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Attitude Of Superiority And Model Of Lovingness Message From God The Father

Attitude Of Superiority And Model Of Lovingness Message From God The Father
This message arrives directly from God the Father to help his Son Jesus and to help all of you my sons and daughters.
This message has been dictated to our Sara Luce because with her always precise and perfect work, and with all her love and her desire to help you, she has guided you toward our large love for all of you, sons and daughters.
With this effort of hers which I assure you is very tiring, she has also deserved another gift. I know that maybe some of you are ahead of our Sara Luce in their spiritual journey and that maybe they deserved to have this gift instead of our Sara Luce, but you see, the person that my eyes can see in Sara Luce's heart your senses can not perceive, and your eyes can not see; in Sara Luce's heart is a love that is so great both towards you sons and daughters, and toward Us and I assure you that the Power is certainly not something that is present in her very pure heart.
Some sons and daughters have an attitude of superiority toward the brothers that surround them that I do not share, children, stop feeling different from all your other brothers and sisters, the light that I donated you and that I put inside your heart is the same light for everybody, do you understand this concept of love? This is the reason why I have chosen to speak through this daughter of mine Sara Luce, because she corresponds to that model of lovingness that I donated to you back then.
My eyes see very well I assure you, they see inside the hearts, they see what happens in the world and just like they see the disaster happening in Palestine, they also see the heart of our Sara Luce.
With this message I would like to let you know that soon you will receive also My help together with that of the Virgin Mary and my Son Jesus.
Today I am very happy also because Sara Luce has accepted to serve me even if this will cost her some sacrifices, but they are necessary so that no one could tell her anything that could discriminate her through prejudice. I wonder what you are thinking on this precise moment, I asked Sara Luce to stop smoking and to stop drinking wine, even if she does not do so with excess, but it's better this way so that no one can have anything to retort on her great and intense love for all of you and Us.
So, come on my children, with these interventions I will teach you to look with your own eyes what My eyes see and it will be the Absolute Truth what I will be transmitting to you through my words.
Children this message will surprise you, just like Sara Luce was surprised, but since she is always available to help, I take loving advantage of that and I come to help you even with my own awareness, so that you can all see the things that are happening in the world as they really happen, without anyone making you believe many lies and many stories that only distort your thoughts and your behaviours.
I believe that I can now leave you my dear sons and my dear daughters, I say goodbye to you with all My immense love, you will hear only the Truth from My holy words, I promise you. Now I leave you and I want to thank our friend because she managed to understand all my holy words even though there was a lot of loud noise around her.
I want to donate to you my great great love with all my heart and while giving you my love I send you a brief love lesson also because I know that for those that are beginning it's never easy and it requires a lot of courage, it's this courage that you are getting ready to receive from My love for you. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and also of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, may the light shine in your good hearts and shine on the earth bringing all this awareness of mine that I will give you to help you transform the world into the world that will come, a world where all my children will help each other in reciprocal love.
Your Father who is in the Skies
Attitude Of Superiority And Model Of Lovingness Message From God The Father was the Message transmitted 3rd July 2003
Attitude Of Superiority And Model Of Lovingness Message From God The Father
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