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Mohammed Koran In The Name Of A God That is Not Me Message From God The Father

Mohammed Koran In The Name Of A God That is Not Me Message From God The Father
This message is also donated to you from God the Father who sends you a warm greeting of love. My children did I tell you that soon you will be able to hear My words that at this moment I am dictating to the Angel Samuele, the Guardian Angel of our friend Sara Luce, because until she will continue to smoke even only one cigarette, she will not be able to hear My voice.
This is the agreement that I imposed, with her great disappointment, for the reasons that I explained to you on My previous message.
On this topic on My previous message I had already told you that I would have come to help you with my awareness and that I would have explained to you the Absolute Truths of what My eyes see, because my sons and daughters, in the world there are many many problems and often, no doubt, these problems are being deliberately avoided.
From now on I will talk to you about these very problems, with all that I know and what I see happening inside the hearts of people, just like in the hearts of the children who rule those territories where these problems exist.
I will also talk to you about what you can not see because the governments hide information from you for reasons of interests that are not your own, children.
Today I come to talk to you about the Middle East, because what is happening is tragic, between bombs and people that fill themselves with explosives and spread death in the name of a God that is not Me. For this reason I want to reassure you that I have never asked my children to kill another child of mine, never never never has my voice pronounced these absurdities, or have they been dictated by me to my children.
This message my adored children is the Absolute Truth, I assure you that I could never have said that to a human being.
All this started when someone misinterpreted some of my words that have been pronounced by Mohammed when one day, with tears in his eyes for the death of one of his brothers, he said this sentence as it is seen written in this very precious book, the Koran, he said 'Patience brothers one day all our brothers will be vindicated with the death of other brothers for having killed these brothers of ours'.
This message certainly did not mean that violence and revenge are necessary, what he meant with it is that the God and Father would have certainly punished those who stained themselves with the death of any other child and for you, brother.
This fact that I explained to you is so entrenched in their deep being to cause suffering and death in every land where you see the tragedies in the name of the Muslim faith. Unfortunately I can not prevent these tragedies from happening, because I have to respect your right of your own free will, but you can certainly spread this message to the Muslim brothers who live in your own countries and they will be able to share it with their brothers who live in those countries at war.
Today my brothers I have told you how an altered reading of some words from a sacred text could spawn these abnormal situations and with these words of Mine I want to invite you to always reflect carefully on the consequences of the manipulation of a Truth, it can create enormous consequences between all children who live on earth and this is why today I have decided to come and talk to you about this specific aspect of the problem in the Middle East and in general of the Holy wars'.
This is only the beginning of what I will tell you if you will continue to listen to my words and I want to part from you with an additional hope for peace in My heart, it's up to all of you to share this message with all my children who are Muslim, this message is first of all for them, but it's also for all of you who listen to My words and My suggestions, words and suggestions that I will give you in good time.
I leave you with this homework to do, do it with love just like all the Love that I have dictated this message to you with, I dictated this to you in these special circumstances because our Sara Luce is so tired from my requests that she is less focused, but I hope that next time her heart will be more open than it was today.
I say goodbye to my children with all My great heart
Your Father who is in the Skies and that blesses you, in the name of the Father, the Son, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, go in peace with my Spirit.
Bring this message to those Muslim brothers and you will see that in little time we will begin to see the effects of our shared effort.
Mohammed Koran In The Name Of A God That is Not Me Message From God The Father was the Message Transmitted 4th July 2003
Mohammed Koran In The Name Of A God That is Not Me Message From God The Father
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