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Words For Peace Message from Jesus Messages Received From Sky

Words For Peace Message from Jesus Messages Received From Sky
Dearest children of mine, I am speaking to you because you are my children, and because I am always present for my children.
Mother says hello to all of you, blacks and whites, all of you are children of mine, and oh how I like to look at all of you, as brothers, united together forever, without any differences, all equal.
Will you believe me if I tell you that I cry when I see your blessed brothers over there, that are suffering, when my Son himself told you to love one another like He has loved you, and He gave you his own body?
I keep having to repeat the same words because you are still not hearing them; my Son is your Brother, and He would like to talk to you with the light of His Love: 'I have come to give you my words, my holy, fair and truthful words, they are for you my brothers and for you, my sisters. The words are always the same: in this modern world, during these bad times, people want to kill each other to resolve the time-long problems, with a lot of hatred from men against other men. Do you not hear the words of peace that reach you from different sources, words that are spoken aloud from brothers from all over the world?
In order for the war to end for good, which is the right thing, you have the duty to look at all other people in the world as your brothers. For financial reasons, that solution goes against all of you. My dear brothers that are listening to me now - as I always screamed aloud - make note that I do not want my Holy name to be used in order to murder other brothers. I want you united, like brothers, and this message is specifically to remind you that from my heart I radiate only an immense Love.
As I already explained to you, when I feel the hatred, when there is a problem, dear brothers, I tell you that problems are never solved with weapons; brothers, do study the problem and find the solutions for these brothers of yours who are suffering. I want to always see you opening up your heart and immerse yourselves in their considerable pain with the only intent to help, without financial motivation, for financial motivation never solves problems but serves the power. May my voice reach you, for all of those brothers that, in times of war, have hung all of those 'Peace' flags from your balconies. Dear brothers, work for the Good, and learn how to best manage those problems, implement those solutions that look after the welfare of those brothers, and a new light for a new world will light up.
My words are also directed to those brothers who have chosen to take their help to the population that needed it, from their 'high' chairs of high power. When the whole world will be destroyed, those chairs of power will not be of use to anyone. Brothers, you have to give all the help, the solution comes from the donations that we can all give. However, brothers, let's help each other out, and the world will really become our own land. We must help each brother, because he is a brother - so that every brother will live, knowing that the love of a brother will always be there to give him its sustenance and great help.
The biggest problem is always that of protecting the weakest brothers and the rights of those who do not know a dignified life. Dear brothers, I remind you that unfortunately there are still very many brothers in the middle of a war, there are many brothers who are poor. Many are the populations that have been destroyed, those who suffer for lack of food, many brothers are homeless, and many are those abused by their relatives. For what reasons are they feared? For all of those brothers who do not have a hospital to go to, and also for that reason they die in pain, there are many sinners.
If I raise my voice is because I see my brothers who are suffering, brothers let's stop the pain while some other brothers sit in those chairs of powers and think only about making money.
My dear brothers, if this project that we are working on will unite your love and ours together, with the only words from the Sky, when we will work together on the same project, my advice will be once again to help all other brothers. Mother and I have given a lot to all brothers; do accept my words, which, with my love on Earth, once taught you all - in just one lesson, now I can do this again slowly, slowly.
I often yearn to speak to you, brothers - you know, as I leave, I already feel as if I want to go back, to speak to you, and speak to you again. I would love to see all brothers fighting together for those other brothers. You do have time, to come back to me, and I will wait for you in the home of your Father who always follows you. You have plenty of time, I will guarantee you all my help and our great Love, and the last words are to thank that person who has actually written all these words that I have been dictating. I know it's a lot, but I hope that she will always be able to help us transmit these reflections to humanity, thank you, thank you, very much.
You are always in my heart, and I hope you will return you will return for a long time, I say goodbye to you with all my heart.
Jesus and Virgin Mary, forever, ever, ever together with you brothers and children.
Words For Peace Message from Jesus Messages Received From Sky was the Message received from Sky 11.06.2003
Words For Peace Message from Jesus Messages Received From Sky
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