Love. It is inevitable that the moment you apply love without conditions, that rapport that is born out of this will always have this as a starting point, therefore brothers don't waste time and begin to do the right things. I am trying to communicate to you that putting the love, the real love, (because love is not selfishness and is not asking for anything in return, but only true love, the infinite goodness) would be a grand beginning and lots and lots of love would populate the Earth between all brothers and all sisters that will want to stop to listen This is my first step to arrive to together, you and I, to find the light that the Father has given you. First it's necessary to give love in a way that will reach straight for your brothers' hearts, and without those aspects that we can link more closely with other selfishness, but only for the good, for Love.
Brothers I know that it's not always that easy, but it's the only way to resolve, with this intervention for you human beings, if you have a good heart, if you are like brothers, then only the Good is important. Try to only do good, act for the good and it will happen as an inevitable consequence that every thing that you will be able to do for the Good will light up the light that is inside of yourselves. You will have inside His peace and all of his immense Love will illuminate you forever, with the strength of love in each action, just like I taught to my brothers. A new world could re-awaken, a world of peace. Dear brothers, the Good is transmitted in every encounter, not only to the people that we already know, but to all of those brothers that you may meet. You must always have one unique value in your hearts: the common good. You see brothers, do reflect on this specific point: bring affection - and that light, which is inside your heart, will light up for the love that you will have given.
Sadly, not all of my brothers are ready for this, you are predisposed to do good, but it's down to your -choosing- to always do good and under any circumstances.
The concept of Good means to make those brothers happy just like you would like to be; if you love your brother, always help him with love, help that sister always with the same love.
After having spoken to you at length, I send you one more time all of my kisses. Start studying hard, this is my advice for your good, my dearest brothers.
I say goodbye with all the love that I have in my chest for you, and I expect that by reading, you will really be able to put into practice this teaching of mine on real love. Do this for love as this is also for love, and comes from my heart.
I repeat the concept: you must help your neighbours, you must give them hope and all of your help, always. I will come again to talk to you, because I want to help you and give you advice with my voice, to re-alight that light that is in your heart. This is what I will teach you, the love that I taught you when I was on Earth and now I teach you Love from the Sky, with the same enthusiasm that I have always had.
Your Jesus who always comes to you with Love and this dictation talks of true love and always, always, always, always we will be together with you for a long time, to talk to you of the Good. And if sometimes I will have to reprove you, it will always be for the immense love that I have for each one of you, and remember that everything I tell you is always dictated with the heart and only for Love.
True Love Concept Of True Love Message from Jesus To Love In The Right Way was the Message received from Sky 15.06.2003
True Love Concept Of True Love Message from Jesus To Love In The Right Way
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