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Free Will Respect Of Free Will Law Actions To Solve The Problems

Free Will Respect Of Free Will Law Actions To Solve The Problems
Dear sons and dear daughters, this message is to reach you before our friend Sara will leave for her deserved vacation.
I want to talk to you about how difficult it is to observe all that is happening in the world, every moment on your earth I see many of my children who are suffering and that are desperately unhappy. If you knew how many times I would want to run to earth to each one of all of those children of mine, but what forbids me from doing so is the respect of free will.
You have to understand that this law was created specifically by me, to give you precisely the freedom of will, so you could choose to take your steps toward the good or the evil, to go toward the light, as well as toward the darkest of darkness, but when this law was created, you had just been sent to live on earth as well as other planets, very far away from each other, so that you would not influence one another.
This law that I created and made mandatory for everybody included myself, with time proved to be a very tough law to follow, even for us who have so much love but also so much respect for all of you who are my children, brothers and sons.
For a long time I have been hearing many of you who call me out loudly, asking for me to come and intervene to fix all those terrible situations that befall you, however I still respect this law that I created a long time ago and even if now I can not intervene with my actions, today I intervene with my discussion, this step I can take and I want to take.
It is not fair, my beloved children, for you to ask me to return and to make things right again, I do understand you my loved ones, but you see, you yourselves have created these situations and it would be better if you fixed them by yourselves. Children if I were to come on your earth, it would be like having to admit that the only thing that you have been able to do is to destroy many of the things that I had created with all my love for you; for this reason I prefer to wait some more, not to intervene, because I believe that you could repair many of those disasters without my direct intervention.
I hope that my words and all my encouragement will be useful and will sustain you in your actions to solve the many problems that exist on your earth.
This message of mine comes directly from my mouth because it is so important that I felt strongly about giving it to you personally; children, I promise you that all of our help and our effort comes to you with all the love that we feel for you in our hearts that always beat for you.
From now on I expect that you will put all of your effort to solve the many problems of your earth, we will always sustain you with all our love and we will always be next to you to help you and protect you, for the moment try to face these situations yourselves, I know that you are capable of doing a lot without my direct intervention.
Now I say goodbye to you with all my love and I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, go with my Spirit.
The Father of yours who is in the Skies
Free Will Respect Of Free Will Law Actions To Solve The Problems was the Message received 13th July 2003
Free Will Respect Of Free Will Law Actions To Solve The Problems
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