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Health Preservatives Colours The Correct Nutrition Medicines Mental Health

Health Preservatives Colours The Correct Nutrition Medicines Mental Health
Dear brothers and dear sisters and dear all, today I want to talk to you about health.
Sometimes I see that you often neglect those teachings that I had told you when we were together on earth; brothers and sisters what I had taught you then is still valid now, but it's better to repeat it also for those brothers who got distracted or did not listen to the words that I had said back then.
First of all the words that I mean to send you with this message are the words dictated as usual from my heart and from my love for each one of you.
Often I see that you always eat bad things that are really toxic for you, because they are full of preservatives and colours that sometimes bring death to you and to your children.
These preservatives should be banned from your daily diets and this is the very first thing that you can do for the health of all your family members.
The second aspect reflects the colours that are always harmful to your entire body, it would be better if the food that you eat had a natural colour even if it's a more bland colour, but it would be much better. The third point is that you always colour every food to sell it more easily, but by doing this, brothers, you are poisoned, just like all of your brothers that eat these foods, thinking that the food will be good for their bodies, that it will bring important nutritional ingredients for the health, and it's for this reason my brothers and sisters that you begin to get sick, but until the day you die you eat these junk foods that they bring to you from the fields and from the farms, as well as from the waters.
Do you grasp my brothers why it's important to always eat healthily?
Your body needs the correct nutrition because today the respect for your own body is perhaps more external than internal, in the meaning of respecting every functioning part of your entire body. I remember another thing that organic is always the best choice for my brothers and I hope that soon the choice of our brother workers in the fields will go toward the organic, to give our brothers precisely those produces that really can help those processes that help the body keep in physical health.
There is then another aspect that involves your body when it's sick. You always take too many medicines, you ingest a variety of pills and products that generate more problems than health, do begin to take natural products to heal yourselves, so that the risks to your body will be limited and the purely curative effects will help you get better.
There is another important point for your health and it's that you must begin to start thinking more about respecting yourselves, my brothers you don't always respect your body with the love that you should be putting instead in your every gesture to protect yourselves, I see many of you that abuse substances like cigarettes, alcohol or stimulants that create grave damages to your organism, stop abusing these substances, because in reality they do not help you at all, on the contrary these substances affect your feelings and leave you without vitality and sometimes there are situations where these substances cause the death of other brothers; for this reason you must promise to yourselves and also to all of your brothers that with time you will stop abusing these substances.
Now I want to talk to you about the mental health that interests all of you brothers.
There are problems that you must face all together brothers and sisters of earth. There are some problems that affect all of you and I am talking to you brothers of those problems like paedophilia, like the death of many raped boys, like the violence that I see in your families. Dear brothers how can you allow for these bad things to exist, how can you accept these things without rebelling all together united, you must rebel and can not accept justifications to those acts of violence, because these brothers are always aware of their actions while they are committing them, even if then later they pretend to be unfit to both understand and to want, but I can assure you that they are all always conscious of these violent acts while they are perpetrating them and it's because of this that they are responsible for it, stop defending them, stop, stop, they are always aware during those moments and must be judged for what they have done, it's not necessary to add attenuating factors, otherwise they will continue undaunted to spread death.
There is another aspect of which I want to talk to you and it is that often dear brothers and sisters suffer for things that do not have any importance or that have a relative importance and do not attend to other aspects that are far more important and really serious, for example the exploitation of creatures in the spring of their lives, of minors, and of girls forced to prostitute themselves, you see my brothers and sisters and here I talk to you about feelings because they have a greater need of them, while they continue, you think that they chose it, or maybe that it's the fault of the adults, this cry that we often hear also goes out to them which needs to be done in order not to rob them forever of affection.
All of these situations have in common the pain for our loved brothers and if you don't do something quickly you will never be able to change this planet of yours and make it similar to our Skies, you can not hide in your homes, in your families knowing that outside, in your world, these problems exist and so these injustices and that many are your brothers and sisters that are suffering in this very moment, for this reason I call for my appeal: try to resolve these tragic aspects of your world, try to adjust these deviations of your brothers and sisters, rebel every time that you see a child crying because someone has humiliated him or has mortified him, or has raised his hand to him.
All this that I have told you is to protect our cubs from the pleasures of certain brothers who do not realize how much this experience can damage them, for them I tell you that not even my forgiveness will ever exist because when someone forces a child to go through an experience that does not respect the child's own existence as a child, boy or girl, it's the task of each one of you to protect the children from the adults who because of their selfishness do not consider that even a child has his own heart and his emotions and his own sensitivity and suffers with all his person for not being loved like it's right that he should be loved by every adult that he meets.
There is a last aspect that I want to tell you about and it relates the rapport in a couple that more and more often is interrupted when the two people had promised each other love forever, for a life together.
Couples that split are more and more numerous also for problems that, even if legitimate, could actually be addressed with the help of the many friends and psychologists before it's too late and the situation makes a separation inevitable.
These problems are often caused by the misunderstandings of the various needs that each partner has and that he or she often brings into the relationship and this way the balance of a couple is based precisely on the reciprocal and simultaneous satisfaction of those needs of love, and to always feel as if it's both people facing the many adversities that life sometimes throws at you.
Continue to love each other with all your hearts my dear brothers and try to help each other understand why there are problems between you.
I close this dictation by dedicating some words from our friend Sara who always asks something for all of you. Yesterday, with tears in her eyes, she asked, before our effort ended, to talk to you on why many children and boys die before they have a chance to grow into adulthood.
My reply is that there is always a reason for everything, these little brothers sometimes sacrifice themselves to help you become more conscious of the problems that exist in your world and that many children who die are important, through their deaths, to help you find your path to obtain your Faith and other children have simply had the misfortune to find themselves involved in that specific moment in a tragedy that could have been avoided if other brothers always had in their heart the love for their fellow human beings, others are instead the victims of the nastiness of their parents or other adults that should have protected them instead, while other adults turn their heads to the other side, but my brothers all of these children and boys have left but they are always next to you, like I told you yesterday, in the message that I sent you, on the subject of the Skies.
Now I want to say goodbye, for the moment these teachings terminate here, I hug you with all of my affection and I promise you that soon I will be back to dictate to you with all the great affection and with the love that I have for you brothers in my heart and this promise of mine, just like all things that I have always promised you, since that time that I came to teach you directly and is valid till your present times, I promise that I will respect even this promise because my love for you brothers is immense.
Now I am crying, I have to leave you because the time has come for us to past and I assure you that this adventure, thanks to my friend Sara, has been marvellous for her and for all of us who have been talking to you and teaching you.
But I will be back soon, but try to put into action the words that I have sent you and before you know it I will be back here with you to talk to you and to guide you again and always, to help you in this privilege to transform this earth of ours and yours, into the marvellous world that one day, will be so similar to the Skies that we will almost be able to merge, I say, one secret in one unique reality. Do what I told you brothers and sisters and a new world in which your eternal light and this love of yours and the feeling for the peace and the true sense of justice will be the same for all brothers, for the brothers of the whole world.
I kiss each one of you my brothers and sisters, I leave before I burst into tears otherwise your entire world would be drowned with my tears.
I kiss each one of you with love and I expect that you will follow those teachings that I have given you only to help you find the right path and to help you with the love and to teach you to begin from these baby steps that will be giant steps if many if it will be many of you to follow them.
What a shame the adventure is over but I am always with you and I will always be with you even if you will not hear my voice for a while.
Your brother Jesus who will always love you and will always be with you.
I bless you my brothers, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, go with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit, with my Spirit for ever brothers.
Now I tell you that I am really happy to see how today how you are listening to all the words that I have sent you and from this moment you are all like when God created you and told you to go and multiply yourselves in the love to come back here to me as I had created you with all my love.
My brothers I see that you are all remembering the words of our Father and from this moment if you could only see what light emanates from each one of you, it's a very intense light and reaches all the way to me. I will remember you in my prayers and now I send our friend Sara my sign of affection, she is also crying now, I say goodbye to you and come and visit anytime you want, can you smell a perfume right now?
It's the perfume of Paradise, I let you savour it, isn't it marvellous? This is a gift for all the time that you have dedicated to help your brothers and your sisters. May my peace and all my love for you and for all God's children who are always in our hearts and thoughts accompany you.
Now I will conclude but I will try to be brief.
For my sisters, I want to tell you something on those problems regarding abortions, I know how much pain accompanies every decision of yours and it is for this reason that I will always respect your decisions and do not worry yourselves because here in the Skies we always know if a child will be born on earth and only on that moment we choose the Soul that will be able to occupy that body, there are many Souls that want to descend, but we always know in time and only then we choose whom to assign that body; remain serene because if you choose the interruption, no-one of us remains without his body.
For this reason, do not feel guilt that you do not have, try to be serene because here all is in order, but also try to think with love, what a great love it is to cradle a baby and watch it grow and help him become an adult and your world will always be surrounded by more and more people that have affection to bring to their world, brothers I think that as of today I will see you bring love everywhere, to all other brothers that are waiting for it, it's time to start walking with your own legs.
My dear brothers now I say goodbye to you again, I am leaving, but I will always carry you in my heart, very little is sufficient to make me come back to talk to you also because I don't know how to stay away for too long without being with you and also because since there is this possibility to communicate with you, I would not be able to stay quiet for too long and for this reason brothers this project will resume as soon as I will see you move your first steps.
I care enormously for you and I hope I will speak to you soon.
I finally go, with all my love, actually it's better if I hurry up because otherwise I will start crying again thinking about you brothers, sometimes my entire being is so full of love that I could burst, but this always happens whenever I bring our help, just like when I bring my love, which is always.
Your Jesus that needs you brothers.
I send you a big big kiss, big like the earth and I think that my intervention may have once again taught you how great is my love for my brothers.
Health Preservatives Colours The Correct Nutrition Medicines Mental Health was the Message received 29th June 2003
Health Preservatives Colours The Correct Nutrition Medicines Mental Health
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